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Category: Big Data (page 1 of 5)

Chinese govt using VNPs to harvest 20% of world’s data including from India

Chinese govt has access to massive data — private emails, instant messenger and personal records — as most of the VPNs used across the globe are owned by Bejing based firms, said a report by Strike Source, The report said that 20% of the global population are “being either directly or potentially set up for the Chinese govt to collect their private data”. 31% of 4.57 bn Internet users in the world use a VPN network. In India, around 129 mn people use VPN.

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Samsung starts production of power-efficient SSD

Samsung Electronics said that it has begun the mass-production of a power-efficient SSD for data centres. The SSD has a power efficiency that will reduce operating costs for data centres and improved security solutions. The South Korean company said that “PM9A3E1.S” is the first data centre-use SSD product based on sixth-generation V-NAND chips. It also has a 50% improvement compared to its previous PM983aM.2 as it supports 283 (MB/s) per watt.

Adani Group, US firm join hands to build data centre parks

The Adani Group has entered the data centre business by signing a joint Venture with EdgeConneX, a lGlobal Data Centre Operator through its affiliate EdgeConneX Europe B.V and DC Development Chennai. AdaniConneX JV has begun to set up hyperscale facilities in Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Vizag and Hyderabad. The Edge sites, with proper planning, will become full-scale data centre campuses and will largely be powered by renewable energy.

Why data companies to become more intrusive in 2021

Data firms are likely to creative and intrusive to source data for AI-driven behavioural analytics systems in 2021. This is after users have become aware of personal data safety. Apple, Google and Microsoft are adopting new privacy tech to give users strict privacy guarantees while continuing to make use of data. Apple has clashed with Facebook saying it has to protect its users’ privacy, while FB is wrestling with regulators to implement E2E in its messaging apps.

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How 5 Indian banks are using data analytics for business

Federal Bank is using analytics to find where to open new ATMs and which ones need to shut down. IndusInd Bank’s is using it for customer analytics, fraud and risk analytics. DBS Bank is targeting the right products to the right customer using analytics. Axis Bank’s analytics team specialise in customer segmentation, need-based analysis and hyper-personalization of offerings. Yes Bank uses analytics for understanding customer behaviour.

50% Indian CIOs see permanent increase in value of data: Druva

50% of Indian IT leaders see a permanent rise in the value of data as firms push for digital transformation, said a report by cloud data protection and management firm Druva. The report said that about 76% said that digital transformation plans have accelerated due to the pandemic, 42% reported an increase in VC attacks, malware (40%), phishing (35%), user error / accidental tampering or deletion (32%) and insider attack (31%).

Big Data Analytics solutions spending in India to reach $22.6 bn in 2020

Big Data Analytics solutions’ spending to reach $22.6 bn in 2020, with a growth of 12% over 2019 in Asia Pacific region, said research firm IDC. It expects big data tech and service-related revenues to grow with a 5-year CAGR of 15.6% between the year 2019 and 24. 74% of enterprises intend to invest in BDA solutions at the same or higher level. Banking and telecom lead in BDA consumption, spending together over $ 6.1bn.

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LG acquires more than 50% stake in Alphonso for $80 mn

LG Electronics had acquired more than 50% stake in US-based TV data analysis startup Alphonso for $80 mn. It aims to boost its software and service capabilities in the TV business to offer enhanced and customised services particularly to its North American customers by utilising Alphonso’s data, TV ad analytics and AI capabilities. Alphonso had shipped 90% smart TVs through which users could enjoy video content with an internet connection.

OYO employees get training on data sciences

OYO Hotels & Homes, to enhance the employees’ skills and prepare them for future roles, launched the Data Science Academy in Sept. The programme curriculum, designed by in-house experts, had immersive sessions in data mining, dashboarding, statistical modelling, insights generation etc. The 60 hrs of learning modules included specific tools and tech on R, Python, SQL and Excel. The first batch was officially declared graduate on Dec 23.

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