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Intel’s self-driving car to use of its own radar tech by 2025

Chief Executive of Intel Corp’s self-driving car subsidiary Amnon Shashua said that Mobileye’s robotaxis will use multiple Luminar units to gain 360-degree lidar, radar and camera coverage all around the car. The robotaxis rolling out in eight cities in 2022 will each have four Luminar units. But Mobileye is also developing its own lidar sensor that it plans to start using in 2025 for cars, in a bid to lower the cost of autonomous driving.

Samsung’s new bots can pour wine, clean the house, recognise behaviour 

Samsung at CES 2021 unveiled three new robots-  JetBot 90 AI+, Bot Care, and Bot Handy that can pick up items for you, clean the house, and even act as your assistant. The JetBot 90 AI+ is equipped with LiDAR and 3D sensors to detect cables and small objects to avoid them while cleaning. Bot Care uses AI to recognise behaviour and accordingly respond to it. Bot Handy can put dirty dishes to the dishwasher, also set the table and pour a glass of wine.

Western Railway introduces e-patrolling, beat management app for RPF personnel

Western Railway has launched an e-patrolling and beat management app for RPF personnel and security monitoring in Mumbai division. The app ensures effective supervision by real-time monitoring of staff and group communication service. Personnel log in by scanning the QR code at the duty spot. The app will soon be extended to all WR divisions. 2,600 CCTV cameras with AI, ML, and video analytics capabilities are being also set up on stations.

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Hyderabad based start-up develops robot disinfectant at economical price

Hyderabad-based start-up ‘H-Bots Robotics’, as a part of its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, has come up with a robotic disinfectant  — ‘ACCORD’.  ” The key difference that we brought in was the cost reduction of the product and functioning. ‘Accord’ will be available at a range between ₹2.5 lakh rupees to ₹7 lakh and is available in manual, semi-manual and autonomous variants” said Kishan, Founder and Chief Executive of H-Bots Robotics.

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Hyundai buys controlling interest in robot maker Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics said that South Korean Hyundai Motor Group is acquiring a controlling stake in the company valuing the robot maker at $1.1 bn. Hyundai will have an 80% stake in the company while SoftBank will control the remaining 20%. The transaction marks the popular quadruped robot maker – Spot’s third change of hands in the past seven years. Google and Softbank were the two previous owners of the company. The deal is expected to close in by June.

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Digital Analytics, RPA tops 2021’s digital priorities list: Gartner survey

Gartner surveyed 173 CFOs to identify digital priorities for 2021 including digital analytics, robotic pressure automation, accelerating digital skills in their teams and cloud-based ERP software. 82% of CFOs are willing to invest in Advanced data analytics, 66% in RPA, 60% in employees’ digital skills and 49% in cloud-ERP. Most CFOs, however, were not confident in transforming digital objectives for the coming year, survey stated.

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Boston Dynamics’ Dog Robot ‘Spot’ is learning new tricks on oil rig

Spot is programmed to look out for corrosion, read gauges, map out the rig and sniff out methane on the oil rig platform operated by BP PLC. Spot would make the work on the rig safer by reducing the number of staff. The robot also has an integrated gas sensor that is programmed to shut Spot down if it detects a methane leak. The remotely controlled robot has multispectral imaging for better data gathering and processing.

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Uber may sell its Autonomous car division to rival Aurora

Uber is in talks for selling its self-driving car division to rival Aurora Innovation. The car division was recently valued at $7.25 billion following a $1 billion investment from Toyota and DENSO. With this deal, Uber Advanced Technology Group (Uber ATG) would make a bumpy ending as the venture is suffering from several issues. The terms of the deal are still unknown. Aurora, founded by veterans from Google, Uber and Tesla worth at $2.5 billion.

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Happiest Minds join hands with AutonomIQ for intelligent testing capabilities

Happiest Minds has partnered with Machine learning firm AutonomIQ to combine AI, ML, and intelligent automation capabilities from later with its digital tech to create enterprise digital transformation solutions. The integrated solution will help accelerate the Bangalore based firm’s customers with value realisation of digital transformation projects. AutonomIQ, a cloud platform, enables product , IT teams to test, release and deploy software.

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