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Huawei’s flagship chip to be called Kirin 9010, going to be a 3nm one

Huawei’s next flagship Kirin processor, according to a tipster, is coming soon and will be called the Kirin 9010. According to the information posted on Twitter handle @RODENT950, the next-gen Kirin processor is going to be a 3nm chipset. The new Kirin 9010 will power the new Huawei Mate 50 series by the Q4 of 2021. A few months ago Huawei launched the Kirin 9000 in two variants – the Kirin 9000 and the Kirin 9000E, which is found in Huawei’s Mate 40 series smartphones.

RBI to use supervision tech to keep pace with entities

The RBI will start using supervisory technology and RegTech — a fintech subset that uses tech to scale up supervision — to match the pace with entities it regulates. The central bank will soon come out with broad guidelines for the use and adoption of new tools. Bodies regulated by the RBI use new tech tools like AI, ML, big data analysis for KYC and asset-liability management purposes, regulatory reporting and management information system, etc.

Top 10 emerging tech of 2020

1) Microneedles that penetrates the skin without troubling nerve endings 2) Sun-powered chemistry to convert waste into useful chemicals 3) Virtual patients for initial drugs/treatments trails 4) Spatial computing to bring physical & digital worlds closer 5) Digital medicine 6)  Electric aviation 7) Lower-carbon cement 8) Quantum sensing 9) Green hydrogen 10) Whole-genome synthesis to tell how viruses spread/ producing vaccines.

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External storage systems market in India falls 14.8% in Sept quarter: IDC

India’s external storage market fell 14.8% to $ 79.9 mn YoY in terms of vendor revenue, in Q3 CY2020, said IDC. The obvious reason was decline in storage spending by professional services, govt and manufacturing units, as CIOs favour adoption of cloud tech to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 lockdown. This is the third consecutive YoY decline of the segment. The drop is likely to continue further in CY2020 and recovery is expected in CY2021 only.

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Oppo sets up 5G innovation lab in India, it’s first outside China 

Oppo is setting up a 5G innovation lab in India, first outside China. The mobile phone maker plans to set up three more functional labs dedicated to camera, power and battery, and performance. The Indian team will also be leading innovations for other countries including the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Japan and Europe. “We also aim to support India in its 5G journey,” Oppo India VP and head for R&D Tasleem Arif said in a statement.

Apple targets car production by 2024, banks on ‘next level’ battery tech

Apple is moving forward with its own self-driving car tech to launch a passenger vehicle by 2024. The Project Titan took off in 2014 when it first started to design its own vehicle from scratch. But Apple drew back the effort after a while. Doug Field, an Apple veteran and former Tesla executive has returned to head the project in 2018. Central to Apple’s strategy is a new battery design to “radically” reduce the cost and increase the vehicle’s range.

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Microsoft working on in-house chips for cloud servers, PCs

Microsoft is working on in-house processors for the servers running its cloud-computing services and Surface computers. The chips would use tech from Arm, which is being acquired by Nvidia for $40 bn. Microsoft relies heavily on Intel and AMD chips for its Azure services and Surface PCs. The tech giant is working with computing cores licensed from Arm, rather than designing its own custom cores chips as Apple has does for its own Mac Series of PCs.

Samsung, IBM agrees to combine private 5G with “edge computing”

Samsung and IBM have signed an agreement to combine “edge computing” with private 5G networks to help clients automate production. “Edge computing” uses augmented reality and ML to analyse bulk data at the factory floor, oil rig or office space, etc before moving it to remote  “cloud” servers. To work, it needs fast data transfers that 5G provide. Samsung’s 5G equipment, now, will work with IBM’s cloud tech – edge platform, integration services, AI products.

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Google in talks with Jio, Airtel to provide high-speed internet using light beams

Google is in talks with Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel to provide internet and telecom services to remote areas by using light beams and resolve last-mile connectivity issues. The tech sends light beams – instead of radio waves – between transmitters and receivers attached to servers placed on buildings and towers. The speed could be as high as 20 GB per second compared with less than 1GB a second that many consumers get in remote areas.