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Category: Big Data (page 1 of 7)

Salesforce helping Porter in direct-to-consumer services

Porter, an on-demand logistics marketplace that offers its customers trucks and tempos for delivery into the cities, is using Salesforce’s strong analytical platform to adopt a data-driven approach. This enabled Porter to contextualise all gathered data and provide customized solutions to clients. Data analysis is also useful for lead conversion, with the correct agents being spotted through analysis and
then incentivised.

Source: Salesforce

Linode to triple Indian data centre capacity to support Asia growth

Cloud infrastructure firm Linode has announced that it will triple its data center capacity in India, and is expecting a 200% increase in its Mumbai facilities. Having seen customer growth double throughout the pandemic in the region, the increase will help sustain this growth, enabling the release of new features as well. End-user spending on the cloud has grown at 31.4% in 2021 and will touch $4.4B by year-end.


Techno Electric to invest $1B in setting up data centers in key Indian cities

Power infra firm Techno Electric and Engineering Company is planning to invest $1B in setting up data centers in key Indian cities. The Kolkata-based firm wants to build data centers backed by green energy in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and NCR. Two projects at Chennai and Kolkata are being developed currently, with a load capacity of 45-60MW each, and will together have around $340M investment of the total $1B planned.

Source: Communication Today

Indian enterprises to spend up to $2B on analytics, big data in 2021: IDC

With Indian enterprises these days basing decision-making on real-time data, big data analytics has seen an increase in investment and is poised to grow 11.5% in 2021. Led by the banking and telecom sector, the investment will touch $2B according to research firm IDC. Realising the importance of AI and ML, telecom and banking are expected to contribute up to 30% of total spending on big data analytics.

Source: YourStory

Real-world datasets a struggle for over 80% trained data scientists: Survey

80% of trained data scientists, in a survey, admitted to initial struggle in dealing with real-world data. Real-world data is often massive, non-standard, and disorganized, and data scientists initially struggle to make sense of it, according to a study by upskilling platform Scaler. The research was conducted with over 100 data scientists in the age group of 25-35. 50% of participants also claimed to have difficulty in understanding research papers.

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Web Werks to invest Rs 750 cr to build data centre in Bengaluru

Web Werks and the Karnataka government have agreed on the building up of a data centre in Bengaluru. The former will be investing Rs 750cr for the proposed data centre which is expected to be fully operational in the next two years. The data centre will possess a capacity of 20MW with scope for expansion. Web Werks recently acquired land in Rabale to build its Navi Mumbai data centre and made an investment of Rs 400cr.

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CSS Corp develops BI system to improve service level by 50%

CSS Corp has developed a business intelligence system ‘Coeus’ that has helped the organisation increase service levels by up to 50%. Coeus oversees the performance of around 3500 agents, providing visibility to not only operations managers but also CXOs. The improvement in productivity, according to Rahul Joshi, CTO of CSS Corp, is due to the team’s ability to provide input on Coeus.

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How PayPal is using story-based analytics to smoothly process 33 mn transactions a day

PayPal’s Dr. V. Chandramouliswaran feels PayPal is in risk business as it uses story-based analytics to fight frauds and risks. He feels the approach used by PayPal is different. Their system has over 500 petabytes of data that requires 2 petabytes to process in seconds. To assess the risk and payments all 3 trillion events are added. Customers’ past behavior is also analyzed using sophisticated algorithms, deep learning, active learning, and multi-class models.

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AlmaBetter has allocated Rs 2 cr to train 25,000 data science aspirants

E-learning platform AlmaBetter aims to train 25,000 aspiring data scientists by the end of March 2022. It has allocated Rs 2 cr for the project and a part of the funds will be used for scholarships. There are nearly 1.1 lakh vacancies in the data science sector and 25,000 will be trained to fill the gap. Teachers on AlmaBetter are from premier institutions, fortune 500 companies, and the curriculum is designed considering industrial relevance.

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