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Former apple materials lead denies allegations of leaking trade secrets

Apple has filed a lawsuit against former employee Simon Lancaster, alleging him of leaking trade secrets to an unnamed publication to gain advantageous protection in a startup he invested in. Lancaster, however, has denied most of the allegations in the lawsuit. He mentioned using the company computer to send farewell emails on his last day but didn’t download any company data. The former materials lead at Apple also requested a trial by jury.

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15% drop in hiring activity in India in April: Naukri job index

Hiring declined by 15% in April, as Naukri Jobspeak Index fell to 2,072 from 2,436 a month earlier, amid a rising second wave of the pandemic. The numbers are still better than April 2020 that saw a 51% drop. This can be due to the lack of a strict nationwide lockdown and the economy remaining open. Insurance (-5%), pharma (-9%), healthcare (-10%) has had a less impact on hiring. While  IT (-12%), FMCG (-15%), telecom (-15%) declined in line with the overall trend.

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Accenture pledges ₹185 cr for COVID-19 relief efforts in India

Accenture has pledged ₹185 cr for pandemic relief efforts in India, in addition to its ongoing investments. Rekha M Menon, Chairperson, and Senior MD, Accenture India, in a blog post said ” … Additionally, we will be augmenting existing hospitals with beds and ICUs and setting up portable hospitals.”  The IT firm has started telemedicine, care-at-home services, virtual childcare, mental health support, etc for their two lakh employees and their families in India.

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Bill and Melinda Gates to divorce after 27 years of marriage

Bill and Melinda Gates filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage. They will, however, continue with their philanthropic work together. Couple’s The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the powerful and influential NGOs in global public health, spent over $50 bn in the last 20 years in the fight against poverty and disease. Bill (65) and Melinda 56) met after she joined Microsoft as a product manager. The couple married in Jan 1994 in Hawaii, after dating a few years.

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Capgemini to donate Rs 50 cr for building medical infra in India

Capgemini has committed Rs 50 for the building of additional medical infrastructure in India to provide treatment for the patients infected by the second wave of Covid-19. The money will be spent on building ICU facilities, oxygen plants, etc, and go into relief operations. Capgemini is in talks with the state govt to set up medical facilities in the cities where it has a presence. “This contribution will be in addition to our CSR statutory fund in India, said CEO Aiman Ezzat.

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EU frames tough rules to govern use of AI with heavy fines, ban

The European Commission has framed tough draft rules to govern the use of ArtificialAartificial Intelligence. The proposed rules include fines of up to $36 mm for violations, a ban on surveillance, strict safeguards for high-risk AI apps, among others, along with few exceptions. The new AI rules will make the European Union leader in regulating the new age tech that critics say has harmful social effects, while supporters say it could fuel economic growth.

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Two dead in “driverless” Tesla car crash

Two people died in a road accident involving a Tesla vehicle, most probably operating without a driver in Texas. Local authorities said that the 2019 Tesla Model S was travelling at a very high speed and failed to negotiate a curve and went off the road. The car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. When the fire was extinguished two bodies were found inside a car, while the driver’s seat was lying vacant.

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China’s Ant look for options for Jack Ma’s exit

Ant Group, as per news agency Reuters report, is looking for ways for founder Jack Ma to divest his stake and give up control in the fintech firm. Ma owns only a 10% stake in Ant but exercises control via related entities, as per Ant’s IPO prospectus. Chinese regulators, in a meeting earlier, had hinted to the Ant’s officials that Ma’s exit could help them to avoid Beijing’s intense scrutiny of its business, said the report citing a source.

Pakistan blocks social media platforms for few hours on Friday

Pakistan has blocked social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Telegram from 11 am to 3 pm local time on Friday. The move has come at a time when the Islamic nation wants a crackdown against the terrorist group and prevent troublemakers from disrupting Friday prayers congregations. The order which expired at 3 pm local time, however, may last longer, similar past moves by the govt suggests that.

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