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Oracle’s Digital Marketing to be automated with help of AI

Oracle Inc has announced that it will implement a new system that uses AI to automate key parts of digital marketing. Named “Fusion Marketing” system, the software will use AI to automatically assemble marketing campaigns. It will also calculate whether people interacting with emails and ads will actually buy a product. To do this, the software uses data from a variety of sources, such as email contact lists, which will come from the users of Oracle’s systems.

Source: Techradar

JSW steel plans digitally connected smart steel factories in India by FY25

Steelmaker JSW Steel has plans to create digitally connected steel factories in India. The plan will involve the deployment of advanced new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Cloud. As a part of the digital roadmap, the first digital factory to be operational will be JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works, in FY23, followed by JSW Dolvi Works in Maharashtra, and JSW Salem works in Tamil Nadu.

Israeli firm unveils new armed robot to patrol volatile borders

An Israeli defense contractor has unveiled a new armed robot, which is capable of patrolling volatile battle zones, tracking infiltrators, and open firing. Though unmanned, the remote-controlled 4-wheeled robot is the latest addition in drone technology, which is reshaping battlefields quickly. It was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, and is called “REX MKII”. It can be mounted with guns, carry soldiers and ammo, and patrol areas.

Source: Time

Baidu starts public testing of Apollo Go robotaxis in Shanghai

Chinese tech giant Baidu has started the public testing of its Apollo Go robotaxis in the city of Shanghai, China. The company says that while the robotaxis have achieved Level 4 capabilities, a Human Safety operator will be present during all rides. Level 4 is defined as an autonomous car able to operate in limited areas with minimal human interaction. The rides will be open to the public from Sunday, with a fleet of Hongqi EVs to be used.

Source: Techcrunch

Nokia, Vodafone launch cloud-based ML-powered network anomaly detection service

Nokia and Vodafone have launched a service that detects and remediates network anomalies. The service, running on the Google cloud, is an ML-powered product that is expected to detect 80% of Vodafone’s mobile network issues. The product is released across Vodafone’s 60,000 4G sites in Italy and will soon be available to telco’s 5G and core networks. By 2022 the service is set to roll out to all European markets.

SoftBank to halt production of Pepper robot, lay off employees 

SoftBank Group has decided to ease out jobs at the global robotics business and also stop the production of its Pepper robot. The company is downgrading its targets in robotics. Pepper’s production had been reportedly halted last year and would be costly to restart. Only 27,000 pieces were made. Half of its 330 staff members in France will be lay]id off by September. The number of employees has been halved in the US and Britain while staff in Japan have been redeployed.

Rakuten partners with Cisco and will use their tech in 5G, IoT services

Rakuten Mobile announced plans to partner with Cisco to use their technology in 5G and IoT services. Rakuten is the first company to deploy network-based Open RAN tech that uses software to run network functions on the cloud, reducing the requirement for physical equipment. The tech will help Rakuten to make its entire network automated, reduce latency, and lower power consumption.

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AI-enabled automated customer service agents are on rise in India

As face-to-face interactions have reduced, AI found its maximum usage in automated customer service agents in India in 2020. Fraud analysis and investigation, IT automation, recommendation system, and diagnosis and treatment were other fields excelling with AI.  Businesses have started to restructure strategies and adapt to the new age of technology. The BFSI sector was on top for spending on AI with a 29% share in the year 2020.

Hyd Airport implements video analytics for passenger safety

GMR Hyderabad International Airport, to improve passenger experience and reduce wait time, implements Queue Management Systems combining IoT security cameras and AI video analytics in collaboration with AllGoVision Technologies. The advanced video analytics platform analyses the video feed from cameras and uses Deep Learning-based AI models to accurately estimate passenger statistics and help in reducing wait time for a quality experience and safety in COVID times.