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Category: Artificial Intelligence (page 1 of 27)

Dhotre calls for industry to work with AI, M2M for Atmanirbhar India

With the onset of the pandemic, growth in digital infrastructure has been massive. The Digital India program has proved to be highly effective in connecting people and running businesses amidst crises. The minister of state for communications and education Sanjay Dhotre urged the industry to work on the latest technology like AI, M2M, data science for Atmanirbhar India. He further stated this tech was going to change the world.

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Dell says 2/3 rd of data will be processed on edge by 2025

In the modern era of do-anything-from-anywhere edge computing market has grown and continues to rise due to the WFH and learning process amidst crisis.  Dell Technologies, Founder and CEO Michael Dell in his keynote highlighted that with constantly growing data, 75% of it will be processed on edge by 2025 and will require real-time analytics and intelligence to transform into conclusions. He further said that the data decade is here.

Apple hires ex-Google scientist Samy Bengio to lead new AI research

Apple has hired former Google scientist Samy Bengio, who quit the search giant after 14 years of services following turmoil in the AI research department. He is said to be leading a new AI research unit at Apple and report to John Giannandrea, SVP, ML, and AI strategy, another former Google staffer. Bengio’s resignation has come after Google fired his fellow scientists Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru, which catapulted into a global controversy.

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IBM acquires cloud app, network management firm Turbonomic

IMB is acquiring a provider of tools to manage app performance for resource management firm Turbonomic, along with Kubernetes and network performance. The tech giant aims to bring more AI into IT ops into its fold. The finances of the deal were not disclosed. A Reuters report, based on sources, valued the deal as anything between $1.5 – $2 bn. The acquisition will deepen IBM’s strength in providing clients with AI-based services to manage networks and workloads.

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Rebel Foods using to AI to maintain hygiene, retain customers

Rebel Foods is using Microsoft’s AI to automate the checking of kitchens for hygiene and COVID-19 protocols. AI-based video analysis solution Jarvis, built on Microsoft Azure, constantly monitors video feeds to check if the staff is wearing caps, gloves, and face masks, floor is clean, and food is cooked properly. Real-time action is taken if an issue is flaged. The feed is shared with customers to build trust, said Soumyadeep Barman, Co-founder & CPO of Rebel Foods.

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Elon Musk says Tesla will be known as AI robotics firm

Elon Musk said that Tesla is not just an electric-car maker but going forward people will know it as an AI robotics company. He said that Tesla was in the process of building one of the strongest hardware and software AI teams across the globe. “We appear to be able to do things with self-driving that others cannot. So and if you look at the evolution of what tech we have developed, we developed them in order to solve the problem of self-driving,” he said.

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Microsoft adds three new Azure courses to Coursera

Microsoft is offering three new Azure-specialisation courses on the learning platform Coursera. 1) Azure Fundamentals Specialization:  provides a basic understanding of Azure cloud services and knowledge to build a cloud solution. 2) AI Fundamentals specialization: covers AI and ML, computer vision, NLP, and conversational AI. 3) Data Fundamentals specialization will be covering the roles and tasks involved in using Azure to store, process, manage and analyze data.

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SBI launches video KYC-based account opening

The SBI has launched a video KYC-based account opening feature which is completely paperless and contactless. A person can open a bank account without visiting a branch using the digital process powered by AI and Facial Recognition Tech. One has to download the YONO app, click on ‘New to SBI’, and select ‘Insta Plus Savings Account’. Once the Aadhaar details are entered and authenticated, he/ she has to schedule a video call to complete the KYC.

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BP, Infosys to develop integrated energy-as-a- service offering

Infosys and BP have signed an MoU to develop an integrated Energy-as-a-Service offering to provide clients end-to-end management of energy assets and services. The collaboration will leverage BP’s strength in energy and mobility and Infosys’ experience in digital capabilities to manage energy assets, provide low carbon power, low carbon heating/cooling, and low carbon mobility to campuses. The offerings will be powered by an AI-based digital platform.

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