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Samsung plans to invest $205B over three years in “strategic enterprises”

Samsung said that it will invest 240 trillion won ($205B) over the next three years in order to become a leader in “strategically essential industries.” Semiconductors, biopharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robotics are among these businesses. The investment will focus on R&D, and help Samsung capture the market in said industries.

Source: Techcrunch

Centre summons Infosys CEO Salil Parikh to answer for Income Tax Portal bugs

With the new IT portal still facing bugs, 2.5 months after launch, Infosys CEO Salil Parikh was summoned by the Centre on Monday, to explain the reason for the snags. Since 21 August, the portal itself was not available. While the govt has already paid ₹1.65B out of the ₹42.42B agreed, the portal still has multiple bugs, turning it into a bane, instead of a boon for the citizens.

Source: Hindustan Times 

$150M funding turns Zetwerk into a Unicorn startup

Raising $150M in a funding round led by D1 Capital Partners, Zetwerk Manufacturing has now become a Unicorn startup. The three-year-old company is now valued at $1.33B after $150M Series E round and $120M Series D round funding in February. The funds will be used for building new technology, global expansion, and strengthening market leadership, said Amrit Acharya, Zetwerk CEO.

Source: Economic Times

Microsoft releases Windows Server 22 to mainstream users

Microsoft has launched the Windows Server 22 with several new features for mainstream users. A Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) release, Server 22 will have features such as multi-layer protection against threats, better VM management tools, updated NET apps among others. Microsoft has announced that the first demo of the product will be on Sept 16, where they will provide in-depth information on the product.

Source: Zdnet 

AI-powered job search firm Hiration raises ₹21cr

In new funding led by Prime Venture Partners, Venture Highway, and Y Combinator, Hiration has raised ₹21cr. The fresh capital will be used to further product development and scale-up India and US operations. Having already serve 500,000 customers from 75 global universities, the company provides support to customers at various stages of job selection. Resume writing, optimisation, and design are their core product.

Source : PR Wire


Nvidia forecast beat expectations, but $40 bn Arm deal talks still going on

Nvidia, the largest maker of graphic chips, said that talks to acquire tech firm Arm were taking longer than expected. While Nvidia forecasted revenue exceeding expectations in Q3 (approx $6.8 bn), investors are focused on whether Nvidia’s Arm deal will withstand regulatory scrutiny and close by March 2022 as promised. Nvidia CFO Colette Kress said the company is confident that the deal will close.

Source: Hindustan Times

India develops tiny memory to perfect chips

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay along with Semi-Conductor Laboratory, Mohali, has developed a CMOS 180nm-based production-ready 8-bit memory technology. The technology requires less power and space to run than conventional chips, as the need for boosted voltage supply is avoided. Top scientists described the new tech as a “gamechanger by enabling secure memory and encryption hardware for the country”.

Source: ET Telecom

T-Mobile investigates customer data breach claim on online forum  

A claim on an online forum post that said personal data of 100mn users was breached, is being investigated by T-Mobile. While the forum post did not mention T-Mobile, the hacker reportedly told Vice about acquiring data, including social security and phone numbers from T-Mobile servers. He has demanded six bitcoin for a subset of the data (30mn social security numbers), while the rest will be sold privately.

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Google to soon use nearby handsets to track lost phones, cars

Google, according to 9to5Google, is working on adding a new feature to its “Find My Device” system to enable the use of nearby handsets to find the lost phone anonymously. Cars with an Android Auto system will also be found by the same method. While Google hasn’t revealed anything official about the feature, reports suggest that a number of features are in the works to enhance the current “Find My Device”.

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