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Category: Artificial Intelligence (page 2 of 28)

Reliance introduces Chatbot assistance for investors query

Reliance has launched an AI-based chatbot to solve investor queries related to its Rs.53,125 cr rights issue which will close on June 3. The chatbot, developed by Jio Haptik Technologies, can handle queries pertaining to general FAQs, important dates, payment, eligibility towards dividends, important links, etc, and can also calculate the amount an investor needs to pay. This service of inquiry is accessible via a toll-free number or via WhatsApp.

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Pandemic has uplifted automation tech status in India

With the pandemic, businesses have turned to modern tech and this has brought Intelligent automation in the spotlight. A report by the IAMAI and PwC said that the IA market in India is estimated to grow at CAGR 55% annually. By 2024 an investment of $350mn is expected. In 2020, 94.7% of Indian firms have increased digital transformation, whereas 92.3% are rethinking business models. In the next few decades, 64% of Indian companies may turn to cloud computing.

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Analog AI chip making startup Mythic raised $70mn

California-based startup Mythic, which uses analog tech to make its AI chips, raised over $70 mn in the latest fundraiser. These chips are used in smart home devices or security cameras. Attaining GPU levels similar to $4000 cards, it can easily process video data locally and just send key information back to the data center for use if needed. With a total of $165.2mn raised, Mythic plans to accelerate its production of next-generation, small, low-power, low-cost chips.

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AI and hybrid cloud to receive attention from IBM

IBM this year will be focusing on developing AI, hybrid cloud storage, and quantum computers. They will roll out AI to manage cloud data, a system to automate meeting scheduling, and use quantum computers for complex programs. IBM will also release its project CodeNet, an open-source dataset made up of 14 mn code samples, 500 mn code lines, and 55 programming languages. The 2-nanometer chip building tech will begin production in a couple of years.

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DRDO develops a new AI-based COVID detection tool

ATMAN AI a new covid detection algorithm for chest x-rays has been built by DRDO. The tool uses AI with the support of the 5C network and HCG academics. This triaging tool will help in the rapid identification and assessment of lungs affected by Covid-19. It is faster, cost-effective, and more efficient than CT scans. The ATMAN AI has an accuracy of 96.73%, helping reduce the burden on radiologists and CT scan machines.

Dhotre calls for industry to work with AI, M2M for Atmanirbhar India

With the onset of the pandemic, growth in digital infrastructure has been massive. The Digital India program has proved to be highly effective in connecting people and running businesses amidst crises. The minister of state for communications and education Sanjay Dhotre urged the industry to work on the latest technology like AI, M2M, data science for Atmanirbhar India. He further stated this tech was going to change the world.

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Dell says 2/3 rd of data will be processed on edge by 2025

In the modern era of do-anything-from-anywhere edge computing market has grown and continues to rise due to the WFH and learning process amidst crisis.  Dell Technologies, Founder and CEO Michael Dell in his keynote highlighted that with constantly growing data, 75% of it will be processed on edge by 2025 and will require real-time analytics and intelligence to transform into conclusions. He further said that the data decade is here.

Apple hires ex-Google scientist Samy Bengio to lead new AI research

Apple has hired former Google scientist Samy Bengio, who quit the search giant after 14 years of services following turmoil in the AI research department. He is said to be leading a new AI research unit at Apple and report to John Giannandrea, SVP, ML, and AI strategy, another former Google staffer. Bengio’s resignation has come after Google fired his fellow scientists Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru, which catapulted into a global controversy.

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IBM acquires cloud app, network management firm Turbonomic

IMB is acquiring a provider of tools to manage app performance for resource management firm Turbonomic, along with Kubernetes and network performance. The tech giant aims to bring more AI into IT ops into its fold. The finances of the deal were not disclosed. A Reuters report, based on sources, valued the deal as anything between $1.5 – $2 bn. The acquisition will deepen IBM’s strength in providing clients with AI-based services to manage networks and workloads.

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