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China bans Tesla cars in military complexes following security concerns

The Chinese army has put a blanket ban on the entry of Tesla vehicles in its office premises, following security concerns over cameras installed on the cars, as per a Reuters report said citing two people. The experts believe that the ban is similar to the USA’s move against Chinese telco Huawei citing national security. Share of Tesla, which sold around 1.5 lakh cars or 30% of its total deliveries in China in 2020, ended up 0.3% after falling 4.4% during the trade.

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Acer hit by a $50 mn ransomware attack

Hacker group ‘REvil’ has demanded the highest ever ransom of $50 mn from Acer. The group used Microsoft Exchange vulnerability to gain access to Acer’s network. A deadline of March 28 is given to Acer to pay, and interestingly offered a discount of 20% if paid by Wed. Acer did not confirm the attack but said in a statement, ” …we have reported recent abnormal situations observed to the relevant law enforcement and data protection authorities in multiple countries.”

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Russian man admits ransomware plot against Tesla

A Russian man by the name of Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov has pleaded guilty in the USA district court of offering a Tesla worker $1 mn to bring down the company’s electric battery plant-based out in Nevada with ransomware and steal sensitive data for a ransom demand. Prosecutors alleged that Kriuchkov acted on behalf of foreign-based co-conspirators. Ransomware groups, in general, operates operating from safe havens hack into networks over the internet.

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VMware acquires Mesh7 for application security on Cloud

VMware has acquired Mesh7, a US-based company, for an undisclosed price with the aim to deliver modern apps connectivity services to enable a developer experience for more secure operations, The company, founded by Amit Jain and Pratik Roychowdhury, provide ‘API Security Mesh’ solution empowers information security professionals that capabilities to protect modern, cloud-native apps and microservices against cyber threats and breaches.

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Chinese hackers target telecom operators to steal 5G tech

A China-based hacking group is targeting telecom service provider across the globe in an attempt to steal 5G tech and related sensitive information. Telcos in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US are attacked by cybercriminals, which was discovered by the researchers at McAfee. At least 23 telecom firms, so far, have come under attack, but it is not clear how many of these attempts were successful. The group behind the campaign is known as Operation Dianxun.

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Enterprise infosec, risk management spending in India $2.08 bn in 2021: Gartner

Enterprises and end-users will spend $2.08 bn in 2021 on information security and risk management. An increase of 9.5% from 2020, said Gartner. “The overnight move to WFH in reaction to the pandemic exposed organisations’ vulnerabilities,” said Prateek Bhajanka, senior principal research analyst at Gartner. “While security leaders had to cut down on their security spending in 2020 because of IT budget-cuts, in 2021, this trend is reversing,” he added.

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Cybercriminals exploiting Microsoft Exchange servers hit 32 Indian firms

Check Point Research said that 32 Indian organisations hit by cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers. It went on to say that BFSI was the worst affected with 28% of the attacks, followed by government and military (16%), manufacturing (12.5%), insurance and legal (9.5%).  The report, first shared on March 15, said that hacking attempts across enterprises rose 10x, from 700 to 7,200, between March 11 and 15.

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Cybercriminals can get full access to text messages for just Rs 1,160

Cybercriminals are misusing SMS management services by paying as less as Rs 1,160 to redirect text messages to access two-factor codes/login SMSes. The cyber-attack is being planned and carried out in connivance with telecom firms employees claimed a Motherboard report. Cybercriminals, using the services, can also reply to SMEes. “It is better to use an app like Google Authenticator or Authy. Some password managers even have support for 2FA built-in,” the report recommended.

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TCS launches a SaaS-based platform to mitigate cyber risk for enterprises

TCS launched a SaaS-based ‘Automated Vulnerability Remediation platform’ to help firms in identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities in its software libraries and proactively fixing them. It will also build and execute a contextual, risk-focused and effective vulnerability management programme. Santha Subramoni, Global Head, Cyber Security, TCS, said customers need to remediate pre-existing vulnerabilities and put them in place to mitigate new ones.

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