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Sunstone Eduversity’s new CTO is Vipin Jain

Sunstone Eduversity has hired Vipin Jain as their new CTO. In his new role, Jain will be helping the Eduversity with digitisation. The veteran and has worked in senior roles in leading and handling the tech front in many firms including Mytrah Mobility and Saffronart. The institute’s aim is to deliver a standardised and highly relevant employment-centric college education throughout the country, without any geographic restrictions.

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Online education is not good for students, parents, society believes China

The Chinese govt wants its $100 bn edtech sector to go non-profit. The edtech companies have been barred from going public, taking foreign capital, or issuing stocks if already public. With burdening parents with extensive fees and pressuring students, the edtech sector has also been accused of causing social inequalities. On March 31st, the Chinese ministry made it compulsory that all online tutoring should end no later than 9 p.m.

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Google to show reason for search results

Search results have a lot of information attached to them, Google recently revealed that data to show its users why they got the recommendations including the ‘matching keywords’ and ‘related terms’ as well as other pages that are nearby the local area. Initially, the feature was launched in February with the aim to help users find better results. With the update, Google devs have built a robust and interactive page.

Clubhouse denies data breach ‘rumors’

A rumor surfaced that phone numbers of Clubhouse users have been put on sale on the dark web. The voice chat app said there was no data breach. The company has assured users that its investment in security is solid. A Clubhouse spokesperson said that a series of bots have been generating billions of random phone numbers. In case any number matches with those generated numbers, the Clubhouse API returns no user identifiable information.

Instagram users claim new sensitivity feature censoring content

Many Instagram users have complained that their content is being restricted after the release of the new sensitivity feature. Users reported that they were unable to see the content they wanted. Instagram said users can change the amount of sensitive content they wish to view. Posts from people they follow will be shown to them irrespective of the settings. It censors sensitive content like nudity, sexually explicit, tobacco-related, or pharma drugs content.

China denies exclusive online music rights to Tencent 

Tencent Holdings has been barred by Chinese regulators from exclusive music copyright agreements and fined the company for unfair market practices. The government of China has increased its antitrust actions as Tencent has been fined 500,000 yuan after its acquisition of China Music Corporation. New acquisitions of Tencent increased its leverage over upstream copyright parties and allowed it to restrict new entrants.

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Microsoft says new crypto-malware is attacking Windows, Linux systems

A warning has been issued by Microsoft to all its customers regarding a crypto-mining malware that can steal credentials and remove security controls. It is being spread via email and can drop tools for human-operated activity. The malware is called ‘LemonDuck’ and is being used to target Windows and Linux systems. The malware uses older and newer vulnerabilities in the system to gain access to run effective malicious campaigns.

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Amazon exploring option for accepting cryptocurrencies for purchases

Amazon may soon allow customers to purchase with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The e-commerce behemoth, for its payments division, is seeking a digital currency and blockchain product lead to developing the roadmap for the customer experience, tech strategy, and capabilities. AWS, the company’s cloud division, now provides a managed blockchain solution. Apple and Tesla are also exploring accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

New build of Windows 11 is out with improvements

Microsoft has released a preview build of Windows 11 with new features and bug fixes. To make the menu look consistent, devs have also started updating the appearance of the pop-up menu of hidden icons. As the new firmware comes into the picture, the “Focus to Attention” function will now be accessible through the notification center. The keyboard icon has also been adjusted, navigation has been improved and animated for easier tracking of the content.

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