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Microsoft enables users to remove passwords completely from account

Microsoft users can now completely remove passwords from their account, and log in with alternative methods instead. The decision comes days after Microsoft announced intentions to get rid of passwords as authentication methods, for more reliable newer ways. As passwords are highly susceptible to hacking, newer methods like security keys, verification codes, or the Microsoft Authenticator app will be adopted from now.

Source: Live Mint

Xiaomi launches smart glasses with real-time text, photo translation

Xiaomi has launched its first-ever eyewear product, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, in a bid to compete with other tech giants like Google and Facebook. Weighing 51 grams, the glasses use MicroLEDs for a brighter display and deeper blacks. Xiaomi stated that the four use cases of the glasses were “key notification”, ”phone call”, “navigation”, and “photo translation”, with Xiaomi AI being the main method of user interaction with the glasses.

Source: MI

Intel launches NUC P14E Laptop with swappable compute element

Intel revealed a new feature in 2019 called Compute Unit, modular hardware with the processor and other components, enabling users to easily swap it out for an upgrade. Now it has unveiled a new “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC) laptop P14E, compatible with NUC 11 Compute Element allowing users to switch between units housing an Intel processor, storage, and built-in OS. The pricing will depend on the basis of systems sold directly to companies.

Source: Zdnet

Dukaan raises $11M to help Indian shopkeepers set up online shop

Dukaan, the one-year-old start-up which helps Indian shopkeepers set up an online shop, has announced that it has raised $11M in a new financing round led by 640 Oxford Ventures. Having raised $17M so far, it is valued at $71M currently. The new funds will be utilized to build its own payments gateway and to develop plugins to integrate with delivery firms and their aggregators, said Sumit Shah, co-founder of Dukaan.

Source: Techcrunch


Even after 5G launch, 4G will remain important, says Ookla

Network testing firm Ookla has stated that 4G will remain important in India even after the launch of 5th Generation (5G) telecom services. 4G is already the dominant network in the country, said Doug Suttles CEO of Ookla. The 4G service availability continues to grow in India, with an increase in median download speed from 10.64Mbps in Q1 2020 to 15.67Mbps in Q1 2021, he elaborated.

Source: India Today

PDFs, Hyperlinks can soon be attached with payment in Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia has said it is working on a feature that would enable Australian banking customers to attach a PDF or a secure Hyperlink along with the payment they make. The feature was discussed as the RBA made a submission to a Senate committee probing Australia’s Anti Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism financing regime. The new feature will provide secure payment and ease of use to corporate entities.

Source: Zdnet

India may soon get Elon Musk’s satellite-based internet

Tweeting that his company is just figuring out the regulatory process in the country, Elon Musk stated on Twitter that he might launch his satellite-based internet Starlink in India soon. The company has already shipped 100,000 terminals to customers across the globe recently and aims to provide global internet connectivity with the help of satellites. The project, by SpaceX, plans to launch 30,000 Starlink satellites into space and expand its customer base soon.

Source: Business Standard

Xiaomi to acquire autonomous driving startup DeepMotion

Tech Giant Xiaomi has said it will acquire DeepMotion, a Beijing-based autonomous driving startup, for $77.3M. Specializing in perception technology and high precision mapping, DeepMotion makes use of vision to navigate, as compared to Lidar technology used by others. With Xiaomi planning to soon manufacture electric vehicles, the acquisition of DeepMotion will help its autonomous driving capabilities.

Source: Business Insider