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AI likely to replace humans in cybersecurity space by 2030

In Cybersecurity space AI would replace humans by 2031, as hackers use more sophisticated tools, said a new report by Trend Micro. The report said more than 41% of IT leaders surveyed think that AI would replace their role by 2030. Just 9% were confident that AI would not replace them within the next decade. 32 % said AI would eventually work to completely automate all cybersecurity. 19 % believe that hackers using AI to enhance arsenal would be commonplace by 2025.

Jim Keller joins Tensorrent Inc to develop AI chip

Former Intel, Tesla chip executive Jim Keller had joined start-up Tenstorrent to create an AI chip. Keller would join a team competing against rivals such as Nvidia and Amazon in the AI market. Tenstorrent’s chips are designed to ignore redundant information and operate on the assumption that future software will involve programmers giving high-level directions while AI computers write much of the nitty-gritty code required to implement those human ideas.

IRCTC’s AI-chatbot improve customer interactions by 70%

AI chatbot, AskDISHA powered by Microsoft Azure and developed by CoRover for IRCTC had helped improve customer interactions by 70%. The chatbot used AI, ML, and NLP to answer passenger queries. Customers can now receive instant responses on frequent queries with almost no wait time. Supporting both voice and text capabilities in English and Hindi, it had benefitted more than 178 mn passengers since its inception in Oct 2018. 

Government plans chatbot to deliver public services

The govt has invited bids to develop a chatbot or voice assistance apps to deliver e-gov services. The AI-based platform is expected to interact in multiple languages, analyse intent, collect and analyse data to give a personalised experience to users. The conversational app will be deployed on the UMANG platform, which hosts various apps that provide govt services to citizens. The chatbot should be able to turn speech into a text and text into speech.

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IT firms to see $900 bn digital tech market by 2025: Analysts

Devang Bhatt, Analyst at ICICI Direct Research, in a note, said the digital tech market is expected to grow at 16% YoY over the next four years to reach $900 bn in FY25 from $490 bn in the Fy 21. Enterprises, in a subsequent manner, will see new-age tech like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, data analytics and Internet of Things to be developed around Cloud, leading to a multi-year tech spends.

How enterprises in India doing away AI biases

RGI broke its AI model into phases to do away biases and cross-checked it in the end when humans take the final decision with the help of AI and data. PayPal focuses on human supervision during the first phases of learning where machine intelligence decisions were scrutinised for bias, inclusion, fairness, etc. PayU ensured that the models do not use any data which can creep biases of gender, religion, political belief, etc. in determining the credit line.

How AI is helping RGI to bring efficiency to claim settlement processes

Reliance General Insurance is using AI to bring efficiency to claim settlement processes by reducing manual efforts, errors and eliminating every possible manual step. It has introduced ‘RAPID’, equipped with image analytics powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Azure ML capabilities, to bring the settlement period down to less than an hour from 10- 12 days for over 60% of passenger vehicles claims to have peripheral damages.

Andhra Pradesh forecasts energy demand using artificial intelligence

APTransco has deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning models to forecast the next day’s electricity consumption and cover day-ahead electricity demand for every 15 min. This will help them to make decisions on demand and supply, grid management and minimise power purchase cost. APTransco, further, intends to develop more day-ahead forecast models for wind energy, solar energy, market prices, central generating stations surplus and frequency.

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88% of firms report gaps in practices for AI projects; 55% of DS projects fail 

A PMI, South Asia’s Playbook for Project Management in Data Science and AI Projects, the report said that 88 % of the firms have gaps in AI project management practices. The survey of 300 firms said that the failure rate of big data projects was a whopping 55 % and going by that rate firms will collectively waste $54 bn in 2023 and at least $11 bn of this amount can be directly attributed to poor AI project management practices.