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Category: Blockchain (page 2 of 2)

Tech M partners AWS to build blockchain-based solutions

Tech M is teaming up with AWS to build blockchain based solutions using Amazon Managed Blockchain. The company, through the AWS Marketplace, will offer blockchain services in the following areas: Aviation and Aerospace Kit Management; Outbound Logistics in Telecom Supply Chain; Medical Material Track and Trace in Healthcare Supply Chain. Tech M will also offer these services in industries like Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Oil & Gas, Telecom etc.

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COVID-19 boosts Blockchain-based projects in supply chain: Report

While there have been many cancellation and postponements in Blockchain-based projects in COVID-19 times, those related to supply chain and logistics have actually increased, according to a new report. The pandemic underscored the broken points in current supply chain and logistics systems, increasing the demand (from vendors and buyers) of DLT. Blockchain automates processes around shared and trusted data, reduces cost and increases supply chain efficiency.

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AI, Blockchain, IoT for supply and demand management in farming – Agri10x

Agri10x is a GOI-backed AgriTech start-up with 10L+ farmers onboard. It plans to ramp up the number to 30L by December 2020. The start-up uses new-age techs like AI and data precision to determine the ideal time in a year to sell the given crop. IoT, far off sensors enable remote monitoring of the fields. Blockchain technology maintains transparency in the supply chain. Plant wellbeing, soil condition, temperature, dampness etc can also be checked.

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Wipro deploys blockchain-based Natural Gas trading platform for Uniper Global

Wipro has deployed a small scale Liquified Natural Gas (ssLNG) trading/fulfilment platform for the German energy solutions giant Uniper Global Commodities SE. The platform is built together with Düsseldorf, Germany Uniper and uses a consortium model for all ssLNG market participants. It increases cost savings and would help Uniper streamline trade by reducing turn-around time. It also enables the digital exchange of docs, real-time info sharing and alerts.

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Mindtree appoints Venu Lambu as president of global markets

Mindtree, a leading digital transformation and tech service company, appointed Venu Lambu as President of Global Markets. He will be responsible for accelerating Mindtree’s revenue growth. Lambu will be based in London and will formulate strategic directions and business development for Mindtree business across all industry segments. He has held leadership roles at Cognizant, HCL Technologies, IBM and has 25 years of experience in tech and service industry.

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These 3 industry areas are transforming using ‘Blockchain’

Insurance: Blockchain can automate the insurance process, ensure smooth claims and cut insurance fraud. Banking: Blockchain is used to validate identities, detect fraud in KYC rules. Travel: Blockchain’s P2P transaction feature avoids middleman between a traveller (looking for accommodation) and host. Data storage feature can save information about frequent travellers, later sending it directly to officials for checking. This reduces time for passport checking.  

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