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Clubhouse may launch own private messaging feature

Grapevine has it that audio meet app Clubhouse is soon planning to launch its own private messaging feature. The company, recently, accidentally leaked ‘Backchannel’ which is a private messaging feature to some users. Backchannel will allow users to chat via text along with the audio. The feature will be a direct competitor for Whatsapp and Telegram. Spotify has also introduced Greenroom, its live audio Clubhouse rival.

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First time in 5 months Bitcoin drops below $30,000 mark

Bitcoin, following the concerns of China’s ongoing crackdown, fell below $30,000 for the first time in five months. The unit later stood at $29,590, down 9.25% in value. Bitcoin has also faced criticism over environmental concerns as its mining requires fossil fuels. Nearly 80% of trade in cryptocurrency is powered by Chinese mines, but in recent months several mines have been shut down as Beijing is being alerted of the industry. Last week 26 mines were closed down.

Samsung plans to reveal true potential of 5G, places high stakes on 6G

Samsung is planning to reveal its new innovations around the 5G network and what potential 6G holds. Samsung has started working on 6G and plans to make it commercial by 2028. In the next five years Samsung estimates 330 mn 5G subscriptions in India, however, a report by Ericsson predicts 580mn 5G users by the end of 2021. Samsung has set the benchmark of 6G to have 50x the peak data rate and one-tenth the latency of 5G.

Within 2 weeks FAQs for new IT rules may be released

The IT ministry might release FAQs related to the new intermediary rules in the next 1-2 weeks. The questions are currently being worked upon and will consist of 10-20 questions including the measures, user benefits of social media platforms, and other clarifications of stakeholders’ queries. The new IT rules make special media platforms more accountable for the posts they host. Twitter lost its security due to non-compliance with the new rules.

Intel join hands with Reliance Jio to work on 5G technology

Intel corp has announced partnering up with Reliance Jio to work on 5G network technology. Last year Intel’s venture capital unit invested $250 mn in Reliance Jio. Intel will be working on its 5G RAN with Jio along with other things. Intel saw a 20% growth in networking chips in 2020 and a part of it was due to their investment in FlexRAN 10 years ago. FlexRAN allows carriers or software firms to write code for 5G networks.

New bill would bring transparency on cybersecurity in Aussie organisations

Ransomware Payments Bill 2021 was introduced in the Australian House of Representatives on Monday which, if passed, would require organizations to inform ACSC before a payment is made to a criminal organization in response to a ransomware attack. The ACSC would be required to de-identify the information for the purpose of informing the public and private sector about the current threat environment.

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Rajasthan govt signs MOU with ConveGenius to make digital  learning accessible

Rajasthan govt, as schools continue to remain closed, has signed an MOU with edtech firm ConveGenius to make e-learning accessible to 70 lakh students enrolled in govt and low-fee private schools in the state. The new initiative will help students to improve performance and address weak points by providing targeted content and recorded e-kaksha (e-classes). The partnership will also strengthen the state govt’s ‘Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein 2.0’ program.

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Airtel-TCS collaborate for ‘Made in India’ 5G

Bharti Airtel and Tata Group, to implement 5G networks, has announced a strategic partnership. Tata Group has integrated a totally indigenous telecom stack and has developed O-RAN-based Radio and NSA/SA Core. Starting Jan 2022, the technology will be made available for commercial use. The company has assured potential clients that the ‘Made in India’ 5G product and solutions are at par with the global standards.