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Category: Artificial Intelligence (page 2 of 33)

New Report says Facebook in process of developing ML Chips

Facebook is developing a Machine Learning chip with capabilities to handle content recommendations to users, said a report by The Information. Another chip for video transcoding has already been developed by Facebook, the report elaborated. The move comes amidst a time when tech giants like Apple, Google, etc. are choosing to develop their own chips, instead of relying on external providers to save on cost and time.

Xavier robot to help Singapore Police keep streets safe, in a three-week trial

Singapore’s Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) bot has been deployed on the streets of Toa Payoh Central. It will assist police in enhancing public health and safety in the three-week trial. Named “Xavier”, it has sensors for navigation, sensing, and a dashboard to display real-time info to police officers. It will detect “undesirable social behavior” like smoking, illegal hawking, others and trigger alerts to the command center.

Source: Zdnet

AI to assist Chennai cops to solve cybercrime from now

The Chennai city police are setting up an AI-driven cybercrime lab at Vepery. Once active, it will help police to live-track phones, and break into VPNs much faster with next-generation gadgets. While 90% of cases reported in the city are linked to cybercrimes, current tracking of culprits takes up to two days. Being constructed for ₹5.6 cr, the new lab will enable police to get results and catch culprits in just five minutes, with the help of an IP address or a phone number.

IBM, ESPN unveil new Fantasy Football features driven by IBM Watson AI

IBM and ESPN have unveiled a bunch of new Fantasy Football features that will assist players in trading packages better. The “Trade Assistant” with IBM Watson tool will now help players create “customisable and simplified trade packages”, IBM said. Watson will also give recommendations on which players to trade, and “fair trade” insights, along with “boom” and “bust” percentages will also be provided.

Source: Zdnet

AI puts “primate” label on Facebook video of Black men, company apologises

Users who watched a video featuring Black men in altercations with White police officers on Facebook received a social media firm’s prompt asking if they would like to “keep seeing videos about Primates”. When reported, FB apologised for the “unacceptable error”, and is looking into and disabling the AI-powered feature that caused it. Dated 27 June, 2020, the video was uploaded by Daily Mail, and had no relation to any primates or monkeys.

Source: Hindustan Times

TCS, Wipro, 3 others to implement data analytics project at  SEBI

Five companies – TCS, Wipro, Capgemini, L&T Infotech, and NEC Corp India – have been shortlisted by SEBI for the implementation of data analytics projects. In an effort to address and handle challenges arising out of technological advances in markets, selected firms are expected to build analytical models with AI and ML. Then, the analytical development will be done according to regulator SEBI’s requirement.

Source: The Hindu

Assam govt schools get AI-based system as RailTel completes deployment

Deployment of an AI-based ID and attendance system has been completed by RailTel for govt schools in Assam. The system will capture attendance across elementary, secondary, and higher secondary schools across Assam. With a total cost of ₹19.2 cr, RailTel completed the project in four months. The project will help modernize the schools and manage the student database. End-user training for system operation was also provided by RailTel.

Source: Zee Business

Tesla starts hiring roboticists to build “Tesla Bot”

Tesla has started the process of hiring roboticists to build its recently announced “Tesla Bot”. Jobs such as Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Integration (Humanoid Robot), Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Gear Design, etc. were listed by Tesla online. Tesla is looking for highly skilled colleagues to help build the next generation biped robot, said one of the job descriptions. The prototype of the bot is scheduled for next year.

Source: Business Standard

Indian enterprises to spend up to $2B on analytics, big data in 2021: IDC

With Indian enterprises these days basing decision-making on real-time data, big data analytics has seen an increase in investment and is poised to grow 11.5% in 2021. Led by the banking and telecom sector, the investment will touch $2B according to research firm IDC. Realising the importance of AI and ML, telecom and banking are expected to contribute up to 30% of total spending on big data analytics.

Source: YourStory