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Social media firms should be allowed self-governance: Wipro’s Rishad Premji

Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji, at an event of IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that social media platforms must be allowed to practice ‘responsive self-governance to tackle misinformation. Issues arising through social media misuse must be addressed immediately, he added. This comment came amid a row between Twitter and Govt over the former’s non-compliance […]

BharatNet maintenance will be done by 1L rural youths trained by CSC, TSSC

The Common Services Centers and Telecom Sector Skill Council have partnered to train 1L Village Level Entrepreneurs and youth for the maintenance of optical fiber of BharatNet. CSC will be conducting the training through online modes and will be based on optical fiber, entrepreneurship, and soft skills. CSC plans to provide FTTH to all homes […]

AlmaBetter has allocated Rs 2 cr to train 25,000 data science aspirants

E-learning platform AlmaBetter aims to train 25,000 aspiring data scientists by the end of March 2022. It has allocated Rs 2 cr for the project and a part of the funds will be used for scholarships. There are nearly 1.1 lakh vacancies in the data science sector and 25,000 will be trained to fill the […]

HDFC shifting to a new digital platform

HDFC said it plans to shift to a new digital platform instead of just scaling up the current systems. It is also moving its operations to the cloud and has added 50 new people as a part of its digital factory initiative. The bank denied any comments on official investments made in tech. The outages […]

New York gets Google’s first retail store

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in a Tweet, announced that Google has opened its first-ever brick-and-mortar store in New York’s Chelsea where customers will be able to browse and buy hardware and software products made by Google. The product line will include Pixel phones, Stadia, WearOS to Nest and Fitbit devices, Fitbit devices to […]

Gartner report says 2021 is a golden year for IT companies

Gartner said that the year 2021 will be a golden year as the growth in the IT sector, which is expected to be around 9%. Investments in digitisation in the next few years will grow by 8-9%. IT industry decisions will revolve around business as more and more companies turn towards digitisation. Certain verticals will […]

India now has access to Google cloud VMware engine

Enterprises in India now have access to Google cloud VMware. They can now shift their VMware apps to Google cloud without having to rewrite them. This will help the enterprises shift to cloud, reduce operational burden while profiting from scale and agility, and maintain continuity with their own existing tools, policies, and processes. VMware is […]

Maximl partners up with Indian oil for digitisation of last-mile operations in refineries

Maximl announced that it had won a contract worth $1mn from Indian oil to digitise last-mile operations at nine of its refineries for the next two years. Digitalisation will help increase the productivity of the employees by over 5% and reduce the risk of safety incidents and delays that can save 2-4 cr in a […]

Infosys Finacle launches digital banking software for urban cooperative banks in India

Infosys Finacle announces its digital banking software-as-a-service offering for urban cooperative banks in India. The platform has been adopted by Vidya Sahakari Bank, Urban Cooperative Bank, Bareilly, and Zoroastrian Cooperative Bank. The end-to-end digital banking solution suite includes Finacle Core Banking and complementary solutions from SIPL, with solutions like ATM switch, mobile banking, internet banking. […]