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Category: NASSCOM Research (page 1 of 1)

Mobile Applications – Intensifying risks to data security and privacy

Mobile apps are becoming a new feeble link when it comes to information security and privacy. Threat actors are utilising advanced techniques to evade detection while deploying malicious apps on the app stores. This constantly rising complexity of associated cyber threats, accompanied by rising data breach incidents is keeping CISOs up at night. The risk has increased manifolds with the rising demand for mobile apps and in pandemic when people are working from home.

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Smaller cities can be the next growth hub for digital payments

Urban India has specifically leapfrogged the credit-card stage to the digital retail payment – with a whopping 94% already relying on digital payments since March. Digital payments in few tier II, III  cities have grown 250% faster as compared to urban areas. Cities, those with populations < 1 mn, in India, are expected to witness sharp-growth of digital payments in the near future and are capable of constituting about one-third of total consumer spending by 2025.

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How SaaS can be the next growth driver for Indian tech

SaaS in India is at an interesting cusp for growth acceleration. $3.5 bn revenues, 1000+ companies, 3 bn funding, six unicorns, Indian SaaS story has now built a strong foundation and can be the next growth driver for Indian tech. SaaS offers a Trillion dollar market opportunity and India SaaS can rule the world if this potential is tapped. IT services market played a key role in establishing the base for this growth.

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Top strategies for effective user testing in software development

User testing is a research method that is based on observing and analyzing how a certain number of users use the software. Testing with users provides us with significant benefits for our projects, and this technique allows us to detect usability problems at a little cost since this type of study is much less expensive than other field studies. This technique helps us remember that we are not the users, so we must not finalize the results based on our theory.

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The basic difference between Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial Intelligence is a smart technology that can deal with conceptual ideas and uncertainties and can put the information to better use after thorough analysis to react to situations. It gets smarter with the help of Machine Learning, a subset of AI. While automation is just a set of rules to handle repetitive and straightforward tasks, having no smartness to analyze and deal with or react to different situations.

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Facebook-Reliance Jio deal can be the birth of digital payments 2.0

India as a digital economy has certainly seen an upswing in the past few years as a result of demonetization, launch of UPI based online payments, Aadhaar enabled digital payment system, etc., but it has still a long way to go. The recent Facebook-Jio deal can be a huge catalyst in India’s story of digitization with its’ key focus on hyperlocal digital commerce, expanding to tier 2 & 3 cities and rural areas.  It can be the stepping stone to the birth of digital economy 2.0 in India.

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