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Cloud to fuel 6 key priorities for Indian firms in 2021: IBM CTO

Subram Natarajan, CTO, IBM India/South Asia lists six priorities cloud will fuel for Indian firms 1) A clear drive by the customers’ IT teams, to standardise on the tech enablers. 2) Addressing roadblocks regarding security, compliance and regulatory requirement. 3) Edge and satellite computing. 4) Intelligent automation to go mainstream 5 ) The fortification of core security wall 6) AI adoption to help predict outages and facilitate the timely resolution of issues.

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Apple’s iCloud service down, buyers facing issues in device set-up, account activation 

In this year of the mega outages from the tech giant, Apple’s iCloud suffered from an unknown issue, preventing new device setup and account activation. The problem in servers reportedly began around 3:15 pm IST. Many who received iPhones, Apple Watch and HomePod as Christmas presents were unable to activate the device and reported it on Twitter. Apple, on Twitter, said that high capacity is impacting iCloud and advised users to try it after a couple of hours.

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NITI Aayog launches DigiBoxx, alternate to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive 

NITI Aayog has launched India’s own cloud storage platform DigiBoxx, an alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. The step is seen as part of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ initiative. DigiBoxx will provide storage services to users and enterprises at a dirt-cheap price. An end-user plan begins with Rs 30 per month while for enterprises it starts at Rs 999. The data will be encrypted and stored in servers in India.

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Yes Bank collaborates with Salesforce to accelerate retail growth

Yes Bank has collaborated with Salesforce to build a tech platform to power retail lending business. The aim is to engage customers with a unified experience and drive retail growth. It has become the first few banks in India to move to Salesforce for Loan origination and processing. The platform will provide personalised solutions and experiences for consumers across segments and reduce the turnaround time for loan application processing.

IBM acquires Nordcloud to add multi-cloud consulting expertise

IBM has acquired Helsinki-based multi-cloud consulting firm Nordcloud for an undisclosed amount. Nordcloud has 500 consultants certified in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, giving IBM much needed experts in Hybrid cloud as they move away from an IBM -centric solution to choosing to work with the customer implement a cloud strategy. Nordcloud was founded in 2011 and has raised more than $26 mn.

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Tata Tele Business Services launches cloud-communication suite 

Tata Tele Business Services has launched a cloud-based enterprise solution for hybrid connectivity between employees, customers and vendors across all platforms. Named Smartflo it comes with zero installation charges and no capital expenditure investment. Its features include  — intelligent routing of calls, voice to text conversion, call sentiment analysis, API integration with all enterprise apps, on-demand scalability without additional Capex.

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Aramco to bring Google Cloud Services to Saudi Arabia USA 

Saudi Aramco has signed a strategic alliance with Google Cloud to offer cloud services in the Islamic state. Google Cloud will establish and operate a new cloud region in Saudi Arabia and form a new company for regulatory clearances. Cloud services market in Saudi Arabia is projected to touch $10 bn by 2030. Under its Vision 2030 reform plans, the kingdom has encouraged foreign investment, especially in the technology sector and tried luring Silicon Valley players.

IBM signs multi-year deal with IndiGrid for digital transformation

IBM has signed a multi-year contract with IndiGrid to deploy an AI-enabled hybrid cloud solution with Maximo Apps Suite running on IBM Cloud to optimise the quality and utilisation of assets throughout its lifecycle. The deployment will increase productivity, drive efficiency and reduce operating costs. IndiGrid has 11 projects consisting of 28 transmission lines with more than 6,280 circuit km length and nine substations with 11,460 megavolt amp transformation capacity.

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Amazon cloud business grew 54% in India in FY20

The India arm of Amazon Web Services reported a 54% rise in revenue to Rs 4,216 cr in FY 20 but registered a net loss of Rs 20 lakh during the period. The company, in the business of data processing, hosting and related activities, had total expenses of Rs 4,178 cr. The cloud service provider’s revenue from continuing operations jumped to Rs 4,161.6 cr from Rs 2,637.2 cr, primarily on account of cloud adoption and related services by new and old clients in India.

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