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German regulator prohibits WhatsApp to collect, process user data

German data protection regulator Johannes Casper has denied Facebook to collect and process Whatsapp user data. He said it is his job to prevent such black-box procedures. WhatsApp said that the decision was based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the effect and purpose of the new update. Casper has used his executive authorities to put a three-month ban on Facebook-owned WhatsApp. He would also seek an EU-wide ruling at the European Data Protection Board.

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Hinduja and Siti sign deal to share HITS infrastructure platform

Hinduja Group has signed a contract with Siti networks to share their HITS platform NXTDIGITAL. The HITS platform of Hinduja designed to support MSOs will allow Siti to deliver digital content across India and save up on connectivity costs while improving the quality of their service in exchange for a service fee. Through the PaaS model, NXT estimates to add over 60mn cable TV subscribers including areas of Andaman, Lakshadweep, and many more.

HDFC invests Rs.10 cr for 1.5% stake of Grameen e-store

HDFC strategically invested Rs.10 cr for a 1.5% stake in Grameen e-store to increase its reach to the rural areas. Grameen, e-store, will utilise the funds to expand its technology, product portfolios, and distribution channels. With the partnership with Pepsi, coca-cola, and Bharat petroleum it has made a sale of 22.5 lakh orders with a value of Rs.252 cr, since April last year. As 60-70% of Indians reside in semi-urban/rural areas, improving technology for growing the economy is a must.

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Conring to receive $45mn from Apple to increase manufacturing capacity

Apple has given the supplier for precision glass for Apple products, Corning inc. a sum of $45mn from their advancement funds to increase manufacturing capacity. Corning supplies precision glass for Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad, and is working with the smartphone makers for a long time. Apple announced its plans to add 20,000 jobs and contribute over $430bn to the US economy in the next five years.

AI and hybrid cloud to receive attention from IBM

IBM this year will be focusing on developing AI, hybrid cloud storage, and quantum computers. They will roll out AI to manage cloud data, a system to automate meeting scheduling, and use quantum computers for complex programs. IBM will also release its project CodeNet, an open-source dataset made up of 14 mn code samples, 500 mn code lines, and 55 programming languages. The 2-nanometer chip building tech will begin production in a couple of years.

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Flipkart to raise over $1bn before IPO

Flipkart, the Bengaluru-based e-commerce giant, to raise $1bn at up to $30bn valuation in a pre-IPO financing round. Last year Flipkart’s GMV was impacted due to the nationwide lockdown but still finished Q4 with double the GMV of the full year. As many as 250 mn people shopped in India on the platform during last year’s festival season sales. Flipkart is planning on increasing its grocery delivery services.

PayPal may emerge as new super app soon

PayPal, the online payment company worth $300bn, is likely to emerge as a Super App. CEO Dan Schulman said having different apps for different tasks was not viable, instead of having one app for all sorts of payments would be convenient. It is estimated that at least 25% of US adults that struggle to access mainstream financial services would be open to testing the super app. Schulman has been pursuing investors and other companies to continue partnering with PayPal.

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Lawsuit filed against Apple for overcharging 20mn users

A lawsuit in the UK was filed against Apple alleging overcharging iPhone and iPad users. The claimants said that the 30% standard fee is excessive and unlawful. Apple said its prices are in the mainstream of those charged by other digital markets. 84% of apps are free and developers are to give a 15% commission to Apple. An estimate of 1.5 mn pounds, as per the lawsuit, has to be compensated to users who purchased anything from the app store since 2015.

Microsoft OneDrive files can be Chromecast on android

Microsoft in its latest 6.29.1 update of OneDrive released a feature to display the files stored in its cloud storage on Chromecast compatible devices. All a user has to do is select the file to be displayed then click on the cast icon on the toolbar and select the device to be cast on. Files that are not supported on OneDrive cannot be cast, they will require other apps to open after downloading to local storage.

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