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Microsoft joins the $2 trillion club after Apple

Microsoft became the second American company to be valued at over $2 trillion after Apple. Microsoft saw a growth of 1.2% in its shares in the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. Saudi Aramco closely follows them at a market value is $1.9 tril. Microsoft has outperformed Apple and Amazon with a growth of 19% this year. The tech giant went from $1 tril in 2019 to $2 tril in 2021. American companies next in line are Amazon at $1.8 tril and Alphabet at $1.6 tril.

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Reliance launches WhatsApp chatbot to answer shareholder queries 

Reliance, before the 44th AGM scheduled on June 24, has announced the launch of the Reliance WhatsApp chatbot. The AI-powered chatbot will be answering questions of shareholders, general viewers and will also provide information on the latest in Reliance AGM. In the AGM the company may launch the Jio 5G phone at a price point of Rs 4,000 running on a custom android called JioOS. The launch of the JioBook laptop is also on the card.

Facebook has brought Shops feature to WhatsApp, Marketplace feature to FB

Facebook, in several countries, is bringing the Shops feature to WhatsApp, while also releasing Facebook Marketplace in the US. Personalised ads will be introduced based on the user’s shopping behavior. Statistics revealed, Facebook has over 300mn shop visitors and 1.2mn monthly active shops. The company is in the testing phase of a new tool called visual search. It is also focusing on AR and VR to allow content creators to earn money for their content.

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Lenovo launches first foldable pc in India

Lenovo released its first foldable laptop in India – the Thinkpad X1 fold – with a starting price of Rs.3,29,000. It is the world’s first seamless foldable screen experience complemented with audio/video screen experience, ultra-light and ultra-mobile products. Weighing just 999 gms, it has an OLED split screen which is 13.3 inches, 2K display. It is also equipped with a Lenovo Easel Stand and a wirelessly chargeable Bluetooth mini Fold keyboard. Dolby Atmos tech provides 3D sound.

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Nokia to deploy first 5G network on public cloud for DISH on AWS

Nokia to deploy its 5G Standalone Core for DISH on AWS. This marks the industry’s first deployment of 5G in the public cloud. The setup will support DISH’s cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network. The deployment will help DISH to optimize network operations to launch new software and services rapidly and efficiently to improving customer experience. DISH will get Nokia’s voice core, cloud packet core, data management, E2E security services, etc.

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Alphabet to take ‘help start-up” program online; plans to shut London office

Google’s parent Alphabet plans to shut a seven-story building in London, which was devoted to helping start-ups. The move comes after the pandemic hit the globe and showed the tech giant that physical space is no more required to help the start-ups. Google is already providing its support programs and services online due to COVID 19. The UK startup community doesn’t need physical space as much as access to resources, said Google in a statement.

SpaceX Starlink to provide global coverage with 1,800 satellites by Sept

The Satellite internet unit of SpaceX, Starlink, aspires to provide continuous global coverage by September this year. Starlink currently offers beta services in 11 countries. US Communications Commission approved the deployment of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites at a lower earth orbit. According to CEO Elon Musk, the company had received more than 500,000 preorders. Starlink is planning to deploy 12000 satellites which will cost 10 bn dollars.

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Clubhouse may launch own private messaging feature

Grapevine has it that audio meet app Clubhouse is soon planning to launch its own private messaging feature. The company, recently, accidentally leaked ‘Backchannel’ which is a private messaging feature to some users. Backchannel will allow users to chat via text along with the audio. The feature will be a direct competitor for Whatsapp and Telegram. Spotify has also introduced Greenroom, its live audio Clubhouse rival.

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Within 2 weeks FAQs for new IT rules may be released

The IT ministry might release FAQs related to the new intermediary rules in the next 1-2 weeks. The questions are currently being worked upon and will consist of 10-20 questions including the measures, user benefits of social media platforms, and other clarifications of stakeholders’ queries. The new IT rules make special media platforms more accountable for the posts they host. Twitter lost its security due to non-compliance with the new rules.