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Category: Digital Tranformation (page 1 of 27)

Facebook has brought Shops feature to WhatsApp, Marketplace feature to FB

Facebook, in several countries, is bringing the Shops feature to WhatsApp, while also releasing Facebook Marketplace in the US. Personalised ads will be introduced based on the user’s shopping behavior. Statistics revealed, Facebook has over 300mn shop visitors and 1.2mn monthly active shops. The company is in the testing phase of a new tool called visual search. It is also focusing on AR and VR to allow content creators to earn money for their content.

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First time in 5 months Bitcoin drops below $30,000 mark

Bitcoin, following the concerns of China’s ongoing crackdown, fell below $30,000 for the first time in five months. The unit later stood at $29,590, down 9.25% in value. Bitcoin has also faced criticism over environmental concerns as its mining requires fossil fuels. Nearly 80% of trade in cryptocurrency is powered by Chinese mines, but in recent months several mines have been shut down as Beijing is being alerted of the industry. Last week 26 mines were closed down.

Rajasthan govt signs MOU with ConveGenius to make digital  learning accessible

Rajasthan govt, as schools continue to remain closed, has signed an MOU with edtech firm ConveGenius to make e-learning accessible to 70 lakh students enrolled in govt and low-fee private schools in the state. The new initiative will help students to improve performance and address weak points by providing targeted content and recorded e-kaksha (e-classes). The partnership will also strengthen the state govt’s ‘Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein 2.0’ program.

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Changing to digital will make demand for talent the key, says Rashid Premji

Demand for talent is soon going to be a ‘key dependency’ which will excel the supply chain, says Wipro chairman Rashid Premiji. The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital and now we must work to scale the supply chain, build mechanisms for equitable distribution and drive an efficient administration of vaccines, he said. Wipro and Azim Premji Foundation, together committed about Rs 1,125 cr to help battle COVID-19. 1,500 projects.

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HDFC shifting to a new digital platform

HDFC said it plans to shift to a new digital platform instead of just scaling up the current systems. It is also moving its operations to the cloud and has added 50 new people as a part of its digital factory initiative. The bank denied any comments on official investments made in tech. The outages reported were non-repetitive and were not due to large volumes, the bank said. The focus will now be on upgrading It systems over the expansion of the bank.

Gartner report says 2021 is a golden year for IT companies

Gartner said that the year 2021 will be a golden year as the growth in the IT sector, which is expected to be around 9%. Investments in digitisation in the next few years will grow by 8-9%. IT industry decisions will revolve around business as more and more companies turn towards digitisation. Certain verticals will grow faster than the others and get a larger share of the IT market.

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Maximl partners up with Indian oil for digitisation of last-mile operations in refineries

Maximl announced that it had won a contract worth $1mn from Indian oil to digitise last-mile operations at nine of its refineries for the next two years. Digitalisation will help increase the productivity of the employees by over 5% and reduce the risk of safety incidents and delays that can save 2-4 cr in a turnaround. Maximl has been a part of digitising over 50 turnarounds in the Indian refining sector.

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Hyd Airport implements video analytics for passenger safety

GMR Hyderabad International Airport, to improve passenger experience and reduce wait time, implements Queue Management Systems combining IoT security cameras and AI video analytics in collaboration with AllGoVision Technologies. The advanced video analytics platform analyses the video feed from cameras and uses Deep Learning-based AI models to accurately estimate passenger statistics and help in reducing wait time for a quality experience and safety in COVID times.

Driverless Robotaxy services might be launched in California by 2022 by

Chinese startup has started testing driverless vehicles in California before their plans to launch in 2022. They have been given a 39 sq mile area in Fremont and Milpitas, California to test without a safety driver. will need a final deployment permit which only Nuro has received so far. Pony plans to launch commercial Robotaxi services and has already gathered $1bn in funding with a number of partners.