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Category: Artificial Intelligence (page 1 of 30)

Subhash Chandra sees Essel Group’s future in AI/ML-powered digital video

Subhash Chandra, the founder of Essel Group, has revealed plans to launch a new company focused on AI and ML-powered digital videos. Chandra also revealed the status of the Group’s debt repayment, which has been a source of contention since 2019. While talking about how far Essel had come in repaying his loan Chandra said ” We have emerged from our financial crisis by clearing 91.2 % of our entire debt with 43 lenders across 110 accounts.”

FB developing new AI tactics to detect users under 13 years of age

Pavni Diwanji, VP of Youth Products at Facebook said that the social network is improving its AI to detect accounts created and used by people under the age of 13. FB will rely on existing data and processes that were already set up to detect users aged 18 and under. Recognizing how difficult it is to detect and remove accounts of children under the age of 13, FB has indicated that it was looking on techniques to persuade minors under 13, not to fake age.

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Nokia, Vodafone launch cloud-based ML-powered network anomaly detection service

Nokia and Vodafone have launched a service that detects and remediates network anomalies. The service, running on the Google cloud, is an ML-powered product that is expected to detect 80% of Vodafone’s mobile network issues. The product is released across Vodafone’s 60,000 4G sites in Italy and will soon be available to telco’s 5G and core networks. By 2022 the service is set to roll out to all European markets.

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation releases Chatbot for diabetes

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation announced the launch of its chatbot, Mishti to enable people of India to access important information regarding the management of diabetes. It is available in seven languages to allow more people access to the information. The information is delivered via WhatsApp. The key topics covered are insulin device demos, customised diet plans for each patient with exercise guidance.

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Startek partners with Automation anywhere to build RPA capabilities

Startek has made a strategic partnership with Automation Anywhere to use AI-powered RPA capabilities to improve CX value chain. The partnership is a step towards Startek’s aim of fast-track access and benefits of intelligent RPA, digital workforce, and other value-added services across its global customer business processes. It will also provide Startek’s clients with a company-grade platform that combines RPA, AI, and embedded analytical tech.

NSEIT buys majority stake  in

A majority stake of has been acquired by NSEIT. The deal will help NSEIT to offer E2E digital transformation solutions from Cloud to Security. It will also help us to provide an integrated solution by offering cloud transition, knowledge-driven digital transformation solution along with embedded cybersecurity, said CEO & MD of NSEIT Dr. N Muralidharan. is a multi-cloud managed service provider with 250+ Enterprise clients.

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Mphasis receives patent for AI driven apps, infrastructure management solution

Mphasis announced that they have been given a US patent for its AI-driven application and infrastructure management solution. The solution can help companies to optimise investments in tech through in-depth data analysis. Errors and failures of applications and infrastructure are also predicted by this solution and it allows preventive maintenance measures. Functionalities like storage management and Incident management are also included.

Oppo is betting on AI-driven 6G networking in the next 10 years

Oppo Research Institute, in a white paper, said that AI will be the driving force to the next-gen of communication networks, helping 6G networks self-optimize and dynamically administrate themselves. By 2035, Oppo expects intelligent agents to exceed the human population. A research team has been established by Oppo to conduct preliminary research on 6G service and technology requirements, key technologies, and system features.

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SonyLIV, TCS join hands to enhance UX, steer growth

TCS has signed a strategic pact with SonyLIV to help create an innovative business model enabled by digital tech and enhance UX. AI and ML tools of TCS will be used to digitalize SonyLIV’s core OTT platform. The aim is to provide personalized experiences to subscribers and help SonyLIV use data and insights to monetize content. TCS will also set up a state-of-the-art Experience Design Center and deploy its Location Independent Agile Model.