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Category: Artificial Intelligence (page 2 of 25)

AI, Data analytics will drive over 75% of investment decisions by 2025: Gartner

A Gartner report said that over 2/3 of early-stage investment decisions will be driven by AI and data analytics by 2025. The report said that investors, equipped with AI and data analytics, will be a common sight in the next 4-5 years. AI and data-driven models will help the investors in identifying the viability, strategy and potential result of the investment, based on the trends of past investments, revenue growth, market penetration, etc.

Eros Now to use Google’s AI tech to generate automated subtitles

Eros Now has partnered with Google to use its Cloud’s AI tech to stream its movies and originals with automated subtitles. The company said, with AI frameworks and pre-existing data, it can generate subtitles in desired languages. Ali Hussein, CEO, Eros Now said that customized subtitles will allow Eros Now to target a wider audience and drive engagement across Eros Now’s rich consumers.

NHAI introduces an AI-based face recognition system for attendance monitoring

NHAI, has deployed an AI-based face recognition system for attendance monitoring of the field staff. The system comes with a real-time location capturing feature to track all the key personnel/engineers at the project site to check unauthorised absenteeism and improve the quality and speed of construction. It is linked with NHAI’s Big Data Analytics platform so that every key personnel/ engineers deployed at the project can be uniquely identified and monitored.

China decides to spend 7% more on R&D in the next 5 years

Chinese govt has said that it plans to increase its annual R&D spending by 7% every year over the next 5 years. The govt is said to increase its expenditure on basic research by 10.6% in 2021 and set up more national labs to focus on the research of next-gen AI, quantum information, brain science, semiconductors, genetic. Other than that it will also support foreign-funded companies to set up R&D centres in China.

Tech Mahindra, ThoughtSpot team up to provide AI-driven analytics to enterprises

Tech Mahindra and ThoughtSpot, an AI-driven analytics firm have partnered to provide enterprises with AI-driven analytics to help them analyse data with ease. Tech M will integrate its Virtual Analyst platform with ThoughtSpot’s search and AI-driven analytics platform to drive multilevel data analysis to let firms gain real-time insights to make informed business decisions in marketing, supply chain, financial, etc to identify trends in customer behaviour.

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MediaTek announces new AI-based 4K smart TV chip

MediaTek released its new 4K smart TV chip ‘MT9638’ having an integrated AI processing unit. The chip is said to support all the latest AI tech i.e super-resolution, picture quality and voice assistants. Its high performance enables real-time content and scene recognition, an adjustment in colour saturation, brightness, sharpness, and smart noise reduction. The MT9638 has increased competition among global TV makers and forced them to design competitive 4K smart TVs.

Nasscom, Microsoft, announce ‘AI Gamechangers’ programme together

Nasscom and Microsoft have announced ‘AI Gamechangers’ programme to boost the adoption of AI in India. The objective is to develop and promote AI tech across key sectors. Debjani Ghosh, President of, Nasscom said the country is moving forward to create a global innovation hub and AI was expected to unlock about $500 bn of value by 2025. The programme gives an opportunity to startups, enterprises, NGOs, etc to showcase AI-based
products and solutions. 

AI centre to be set up in IIT Bombay with 15 cr investment

IIT Bombay received a contribution of Rs 15 cr from two of its alumni to set up a centre for applied AI with the aim to bridge the gap between industry and academia. AI is anticipated to be very essential for industrial, economic and social progress in the coming years. The centre, named, Technocraft Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence, hopes to be an enabler of the national goal of leadership in applied AI with the help of experts in this field.

Japan ramps up use of AI to reduce food waste

Japanese companies are turning to AI and other advanced tech to sustainably reduce food waste and cut costs. The country, which has the highest food waste per capita in Asia, has introduced a new law to halve such costs from 2000 levels by 2030, pushing companies to find solutions. Convenience store chain Lawson has started using an AI from U.S. firm DataRobot, to estimate the amount of product on shelves that might go unsold or fall short of demand.