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Facebook suspends 16,000 accounts for trading fake reviews

Facebook suspended 16,000 accounts trading fake reviews of products and services. The social network took the step under the pressure of Britain’s competition watchdog, which intervened for the second time. It also made changes to detect, remove and prevent misleading paid content, including on Instagram. Competition and Markets Authority began a crackdown after it found evidence of a growing marketplace for misleading reviews on internet platforms.

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Instagram, Facebook suffers a brief outage

Facebook and Instagram suffered a temporary outage on Thursday across the globe. During the outage, users were not able to send or receive messages for a brief period. Many users saw a message “Sorry, something went wrong” and on the app under news and groups, a message said the pages weren’t available and that it “maybe because of technical error that we’re trying to get fixed.” Both platforms were back online after a little while.

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Vodafone customers in Australia faces nationwide network outage

Vodafone customers in Australia experienced nationwide outages on Friday. The issue was highlighted when subscribers flooded social media platforms with complaints. Vodafone, in several tweets, said, ” We are aware of an issue impacting 4G services nationwide. Data services may be falling back to 3G intermittently, causing congestion and slower speeds. We are working to resolve this issue ASAP”.

Microsoft says an outage with Microsoft 365 services mitigated

Microsoft has mitigated issues with Microsoft 365 services including Teams and Azure. “We have confirmed that the underlying DNS outage has been mitigated. Currently, we’re validating the recovery of the downstream Microsoft 365 services,” it said in a tweet. DNS is an address book of the internet that enables PCs to match website addresses with the correct server. Earlier, over 8,000 people reported issues with Teams workplace on Downdetector.

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Twitter suffers an outage, uses face issue with loading, DMs

Twitter faced an outage on Monday. Thousands of users reported problems in loading the app and the inability to send direct messages. Over 15,000 users reported problems with Twitter on the app outage tracking website Downdetector. The issue impacted the website, along with both Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps in the US, the UK, and few other parts of the world. In the US the outage was limited to the users along the east coast and parts of the Midwest.

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Facebook freezes Venezuela’s  president page over COVID-19 misinformation

Social media platform Facebook has frozen Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page for violating its policies against spreading fake information about COVID-19. The President, in Jan, said that Carvativir, an oral solution derived from thyme, is a “miracle” medicine to neutralizes the COVID-19 virus and have no side effects, a claim medical practitioners deny. Maduro’s account on Facebook-owned Instagram, however, will not be affected.

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Govt proposes alpha-numeric hash to track WhatsApp messages

Govt of India has proposed the officials of Whatsapp to tag each message with an alpha-numeric hash as a solution to break the impasse over the traceability of the messages. The hash, travelling with the message, can be used to trace the message without breaking the app’s encryption. “The govt is willing to work with WhatsApp to come up with a solution to enable traceability of message originators without breaking encryption,” ET quoted an official.

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27 fraud insta credit lending apps banned by the govt

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had blocked 27 loan lending apps under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000, Minister of State, Finance, Anurag Singh Thakur told the Lok Sabha. The junior minister shared the information while replying to a question on whether the govt, large tech firms, and regulated digital lenders are working together for a crackdown on fraud Chinese lending apps operating in India.

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