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Category: Digital Tranformation (page 2 of 26)

Amazon Pay receives funding of Rs 225 cr from parent company

Amazon Pay India has received incentives of Rs.225 cr from the parent. This makes it a total infusion of Rs.450 cr this year to expand its UPI-based digital payment app in India, which offers faster refunds and incentives to its users. It also partners with third-party apps like Swiggy to provide a UPI tool. Amazon pay offers co-branded credit cards and buy-now-pay-later options to Indian buyers. Amazon has, so far, invested a total of Rs.2,055 cr in its Indian payment app.

Survey shows 56% CIOs plan to invest in new age tech

Dun & Bradstreet, in a survey report, said that one in two CIOs, or 56% to be precise, of leading companies, plan to invest in new-age tech to overcome the challenges posed by data management. 250 CIOs from India participated in the survey and they represented businesses around INR 5 bn revenue, across 10 verticles and six metropolitan cities in India. 52% of the CIOs who participated saw cybersecurity as a key priority while 48% wanted to enable a remote workforce.

Survey shows 90% Indians do not feel left out in video calls; improves mental health

Video calls saw maximum usage in edu (72%), followed by celebration/social gatherings (62%), events (59%), entertainment (58%), business (50%), and Telehealth (42%). A Zoom and Qualtrics Research Study shows, 92% of respondents said VC helps them stay connected and makes them feel involved while 90% said it helps combat loneliness. 75% said it helped them with emotional health. 52% appreciated hybrid work environments.

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HDFC invests Rs.10 cr for 1.5% stake of Grameen e-store

HDFC strategically invested Rs.10 cr for a 1.5% stake in Grameen e-store to increase its reach to the rural areas. Grameen, e-store, will utilise the funds to expand its technology, product portfolios, and distribution channels. With the partnership with Pepsi, coca-cola, and Bharat petroleum it has made a sale of 22.5 lakh orders with a value of Rs.252 cr, since April last year. As 60-70% of Indians reside in semi-urban/rural areas, improving technology for growing the economy is a must.

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EBay may accept cryptocurrencies in future, exploring NFTs

EBay, in the near future, may accept cryptocurrency as payment. The e-comm firm is also exploring options to get non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform. “We are always looking at the most relevant forms of payment and will continue to assess that going forward. We have no immediate plans, but cryptocurrency is something we are keeping an eye on,” eBay said in a statement. NFTs is digital asset that exists on a blockchain and has gained popularity this year.

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Accenture help Mankind Pharma’s in digital transformation journey

Accenture has helped Mankind Pharma to accelerate its digital transformation journey by redesigning its finance, supply chain, sales, and procurement processes. SAP S/4HANA, a Microsoft Azure cloud-based data lake and Tableau dashboards was implemented to build a cloud-based platform that integrates data in real-time to provide a consolidated view to make informed decisions. The project was completed remotely with no impact on business continuity.

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Signify appoints Tony Thomas as Chief Digital and Information Officer

Signify has appointed Tony Thomas as Chief Digital and Information Officer. He will be based out in the Netherlands and will be part of the global leadership team. In his new role, Thomas will lead the global IT and Digital Transformation teams and report to the management. He has over two and half decades of experience. Thomas, in the recent past, served Nissan in Japan for over 2 years as a CIO. Signify is in the business of energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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Telangana to deliver COVID jabs using drones on experimental basis 

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has allowed the Telangana govt to deliver COVID-19 vaccines using drones on an experimental basis. DGCA has granted the state a conditional exemption from the UAS Rules, 2021 for a period of one year to conduct “experimental delivery of vaccines using drones within visual line of sight (VLOS) range.” VLOS is considered to be a distance of just 450 mt in conditions when minimum ground visibility is 5 km.

Microsoft Teams’ daily active users peaked at 145 mn

Microsoft Teams’ DAU peaked to145 mn, almost 2x what it used to be a year ago. Besides, over 1,000 enterprise users have integrated third-party and business apps with Teams, a 300% rise from a year ago. “In markets where employees have returned to the workplace including Australia, China, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan, we have seen usage continue to grow,” CEO Satya Nadella said during Microsoft’s earnings call.

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