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Websites of various major U.S airlines faces outage

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines websites faced an outage on Thursday, reported by downdetector. Almost 1000 users reported problems with Southwest airlines, 400 reported with Delta airlines, 300 reports for the other two companies. Nearly 300 flights on Wednesday were canceled by SouthWest airlines and delayed over 500 a day due to a technical issue. The reason for the outage was not known.

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Australian airlines, lenders, central bank affected by internet outages

Internet outages affected the Australian central bank, the postal service, commercial lenders, and many other companies. Operations to buy long-dated government bonds were canceled by the Reserve Bank of Australia due to internet issues. Many of the affected websites were back online by late afternoon. The CBA saw a widespread impact on its businesses due to the outages. The issue was with the host and the internet service provider.

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Twitter assures compliance with new IT rules after losing legal protection

Twitter has assured that it will make every effort to comply with the new IT rules of India. The microblogging site, in India, has lost its status as an intermediary platform. MeitY is being updated with every step of the process by its officials. Twitter said it has appointed mandated officials and was doing everything to adhere to the new rules. The new rules have come into effect since May 26 but MietY had given an extension to Twitter till June 5 to comply.

US Supreme Court gives LinkedIn another chance to stop rival from harvesting data

The US Supreme Court has given professional social network LinkedIn another chance to stop rival hiQ Labs from harvesting the personal data of its users. A lower court finding that barred Microsoft-owned company from denying hiQ access to information that LinkedIn members had made publicly available was overturned by the SC judges. The bigger question is whether businesses can use the federal anti-hacking legislation to block competitors from using customer data.

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Honeywell partners government of India to ramp up oxygen production

Honeywell announces partnership with DRDO and the Government of India to supply molecular sieve adsorbents to accelerate the setting up of Medical Oxygen Plants in the country. Honeywell said it has been a strong partner with both state-owned and private Indian firms. “We are committed to helping India address the pandemic and is making every effort to find meaningful ways to engage with the GoI in the fight to save lives,” said Dr. Akshay Bellare, President, Honeywell India.

Beijing arrests over 1100 in crypto-related money laundering case

Over 1,100 suspects were arrested by Chinese police for using cryptocurrencies to launder illegal money. After the recent step-up in a crackdown on cryptocurrency, police made these arrests in an attempt to weed out the use of digital currency in crimes. Over 170 criminal groups have been busted by the cops. These groups charged 1.5% to 5% for converting black money into cryptocurrency. The anonymous nature of digital currencies makes them easy to use for cross-border money laundering.

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Major internet outage hits social media, news websites across the globe

Websites all over the world, after being affected by the outage of Fastly Inc., came back online on Tuesday. Popular websites like Reddit, Amazon, CNN, Paypal, Spotify, Al Jazeera Media Network, and the New York Times were all in the list of sites hit by the outages that lasted for a few minutes to an hour. Fastlys website said, most of its covered areas faced degraded performance. The UK’s main website was also down.

Amid crackdown, China blocks cryptocurrency currency social media accounts

A large number of widely followed crypto-related social media accounts were blocked by the China government on Weibo, a Twitter-like local micro-blogging platform, over the weekend. The crackdown comes as China’s central bank is ramping up the testing of its own digital currency. The Chinese government wants no version of Elon Musk in the Chinese crypto market. China’s Xinhua news agency recently exposed a series of crypto-scams.

UNICEF, Ericsson partner to aid India against COVID-19 pandemic

Ericsson has joined hands with UNICEF and has donated $1bn as a contribution to help India fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The donation will be used to provide critical medical supplies for health facilities and equipment which includes RT-PCR testing machines and Oxygen plants. Ericsson’s employees across 95 countries contributed to the cause. UNICEF India, having 13 field offices across the country, has expertise in health, nutrition, and sanitation.

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