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CSS Corp develops BI system to improve service level by 50%

CSS Corp has developed a business intelligence system ‘Coeus’ that has helped the organisation increase service levels by up to 50%. Coeus oversees the performance of around 3500 agents, providing visibility to not only operations managers but also CXOs. The improvement in productivity, according to Rahul Joshi, CTO of CSS Corp, is due to the team’s ability to provide input on Coeus.

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Accenture help Mankind Pharma’s in digital transformation journey

Accenture has helped Mankind Pharma to accelerate its digital transformation journey by redesigning its finance, supply chain, sales, and procurement processes. SAP S/4HANA, a Microsoft Azure cloud-based data lake and Tableau dashboards was implemented to build a cloud-based platform that integrates data in real-time to provide a consolidated view to make informed decisions. The project was completed remotely with no impact on business continuity.

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Rebel Foods using to AI to maintain hygiene, retain customers

Rebel Foods is using Microsoft’s AI to automate the checking of kitchens for hygiene and COVID-19 protocols. AI-based video analysis solution Jarvis, built on Microsoft Azure, constantly monitors video feeds to check if the staff is wearing caps, gloves, and face masks, floor is clean, and food is cooked properly. Real-time action is taken if an issue is flaged. The feed is shared with customers to build trust, said Soumyadeep Barman, Co-founder & CPO of Rebel Foods.

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Lifestyle using’s AI solution to automate social media handles

Lifestyle, under the leadership of Srinivas Rao, Sr. VP, Marketing, integrated’s AI-based solution with its social media handles to automate moderation. The solution strengthened Lifestyle’s presence on Facebook and Instagram by increasing community engagement. Real-time comment analysis helped to build a positive ecosystem across digital platforms. Lifestyle has automated its FB messenger to guide users to a nearby Store, app, or website.

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SBI Card implements Oracle HCM System to improve productivity

SBI Card has implemented Oracle HCM HR System and integrated it with Oracle HCM Cloud with other Cloud Apps of Payroll, rewards & recognition, and expense management. The company now onboards new employees on the Cloud HCP platform with ease and success. “Now Employee Onboarding, performance management and training are done on Cloud HCM solution,” Rama Mohan Rao Amara, MD & CEO, SBI Card, said in an interview with ETCIO.

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This is how GlobalLogic is using AI to cut talent acquisition time drastically

V. Padmanabhan, VP – Engineering, GlobalLogic led team has created AI and ML tools to look for candidates certifications, present and past companies, their research papers to create a summary of thousands of resume just through systems. A team of 10 professionals took at least a few weeks to look at 1000 resumes, do talent identification for fitment into the roles. In the new automated system, the efforts have come down to a day or two.

Shree Cement upgrades hardware, technology during expansion

Shree Cement during the expansion of the business had few priorities – Production capacity, maximum hardware utilisation and reduction in the costs of a database software license. It switched to new hardware and shifted the workload to IBM POWER9 and introduced IoT integrated apps for supply chain management along with ERP solutions. For predictive analysis of plant maintenance system and visual analytics-based app, it will introduce AI and ML.

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Liberty General Insurance introduces AI-powered automated car inspections

Liberty General Insurance has automated vehicle inspections for car insurance policy renewals and claims assessments using Artificial Intelligence. Under the AI-based inspection process, customers capture photos or videos, which are sent to the cloud and an automated inspection report, covering damage and claim assessment gets generated within a few seconds. This reduces the cost of inspection and time by 98% and 95% respectively.

How AI is helping RGI to bring efficiency to claim settlement processes

Reliance General Insurance is using AI to bring efficiency to claim settlement processes by reducing manual efforts, errors and eliminating every possible manual step. It has introduced ‘RAPID’, equipped with image analytics powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Azure ML capabilities, to bring the settlement period down to less than an hour from 10- 12 days for over 60% of passenger vehicles claims to have peripheral damages.