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Delhi airport’s Taxibot completes 1,000 movements

Delhi airport, two years back, has put to use two Taxibot with the aim to be a “net zero-emission” by 2030. Taxibot is a semi-robotic towbarless aircraft tractor that tows planes between the terminal gates and runways. Taxibot has helped reduce carbon emissions on the airport by completing 1000 movements to save 532 tonnes of carbon and 214,000L of ATF. At present, three airlines are using these bots. Authorities aim to add 15 Taxibot in four years.

Robots on call for Singapore home deliveries

Singapore based OTSAW Digital has deployed a pair of robots both named “Camello” to deliver groceries to 700 residents of a city estate for a one-year trial period. Delivery slots can be booked via an app that notifies users when the robot is about to reach. The robots are equipped with 3D sensors, a camera and can carry up to 20 kg of parcels. They can make four or five deliveries a day and use ultraviolet light to disinfect themselves after every trip.

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This is how GlobalLogic is using AI to cut talent acquisition time drastically

V. Padmanabhan, VP – Engineering, GlobalLogic led team has created AI and ML tools to look for candidates certifications, present and past companies, their research papers to create a summary of thousands of resume just through systems. A team of 10 professionals took at least a few weeks to look at 1000 resumes, do talent identification for fitment into the roles. In the new automated system, the efforts have come down to a day or two.

55% CIOs to hire full-time techies for digital push: Gartner

Around 55% of the CIOs plan to increase the total number of full-time employees in their team to push digital initiatives throughout 2021, said research firm Gartner. Positions will be opened for the techies having experience in the areas of automation, cloud, analytics platforms, and support for remote work. The need to accelerate digital initiatives, by a large margin, will drive talent acquisition, followed by automation and rising cloud adoption.

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60% of employees worried to lose jobs to automation: PwC survey

As per a PwC survey, around 60 % of the workforce are worried that automation may put their jobs at risk, The survey of 32,500 employees across 19 countries also revealed that 48 % are fearful that ‘traditional employment won’t be around in the future’. Adding to the sentiments, another 39% think that their job will be obsolete in the next 5 years. On the positive side, 40 % of those surveyed have improved their digital skills during the lockdown.

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Automation Anywhere signs multi-year partnership with Google Cloud

Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud have joined hands to develop AI and RPA powered solutions, bring RPA capabilities to Google Cloud products, and align people to help businesses scale RPA capabilities. Automation Anywhere’s RPA capabilities will be integrated with services like Apigee, Appsheet, and AI Platform. Its ‘Automation 360’ platform will be available on Google Cloud. Automation Anywhere has so far deployed over 2.8 mn bots to enterprises.

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RPA critical for digital transformation for 96% of decision-makers

Robotic process automation (RPA) has been considered important for driving digital transformation by 96% of decision-makers, according to a report by Blue Prism, a UK-based RPA company. About 84% of business decision-makers see RPA as a solution to global productivity problems. RPA is used to streamline enterprise ops and reduce costs by automating processes, which enables business users to devote more time to serving customers.

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Indian Businesses to implement Intelligent Automation By 2024

According to an IDC study, nearly 50% of businesses in India will introduce RPA by 2024. Triggered by COVID-19, RPA adoption will increase by 57% within a year. Indian firms first priority is to adopt automation for increased security and overall governance of processes. IDC surveyed more than 1,600 customers and revealed that the pandemic pushed the companies in the direction of digital transformation – and RPA adoption.

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Ola to deploy ABB robotics, automation solutions at TN e-scooter factory

Ola has tasked ABB with robotics and automation solutions for its e-scooter factory in Tamil Nadu, which is expected to be up and running soon. ABB’s automation solutions will be deployed in factory’s key manufacturing process, painting and welding lines. While Robots will be deployed in the battery and motor assembly lines. Ola’s proprietary AI Engine and tech stack will power the factory.

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