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Microsoft patents AI-based tech that will let you chat with dead 

Microsoft has patented tech which will enable people to have conversations with the dead. The patent talks about creating a ‘conversational chatbot of a specific person’ that would access social data i.e images, voice, posts, e-messages, etc. to train the chatbot in the personality of that person.’ In a few cases, a 2D or 3D model may be generated using images and video data. Microsoft’s GM of AI Program said that he isn’t aware of any plans to bring this chatbot to life.

Google redesigns Search on smartphone to enhance user experience

Google has redesigned the search results on smartphones. The redesign includes larger and bolder text to make it easier to read, colour to highlight important information. Results will take more width of the screen and minimise the use of shadows. It has focused on content and images instead of design elements around the information. The update also includes more of Google’s own font, which already shows up in Android, Gmail, and other Google products.

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Lucknow police to deploy AI-driven security cameras, assuring women safety

Lucknow police would install security cameras with facial recognition technology to record expressions of women and notify the police. As many as 200 hotspots of women movement have been identified in the city to deploy cameras. The aim is to provide help for women in distress even before she calls or reach out to the police. AI-based tech will get activated upon identifying woman in distress and automatically notify the police.

InCred Finance hires Philipp Orgler for AI and ML tools’ development

InCred Finance, a Mumbai based financial company has appointed Philipp Orgler, who holds 20 years of experience in financial analytics, for developing AI and ML tools. Orgler has headed the dept of structured products at Barclays Capital, ran structured notes business at Mizuho, worked with Deutsche Bank and done analytics work for Rokos. He is masters in Theoretical Physics from Karl-Franzens University and did research in Mathematical Physics at the University of Tokyo after graduation. to automatically  transcribe Google Meet calls in real-time

Google and have partnered for transcriptions and closed captions on Google Meet in real-time. The Chrome extension saves all Google Meet transcriptions, offers closed captions by clicking on the “cc” button and could be used by non paying users. It also included support for French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. All one has to do is download Chrome extension, install and run it. One can also change the font size of the text.

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AI likely to replace humans in cybersecurity space by 2030

In Cybersecurity space AI would replace humans by 2031, as hackers use more sophisticated tools, said a new report by Trend Micro. The report said more than 41% of IT leaders surveyed think that AI would replace their role by 2030. Just 9% were confident that AI would not replace them within the next decade. 32 % said AI would eventually work to completely automate all cybersecurity. 19 % believe that hackers using AI to enhance arsenal would be commonplace by 2025.

Jim Keller joins Tensorrent Inc to develop AI chip

Former Intel, Tesla chip executive Jim Keller had joined start-up Tenstorrent to create an AI chip. Keller would join a team competing against rivals such as Nvidia and Amazon in the AI market. Tenstorrent’s chips are designed to ignore redundant information and operate on the assumption that future software will involve programmers giving high-level directions while AI computers write much of the nitty-gritty code required to implement those human ideas.

IRCTC’s AI-chatbot improve customer interactions by 70%

AI chatbot, AskDISHA powered by Microsoft Azure and developed by CoRover for IRCTC had helped improve customer interactions by 70%. The chatbot used AI, ML, and NLP to answer passenger queries. Customers can now receive instant responses on frequent queries with almost no wait time. Supporting both voice and text capabilities in English and Hindi, it had benefitted more than 178 mn passengers since its inception in Oct 2018. 

Government plans chatbot to deliver public services

The govt has invited bids to develop a chatbot or voice assistance apps to deliver e-gov services. The AI-based platform is expected to interact in multiple languages, analyse intent, collect and analyse data to give a personalised experience to users. The conversational app will be deployed on the UMANG platform, which hosts various apps that provide govt services to citizens. The chatbot should be able to turn speech into a text and text into speech.

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