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Investment in Hybrid cloud to grow among the BFSI sector

Hybrid cloud is the only IT model showing a whopping 39% growth among financial companies in the next 5 years said Nutanix a report for financial services. The report said that half the respondents ended up increasing their investment in hybrid cloud during the pandemic. About 43% of BFSI firms are expected to spend more in the private cloud in the coming year.

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Dell expands Hybrid Client service

Dell is expanding its Hybrid Client, a client computing software that helps users to have easy access to apps and data on any platform like cloud, data centre or device. Hybrid Client 1.5 gives provide access through a secure single-sign-on and makes it easy to find anything the user needs by using a global file search. There is also a follow-me feature that ensures that users get a consistent experience regardless of the device they are using.

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Dropbox acquires DocSend for $165mn

Dropbox has acquired DocSend, a document sharing and analytics platform, for $165 mn. DocSend enables businesses to share documents through a secure link sent via email rather than an attachment. Along with this, it also provides analytics on engagement and access, allowing users to track views and time spent on each document. With the gain of HelloSign last year, Dropbox is attempting to build its suite of products for managing document workflows.

Microsoft to open new Azure region in China to build its cloud portfolio

Microsoft along with its local Chinese partner 21Vianet is planning to open a new Azure region in an attempt to boost its cloud portfolio in China to increase in demand for the services. This move is likely to double the capacity of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud portfolio in China in the next few years. Microsoft has been collaborating with 21Vianet because foreign cloud service providers are prohibited from owning and operating their own datacentres in China.

SAP to invest 500 cr to promote a multi-cloud strategy

SAP will invest  Rs 500 cr in India to push its multi-cloud strategy and create multiple cloud solutions in its data centres to cater to the local customers. Scott Russell, SAP’s global head for customer success said the company was looking at how businesses would start functioning in the aftermath of the pandemic. Russell said he believed that an investment in the cloud will allow the Indian firms to transform faster, greater flexibility and deal with data in an inefficient manner.

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IBM expand to provide cloud services to banking, health sector

IBM has expanded and further set up IBM Cloud Satellite, which allows customers to control how to store information, some of it in a private cloud, and other data in public clouds such as AWS, Azure. It is focusing on the banking and healthcare industries, which have been hesitant to adopt internet-based storage solutions due to security concerns. Lumen Technologies will work as IBM Cloud Satellite partner to deploy the service at 180,000 locations.

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Cloud design expected to be the fastest-growing skill

A report commissioned by AWS said that the demand for Cloud architecture design is estimated to be one of the fastest-growing digital skill in India. 76% of the digital workers in India would be required to be proficient in cloud computing to perform jobs proficiently by 2025. The report also revealed that 12% of India’s workforce is involved in the digital sector and would need 3.9 bn hrs of digital skill training from 2020 to 2025 to keep up with technological advancement.

India will require 9x the digital skilled workers by 2025

An AWS report said that the number of digital skilled workers in India will need to increase by 9X by 2025 owing to digital transformation. At present, 12% of the country’s workforce comprises these workers. 76% of the digital workers will be expected to be skilled in cloud computing to perform jobs proficiently by 2025. To keep up with technological advancements and demand, a total of 3.9 bn digital skill training from 2020 to 2025 will be required in the country.

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Seagate introduces a new data storage platform

Seagate introduced a new storage-as-a-service platform, an S3-compatible, storage-only cloud called Lyve Cloud. It enables always-on mass capacity data storage and activation. Lyve Cloud, let the customers retain full control of their data while lowering TCO for storing massive datasets. Along with this, it offers privacy, no lock-in, and no egress fees. Seagate and Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, are likely to work together to make the Cloud accessible to more customers.