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AWS to launch three new data centers in Middle East

The first half of 2022 will see AWS opening three new data centers in the UAE after Bahrain. This will allow for data to be stored in the UAE while also providing low latency across the country. Anyone using the AWS services will get access to storage, networking, database, analytics, machine learning, IoT, and mobile services. Abu Dhabi Bank, Majid Al Futtaim, GE Healthcare, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, etc are included in the list of customers.

Oracle launches cloud computing services on ARM’s Ampere chips

The tech giant Oracle announced the launch of new cloud computing services powered by Ampere computing chips which are based on Arm technology. After Amazon, Oracle is the first company to offer cloud services based on Arm tech. Oracle said it will rent the chips at 1 cent per computing core per hour, which is 50% lower than the competition. Oracle also offered assistance to help expand business software that runs on Arm chips.

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Real estate demand for data centers may go up by 15-18 mn sq.ft till 2025

Savills India’s report has estimated the rise in demand for real estate for data centers to be 15mn to 18mn sq. ft in the next four years. India currently has just 123 data centers which take over 7.5 mn sq ft area consuming over 650 MW power, also with 8mn+ sq ft and 870 MW capacity of data centers are under construction and will be functional by 2025. Development of over 10 mn sq ft for 1200 MW is in process.

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Microsoft launches new Teams Toolkit, cloud tools at developer event 2021

Virtual annual developer event of Microsoft marked the release of new features in its productivity apps, Azure Cloud and Developer Tooling. Microsoft also announced that 95% of the world’s biggest companies are operating on Microsoft Cloud. It also brought out the latest VS-19 update while releasing the roadmap to VS-22. New meeting features such as shared stage, Together mode extensibility were also revealed. Tech giant also launched a new cloud service – Azure Applied AI services.

Companies adopting cloud tech could look at a $414 bn profit

A survey by Infosys suggested companies adopting cloud technologies have the opportunity worth $400 bn in annual profits. The survey was conducted across six countries with 2,500 respondents. To achieve this profit boost, companies need to have at least 60% of their It systems and 80% of business functions on the cloud. At present, only 17% of companies have 60% of IT systems on the cloud, which is expected to rise to 41% by the end of 2021.

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This year data centers aim to increase capacity by 20mn sq.ft

Data centers globally, with accelerated demand, plan on increasing capacity by 20mn sq.ft said a report by Omdia. In the latter half of 2020, 35 cloud and colocation service providers expanded by 10 mn sq.ft. Microsoft in a web post said it expected to open 50-100 data centers per year in the coming years. 51% of the total new capacity was brought by colocation service providers while cloud companies contributed 48%.

IBM announces acquisition of Salesforce partner Waeg

IBM announced that it will buy Salesforce consulting partner Waeg. The Brussels-based firm will help IBM in the expansion of services and support of hybrid cloud and AI. Waeg has a total of 130 employees, who are called ‘Waegers’, across countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Waeg’s expertise in Salesforce consulting services will help the tech giant in creating intelligent workflows. The terms of the deal, however, were not disclosed.

Microsoft, AWS top vendors for public cloud service market

Microsoft and AWS,  according to IDC, are the top vendors for the public cloud service market in 2020. The market grew by 24.1% in the year with a cumulative earning of nearly $312bn. AWS and Microsoft, both, held a 12.8% revenue share during the period. The top 5 cloud service providers, together, captured 38% of the global market size with 32% growth YoY. SaaS apps dominated with 65% of the total market size and revenues of $148bn in 2020.

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SpaceX trusts Google cloud for Starlink internet service

Google won the deal of providing cloud computing services to Elon Musk owned SpaceX, which recently launched 60 satellites to give high-speed internet. Ground stations of SpaceX will be set up in Google data centers to connect Starlink satellite. The low latency high-speed internet service is expected to start in the H2 of 2021. Musk hopes that these hundreds of internet-providing satellites will generate enough revenue to support SpaceX’s interplanetary goals.