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Category: Big Data (page 2 of 7)

Google Cloud launches new services to provide real-time insight

Google cloud launched three new ML-based services that will provide real-time data insights to users. The three services: Datastream allows users to replicate databases in real-time. Analytics hub lets users curate, create, and manage analytics exchanges securely and in real-time. Dataplex is a combination of Google cloud and open-source that allows users’ analyze their data at scale. A survey by Gartner found the average cost of poor data quality at $12.8mn per year.

Real estate demand for data centers may go up by 15-18 mn sq.ft till 2025

Savills India’s report has estimated the rise in demand for real estate for data centers to be 15mn to 18mn sq. ft in the next four years. India currently has just 123 data centers which take over 7.5 mn sq ft area consuming over 650 MW power, also with 8mn+ sq ft and 870 MW capacity of data centers are under construction and will be functional by 2025. Development of over 10 mn sq ft for 1200 MW is in process.

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Indian data center sector requires investment of $3.7bn to meet demands by 2023

A JLL India study said that the Indian data center sector will require funds over $3.7bn by 2023 in order to meet the 6 mn sq. ft of greenfield development following the rising demand for digitalization. The sector, at present, can serve a capacity of 447MW which is expected to grow 1,007MW by 2023. Mumbai and Chennai will be contributing almost 3/4th of the sector’s total additional capacity. Hyderabad and Delhi NCR are rising as new hotspots.

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Dell says 2/3 rd of data will be processed on edge by 2025

In the modern era of do-anything-from-anywhere edge computing market has grown and continues to rise due to the WFH and learning process amidst crisis.  Dell Technologies, Founder and CEO Michael Dell in his keynote highlighted that with constantly growing data, 75% of it will be processed on edge by 2025 and will require real-time analytics and intelligence to transform into conclusions. He further said that the data decade is here.

Tesla will provide a platform for Chinese customers to access car data

Tesla, later this year, will launch a platform to allow customers in China to access the data generated by their cars. This has never happened before in China which is the world’s largest car market and highly controlled market, Data collected from Tesla electric cars, via multiple sensors installed in the vehicle in form of pictures and videos, is stored locally in the country. Tesla makes Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility cars in China.

Chinese govt using VNPs to harvest 20% of world’s data including from India

Chinese govt has access to massive data — private emails, instant messenger and personal records — as most of the VPNs used across the globe are owned by Bejing based firms, said a report by Strike Source, The report said that 20% of the global population are “being either directly or potentially set up for the Chinese govt to collect their private data”. 31% of 4.57 bn Internet users in the world use a VPN network. In India, around 129 mn people use VPN.

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Samsung starts production of power-efficient SSD

Samsung Electronics said that it has begun the mass-production of a power-efficient SSD for data centres. The SSD has a power efficiency that will reduce operating costs for data centres and improved security solutions. The South Korean company said that “PM9A3E1.S” is the first data centre-use SSD product based on sixth-generation V-NAND chips. It also has a 50% improvement compared to its previous PM983aM.2 as it supports 283 (MB/s) per watt.

Adani Group, US firm join hands to build data centre parks

The Adani Group has entered the data centre business by signing a joint Venture with EdgeConneX, a lGlobal Data Centre Operator through its affiliate EdgeConneX Europe B.V and DC Development Chennai. AdaniConneX JV has begun to set up hyperscale facilities in Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Vizag and Hyderabad. The Edge sites, with proper planning, will become full-scale data centre campuses and will largely be powered by renewable energy.

Why data companies to become more intrusive in 2021

Data firms are likely to creative and intrusive to source data for AI-driven behavioural analytics systems in 2021. This is after users have become aware of personal data safety. Apple, Google and Microsoft are adopting new privacy tech to give users strict privacy guarantees while continuing to make use of data. Apple has clashed with Facebook saying it has to protect its users’ privacy, while FB is wrestling with regulators to implement E2E in its messaging apps.

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