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Big Data Analytics solutions spending in India to reach $22.6 bn in 2020

Big Data Analytics solutions’ spending to reach $22.6 bn in 2020, with a growth of 12% over 2019 in Asia Pacific region, said research firm IDC. It expects big data tech and service-related revenues to grow with a 5-year CAGR of 15.6% between the year 2019 and 24. 74% of enterprises intend to invest in BDA solutions at the same or higher level. Banking and telecom lead in BDA consumption, spending together over $ 6.1bn.

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LG acquires more than 50% stake in Alphonso for $80 mn

LG Electronics had acquired more than 50% stake in US-based TV data analysis startup Alphonso for $80 mn. It aims to boost its software and service capabilities in the TV business to offer enhanced and customised services particularly to its North American customers by utilising Alphonso’s data, TV ad analytics and AI capabilities. Alphonso had shipped 90% smart TVs through which users could enjoy video content with an internet connection.

OYO employees get training on data sciences

OYO Hotels & Homes, to enhance the employees’ skills and prepare them for future roles, launched the Data Science Academy in Sept. The programme curriculum, designed by in-house experts, had immersive sessions in data mining, dashboarding, statistical modelling, insights generation etc. The 60 hrs of learning modules included specific tools and tech on R, Python, SQL and Excel. The first batch was officially declared graduate on Dec 23.

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CtrlS bags world’s first Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation award for datacenters

CltS, hyperscale datacenter provider, was awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Eco-Innovation to became the World’s first datacenter to be awarded in the category. The jury selected CtrlS Datacenters, after having evaluated 234 firms on innovation, environment, health and safety, energy conservation, and impact on climate change. Instituted in 1991 by the Institute of Directors, India, the award is globally regarded as a Corporate Excellence benchmark.

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88% of firms report gaps in practices for AI projects; 55% of DS projects fail 

A PMI, South Asia’s Playbook for Project Management in Data Science and AI Projects, the report said that 88 % of the firms have gaps in AI project management practices. The survey of 300 firms said that the failure rate of big data projects was a whopping 55 % and going by that rate firms will collectively waste $54 bn in 2023 and at least $11 bn of this amount can be directly attributed to poor AI project management practices.

Google launches new website for travel Industry

Google’s new website called ‘Travel Insights with Google’ offers insights into tourism demand trends, booking trends, etc. The travel industry can analyse demand and leverage insights to boost businesses. Based on user search data, the website offers time-specific trends such as Destination Insights, revealing the top sources of demand for a destination and destinations within countries. Hotel Insights gives information on the properties of small and independent hotels.

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UP to bring dedicated data centre policy to attract investment of Rs 20,000 cr

Minister for IT and deputy CM, UP Dinesh Sharma said a new dedicated data centre policy was on the cards for the state to develop a 250 MW (IT power) data centre industry to attract an investment of Rs 20,000 cr. He said that more than 3,300 start-ups are operational in UP and a fund of Rs 1,000 cr has been set up by the govt with help from SIDBI. The state government will also set up IT parks in all 18 divisions of the state to promote IT and attract investment.

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BMW creates data hub with AWS to boost efficiency

BMW has developed a data hub with Amazon’s cloud computing division with the aim to use “big data” to boost efficiency. Data from BMW’s new hub, during the pandemic, enabled it to see which supplier plants had problems. BMW and AWS have been working together since 2015 and have spent 1.5 years to develop the data hub. Over 5,000 BMW employees will be trained to use AWS tech to make better use of data. The hub will use AI and ML to predict consumer demand.

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Airtel’s Nxtra Data to set up two data centre campuses in Maharashtra

Nxtra Data Limited, a Bharti Airtel company, has signed an MOU with Maharastra govt to set up two new data centre campuses in Mumbai and Pune. Nxtra already has two large data centres in Maharashtra, in addition to Edge data centres spreading across the state. Nxtra’s portfolio includes 10 large data centres, and 120 edge data centres providing customers. The Carlyle Group, recently, has acquired  25% stake in Nxtra for $ 235 mn valuing the company at $1.2 bn.

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