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Category: Security (page 2 of 55)

CEO reveals a password let hackers disrupt the Colonial pipeline

The CEO of Colonial Pipeline Joseph Blount informed US senators that hackers gained access to one password and were able to hack the system. The attack occurred through a legacy VPN system without multifactor authentication. Blount said that it was a complicated password. The ransom payment, he said, was done in secrecy due to security concerns. The company had spent $ 200 mn in the last five years to develop its IT infra which includes its cybersecurity.

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US recovers $2.3mn paid to Colonial pipeline ransomware attackers

The US justice department said it has recovered cryptocurrency worth $2.3 mn which was paid by the Colonial pipeline to the ransomware attackers. 63.7 bitcoins worth $2.3 mn have been seized were part of the $5 mn ransomware Colonial paid to the hackers to gain access to IT infrastructure. The White House has urged companies to improve cybersecurity. The cyberattack will also be discussed this month in the meeting between the presidents of the US and Russia.

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India among top 3 Asian countries hit by DNS attacks

Asian countries, in 2021, saw a rise of 15 % in the average cost of a DNS attack to $908,140 from $792,840 last year. Over 90 % of firms across the world witnessed a rise in DNS attacks. India, according to a report, witnessed the steepest rise in the number of DNS attacks. Phishing, this year, continues to grow along with malware-based attacks. The threat report was compiled by network security and automation solutions provider EfficientIP.

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Vodafone Idea’s enterprise launches cloud firewall for enterprises

Vi Business, the enterprise arm of Vodafone-Idea, has launched a new cloud firewall solution for clients. Designed by Firstwave Cloud Technology ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’, the enterprise security solution, is powered by Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewall tech. The new security offering is loaded with features like a gateway, antivirus, DDoS protection, secure VPN, DLP, content filtering, real-time intelligence, etc.

In 2020 scammers were paid AUS $26.5 mn by Australians in cryptocurrency

In 2020, Australians reported total losses of AUS $851mn to scams, with AUS$ 128 mn lost to BEC, AUS$ 8.4mn to remote access scams while identity theft cost AUS $3.1mn. Maximum were investment scams worth AU$ 328 mn. A total of 444,164 scam incidents happened in 2020. Bank transfer was the most common payment method costing just over AU$ 97mn, while cryptocurrency was second costing AU$ 26.5mn. People over age 65 lost the most, AU $37.7mn.

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Chrome users soon to be warned by Google for risky downloads

Google is in the works to launch new safety features along with a new scanning tool for risky downloads. This will be done to safeguard users from phishing attempts. ‘Enhanced safe browsing’ launched in 2020, will provide additional protection. Google claims, ‘Enhanced safe browsing’ users are 35% less phished than other users. Last year after the Chrome web store was integrated with Google safe browsing, chrome disabled 81% of extensions to protect users.

US suspects new cyberattack on JBS is from Russia

The White House said it was informed by Brazil’s JBS SA that the disruption in meat production in North America and Australia was likely caused by a ransomware attack by an organization from Russia. On Tuesday, JSB said it had made quite some progress in resolving the cyberattack while the White House has directly addressed the issue to the Russian govt. The cyberattack caused prices to jump by $1 and reduced the rate of slaughtering by 18% compared to 2020.

For the first time, Microsoft launches a cybersecurity council for APAC countries

Microsoft has launched the first Public Sector Cyber Security Executive Council for the APAC countries as these nations continue to witness a higher-than-average cybersecurity attack including malware and ransomware. The council will virtually meet every three months to exchange cybersecurity-related information. The forum also aims to share best cybersecurity practices, learn from Microsoft security certification training, and share threat intelligence.

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Microsoft says 150 firms attacked by Russian hackers Nobelium

Russian group ‘Nobelium’, which was behind the SolarWinds attack and recently Microsoft has issued warning against them, have now targeted 150 firms including govt organizations and NGOs. The victims are from 24 countries and 25% were involved in international development, humanitarian, and human rights work. Nobelium used constant contact, as they distributed fake emails as authentic ones containing a link which when clicked inserts a virus into the device.

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