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Category: Big Data (page 2 of 4)

How CDP help Ferns N Petals to achieve higher business growth

Ferns N Petals has built a Customer Data Platform to make smart business decisions. FNP, with the help of a consulting firm, built the data engineering, data science and data pipeline. CDP, built on AWS data cloud, uses big data tools for processing, structuring of data. FNP has also implemented a Cloud data platform to use and house data from internal sources. Now the conversion of marketing campaigns, using CDP analytics, have gone up to 7-8 % from 4.5-5 %.

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World’s highest-altitude data centre will be set-up in this city

China is building world’s highest-altitude cloud computing data centre in Tibet’s capital Lhasa to meet the storage needs of country, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The data centre, costing over $1.80B, will be located at an altitude of around 3,656 mt above the sea level. The project, to be operational in 2021, will provide services such as video rendering, autonomous driving, distance-learning data backup, etc and will be operated by the Ningsuan Technology Group.

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Gartner: 10 changes coming to data analytics

1) Smarter, faster, more responsible AI 2) Decline of the dashboard 3) Analysts for practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling 4) X analytics 5) Metadata is the new black 6) Cloud is a given 7) Data and analytics worlds collide 8) Soon organisations will be either selling or buying data via online marketplaces, 9) Practical blockchain (for data and analytics) 10) Need to efficiently relate multiple data sets — people, places, things or locations.

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Yotta to invest Rs 7000 cr to build 20-acre datacentre park in Greater Noida

Yotta Infrastructure will invest around Rs 7000 cr to set up a 20-acre hyperscale datacenter park in the Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh and part of National Capital Region. The facility will have six interconnected datacenters, offering 30,000 racks capacity and 200 MW of power. The project will begin by Dec 2020 and will start operation by mid-2022. It will be Yotta’s third such facility after and Chennai and world’s 2nd largest Tier IV datacenter in its Navi Mumbai.

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5 major barriers in Data Governance

1. Data Silos: inflexible data systems hinder data flow, making it difficult to organise, share and update. 2. Poor data quality: Despite investments in data analytics, organisations are not seeing sufficient results. 3. Data opacity: Data governance requires firms to achieve data transparency but legacy data systems hinder it. 4. Unsecure data: legacy platforms create siloed data that it difficult to trace and hence secure. 5. Lack of control over data.

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93,500 data science jobs were vacant in August 2020: Great Learning

Great Learning’s recent study on jobs and hiring trends in data analytics reveal that over 93.5K data science jobs were vacant in August ’20 end. Top data science recruiters include Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys etc. Python remains the most demanded skill followed by Java/JavaScript and R. Among dashboarding and BI tools, Tableau skills are most in-demand. Bengaluru creates the max number of data science/analytics jobs. Following in are Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

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Augmented data preparation and its importance

Augmented Preparation makes advanced data discovery accessible to team members, business users who are not technically skilled. It provides step-by-step guides, recommendations to allow easy integration, extraction and preparation of data, without IT teams. The previous process of Data Extraction and restricted access to warehouses resulted in delay of data delivery to the business community and required complicated data manipulation, restricted to IT teams.

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Japanese tech firm NTT to invest $2B in India data entre biz

Japanese technology firm NTT said it would invest about $2B over the next 4 years to expand its data entre business in India. NTT’s Global Data Centre division launched a new data centre in Mumbai, expanding its capacity in the country by 30%. The Mumbai 7 Data Centre has 375K sqft of co-location space and will offer 5K racks and over 30MW of load capacity. The company will also invest the funds in new solar power projects in India.

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Microsoft upgrades customer data platform for enterprise customers

Microsoft has upgraded its customer data platform to enable customers get deeper insights into their customers. The service was launched last year to simply feed customer data in the systems but the pandemic has required businesses to better understand their customers remotely. Newly added Engagement Insights feature helps firms deliver meaningful interactions with customers. It has also added AI features backed by Azure Synapse Analytics for better predictions.

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