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87% of Indian Organisations faced Security breaches last year

At least 87% of Indian respondents said their companies faced a security breach last year, according to a report by cloud-enabled Security solutions provider Barracuda. The report states that companies with staff working from home had a significantly higher rate of breaches, compared to companies with staff working from the office. 79% of those surveyed said their organisation faced at least one ransomware attack in the year.

Source: IBTimes

Irish data protection Commission probes TikTok for data handling

Two probes have been initiated by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, which will look into TikTok’s data handling. The commission is the EU’s main regulator for apps like TikTok and will examine the app’s data protection requirements, while also checking transfers of data by TikTok to China. The Commission has the authority to levy fines of up to 4% of the companies revenues, and the probes go on to show another instance of possible data theft by China.

Source: Techcrunch

Snap Inc appoints first Global Head of Platform Safety

Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc has appointed Jacqueline Beauchere as the first global head of platform safety. After serving as Microsoft’s Chief Online Safety Officer, her new responsibilities would be to represent Snapchat’s safety work to regulators and partners and to advise on new policies. The move comes amidst increased pressure from US regulators, as well as global scrutiny on Snapchat to increase user safety, especially for young users.

Source: ET Brandequity

Saudi Arabia approves new data protection law

The Saudi Arabian Council of Ministers has approved a new law to protect personal data from unconsented collection and processing. Titled “Data Protection Law”, it will be implemented within six months, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority announced and will protect data such as name, ID number, address, phone, personal records, financial info, or any other identification info from being collected without consent.

Source: Aawsat

Apple releases update patching zero-day vulnerability affecting all devices

Apple has released a security update patching a zero-day vulnerability that affected all devices like iPhones, iPads, Mac, and Apple Watches. The vulnerability, titled “ForcedEntry ” was detected by Citizen Watch. It was used to silently hack at least one Bahraini activist and was utilized to push Pegasus spyware, developed by Israeli NSO, to the activist’s phone. The spyware was able to break Apple’s new BlastDoor protection as well.

Source: Techcrunch


Kape Technologies buys ExpressVPN for $939M

Digital security firm Kape Technologies had announced that it has bought the Virtual Private Network technology from ExpressVPN for $936M. The deal will help Kape create a “premium consumer privacy and security layer” it said. The acquisition helps expand Kape’s customer base from just over 3M to 6M now, with the firm now in a strong position to capitalise on the expected market growth in the cybersecurity sector.

Source: CNET

RCB Twitter account “compromised”, restored hours later

IPL Franchise team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has confirmed that the team’s official Twitter account was “compromised” for a few hours. However, they have managed to get access to the account restored. The team also tweeted condemning the hackers who had accessed their account, stating that they did not endorse any tweets posted when the account was compromised and said that those tweets have now been deleted.

Source: Live Mint

BlackMatter ransomware attack hits technology giant Olympus

Olympus said that it was in the process of investigating a potential breach due to a Cybersecurity incident affecting its European, Middle East, and Africa computer networks. Data transfers in the affected systems have been suspended, and relevant partners have been notified, the company said. BlackMatter is a ransomware-as-a-service group, which rents its infrastructure to other ransomware groups, taking a cut of the ransom as payment.

Source: Bleeping Computers

Ransomware attacks show no signs of slowdown in healthcare sector

Hospitals have come under repeated cyberattacks, with ransomware groups showing no signs of a slowdown, amidst many countries dealing with the third wave of Covid-19. Vice Society, Hive are a few of the groups involved, with Barlow Hospital, Eskenazi Health, Waikato DHB, and Centre Hospitalier D’Arles, etc the ones being targeted. The groups exploit multiple vulnerabilities, with Windows PrintNightmare vulnerability being frequently targeted.

Source: Zdnet