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Vedanta invests in automation and Industry 4.0

Vedanta is one of India’s largest Aluminum producers and has to ensure operational continuity even during the lockdown. Vedanta has put industry 4.0 and automation as a priority in their business tech strategy. The framework includes cyber-physical systems (OT-IT), IIOT, cloud, cognitive computing and AI has moved from ‘nice to have’ or augmenting capability for the aluminium industry to something that is vitally important for differentiation.

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Microsoft India unveils solution to automate repetitive tasks

Microsoft India announced the public preview of its Power Automate Desktop – a new desktop-based solution that enables coders and non-coders to automate repetitive and manual tasks across desktop and web apps with minimal effort from a single intelligent platform. It can handle both attended RPA (front-end office activities) and unattended RPA (back-office processes) with equal efficiency and available worldwide in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

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Automation Anywhere develops smart digital assistant to automate internal tasks

Automation Anywhere has developed a smart assistant – Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface or AARI – for enterprises to automate their internal tasks. Its easy-to-use bot-to-human interface enables users to simply everyday tasks, improve collaboration between teams and provide best-in-class customer service – either on-premises or in the cloud. AARI can communicate with other digital assistants to orchestrate task completion between teams of humans and bots.

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Sandesh Govalkar joins Angel Broking as VP

Sandesh Govalkar has joined Angel Broking as VP – office automation and compliance. Govalkar will be leading tech automation at the firm. He will be managing a team of technology experts which will be working on exploring new innovations around transforming processes. On top of it, Govalkar will also be handling policy standards and other regulations as well. Prior to this new role, he has served a stint of 2 years at Edelweiss Financial services as a VP.

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SoftBank to bring serving robots to Japan

SoftBank’s robotics arm said it’ll bring a food service robot developed by California-based Bear Robotics to Japan as restaurants struggle with labour shortage and seek to ensure social distancing. Named Servi, the robot has 3 layers and is equipped with 3D cameras and LIDAR sensors for navigation. This launch uses SoftBank’s long experience in bring foreign technologies to Japan but moves away from CEO Masayoshi Son’s earlier focus on humanoid robots.

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With increase in its adoption, RPA prices will drop: Gartner

Gartner projections report reveals RPA revenues will reach $1.9B in 2021, up 19.5% from 2020. The growth rate signals sustained interest in the technology, with 2020 revenue projection being $1.4B, up 11.9% from 2019. By 2024, large organisations will “triple the capacity of their existing RPA portfolios”. As the adoption expands, average RPA prices will drop 10% – 15% in 2020. Costs will fall another 5%-10% annually in 2021 and ’22.

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Google launches new work-tracking tool ‘Tables’

Google introduced new work-tracking tool – Tables – that tracks projects using automation. Tables’ bots automate redundant tasks like scheduling recurring email reminders when tasks are overdue, messaging a chat room when new form submissions are received, updating tasks when statuses are changed etc. They can also manage project-related docs. The solution can be used across various use cases like project management, IT ops, customer tracking, recruiting etc.

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‘Mitra’ – the robot that’s helping COVID patients fight loneliness

Indian hospitals have deployed customer service robots that patrol hospital wards and also helps the patients to connect to their loved ones. Entitled Mitra, the robot was developed by Invento Robotics and shot to fame after being introduced to Ivanka Trump and PM Modi in 2017. It uses facial recognition tech to recognize people it has previously interacted with. A tablet on chest enables patients to connect with family and hospital staff for consultations.

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Snapdeal completes testing last-mile delivery robots

Snapdeal has successfully conducted tested last-mile delivery using robots developed by Ottonomy IO. The robots use AI algorithms to navigate crowded areas and deliver to nearby homes. ML, fuse data from 3D Lidar and cameras help them understand the external world. Once the robot arrives at the doorstep, the customer receives an alert through a unique QR code. They also have UV lighting to disinfect the packet while navigating the delivery location.

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