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Samsung shifts display manufacturing unit to Noida from China  

The construction of a new display manufacturing unit by Samsung in UP has been completed. The unit has been shifted from China to Noida in UP due to its better industrial environment and investor-friendly policies. It is Samsung’s way of showing commitment to India and making UP a manufacturing hub. This will help the youth of the state get employment and is a perfect example of Make in India. CM Yogi Adityanath assured support to Samsung in the future.

Facebook’s AI software can trace deepfake image to origin

Facebook announced that it has developed an AI software that can identify deepfake images and track where they came from. This software will allow for better investigations related to fake information or news and provide further scope for research. The software runs the image through a network to find imperfections in its fingerprint. Similarly last year, Microsoft came up with its video authenticator software to detect deepfake images.

Seqrite launches cloud-based cybersecurity management platform for businesses 

Seqrite, a Quick Heal company, has released Hawkk, a cloud-based cybersecurity management platform that allows organisations to manage different security products from a single dashboard. Seqrite plans to introduce more next-gen tech to the platform, including EDR, zero trust, data privacy, and network security, according to the company. Seqrite claimed to have stopped 13,000 attacks by the year 2020 including ransomware, APTs and targeted attacks.

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Facebook appoints Spoorthi Priya as grievance officer for India

Facebook has appointed Spoorthi Priya as its grievance officer for India. The appointment has come at a time when the new IT rules of India require social media platforms to appoint grievance officer, nodal officer, and chief compliance officer. These new appointees should be residing in the country, mandates the new rule. The grievance officer is required to acknowledge the complaint within 24 hrs and dispose it of within 15 days from the date of its receipt.

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Ravi Shankar Prasad says digital media platforms have moral responsibility

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the minister for IT and Telecom has called out social media firms and said that they have a social and moral responsibility towards their users. The minister said that these platforms should deal with issues like viral morphed images of a woman on their platform with sensibility and stop hiding behind technicalities. Prasad has accused them of having ‘double standards’ as they oppose the rules in India, but follow similar rules in the US.

Twitter requests 3 months extension of new IT rules

Twitter has requested a 3-month extension for the implementation of the new IT rules. Delhi Police, recently, visited Twitter’s offices in Delhi and Gurugram with non-compliance notices that have been addressed as “use of intimidation tactics”. Not withholding the notice, can lead to serious consequences for its Indian employees. Twitter said that it will continue to address grievances from individuals and authorities via its grievance redressal cell under the new rules,

Twitter shows apprehension regarding the safety of Indian employees

Twitter said that the recent visit by the Delhi police special team to the Twitter office in New Delhi was expressed as “use of intimidation tactics by the police”. The microblogging site expressed concern over the safety of the employees here. Twitter is now a part of the list of companies opposing the new IT rules of the Indian govt as it hopes to take a joint approach with the Indian govt while also recommend changing the new IT rules.

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Infosys’ Salil Parekh’s compensation rise by 44% in FY21

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh’s compensation, in the fiscal year of 2020-21, saw a rise by 44%. He ended the year with a whopping Rs 49 cr income. Previously granted stock incentives and an increase in pay based on performance were the factors that led to this exponential rise. He received a stock compensation of Rs 30.99 cr and Rs 38 lakh in retiral benefits. 2019-20 saw Parekh earn Rs 34.27 cr.

Centre says privacy is a right but national security is our job

WhatsApp has sought legal action in a New Delhi court against the Indian govt for the mandate of tracking the creator of a message. WhatsApp said that to track the first originator of a message it will have to break its E2E encryption which will compromise users’ privacy. Indian govt said they intend to uphold users’ right to privacy but maintaining law and order to ensure national security is its job. Govt ensured that the new rules will in no way affect the common users.

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