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Category: Internet of Things (page 2 of 3)

Cognizant to acquire Bright Wolf to boost Industrial IoT business

Cognizant announced the acquisition of custom Industrial IoT solutions provider Bright Wolf for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will help Cognizant to enhance its smart products offering and expertise in architecting and implementing IIoT solutions. It will now establish a new IoT innovation hub in the US, with the Bright Wolf team in its centre. Cognizant last month announced to acquire Cloud specialist 10th Magnitude, focused exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform.

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Realme looks to expand IoT business by 2021

Realme is aiming to expand its consumer IoT business with the launch of as many as 100 products across various categories such as audio, home automation and lifestyle in 2021. The company’s target is to get 15% revenue from its non-smartphone business – smart TVs and IoT devices – in 2021 calendar year. “We want to sell 15M connected devices across categories next year, up from around 8M units this year”, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth said.

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Malware affecting around 13,500 IoT devices globally: Barracuda Network

A new variant of InterPlanetary Storm malware is targeting IoT devices – TVs, routers with ill configured SSH service etc – that run on Android, Mac, Linux and Windows OS in 84 countries, mainly southeast Asian such as China, HongKong, S Korea and Taiwan; Indian IoT devices haven’t been much on radar. The malware detects computer security mechanism, honeypots, auto-updates itself and tries to persist in the system by killing machine processes like debuggers.

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Sports IoT platform FanPlay moves to Microsoft Azure

FanPlay, sports IoT platform has paired up with Microsoft to use the company’s cloud platform Azure and provide a seamless experience for users. The integration of advanced wearables technologies and Azure’s deep analytics and cloud in FanPlay IoT will enable users to experience fitness activities and sports in a more interactive manner. FanPlayIoT has deployed its platform during the IPL this year to augment engagement for the fans of CSK.

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Technical challenges holding back IoT adoption in India: Deloitte report

A report by Deloitte revealed that IoT adoption in India is still in niche stage Tech challenges like connectivity, compatibility, interoperability and cybersecurity are holding back IoT adoption. A lot of firms, worrying about RoI, do not invest in this crucial tech of Industry 4.0. However, Deloitte suggests firms to invest in such techs during the time of downturns (like this one) as it helps in leapfrogging competition after the recession subsides.

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How Smarterhomes’ IoT-based water meter prevents water wastage, saves money

Smarterhomes’ IoT water meter called ‘WaterOn’ measures water consumption in real-time. Thus, in large apartments, each flat can know their water consumption, paying accordingly. It detects leakages and enables the user to remotely control it. It uses positive displacement tech and is very accurate. The meter’s data is transmitted to analytical, billing engine. Users can access it via internet-connected smartphones. Anomalies in consumption can also be detected.

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How Flamenco Tech leverages IoT to offer safer workplace solutions

FT’s Digital Blanket Enterprise IoT, Smart Building OS platform ensure indoor social distancing, contact tracing, safe seating, improve productivity etc. It provides Space Management, Energy Management, Visitor Management etc. The mobile app can control meeting room HVAC, lighting. IoT, Sensor tech is used for cafeteria ordering, occupancy control, meeting room occupancy count etc. They are working on using ML, AI to predict energy usage, HVAC fault detection, etc.

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Demand for IoT solutions rises in manufacturing units, service sector to follow

Tata Communications is witnessing an exponential rise in demand for IoT workplace solutions from the manufacturing sector. The company expects that the service sector will soon follow the trend. There is also a demand for enabling IoT for facility and vehicle tracking for monitoring and control. Demand for IoT solutions, before COVID-19 outbreak, was 100 to 200 devices from an organisation, but now it’s going beyond thousands of devices.

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How IoT can help businesses adapt to new normal

1. Smartphones-controlled contactless access solutions will be highly used, mainly in hospitals to ensure patients’ safety. 2. Demand for a contactless elevator will be very high. 3. IoT-based BLE tech will be used in occupancy management, contract tracing, location tracking etc. 4. BLE-mesh for smart building solutions. 5. LoRa, NB-IoT for smart city infra – smart dustbins, metering etc.
6. NFC – cashless payment without internet.

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