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6 Massive cyberattacks that shook the world in 2020

1) When hackers accessed tools that  FireEye uses to test its customers’ security. 2) Marriott International data leak affecting 5.2 mn guests. 3) The Twitter cryptocurrency hack affecting the accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and many. 4) Hacking at airline group EasyJet affecting 9 mn flyers 5) Cyberattacks at New Zealand stock exchange 6)  Nation-state actors targeting seven prominent firms involved in researching vaccines and treatments for Covid-19.

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In 2020 App stores to see 130 bn app downloads, $112 bn of spending

A record 130 bn apps will be downloaded in 2020 across iOS and Google Play store, up 10% YoY, according to App Annie’s year-end forecast. Mobile adoption accelerated by two to three years due to the COVID-19. The pandemic also pushed consumers spent time on devices up by 25% jump from 2019 to top 3.3 trillion hrs on Android. The increased time spent helped contributed to higher consumer spending, which hit a new annual record of $112 bn in 2020.  

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25 best enterprise software startups to watch In 2020

Startups were shortlisted based on the ability to attract customers, revenue, solutions adaptability and position in markets.  1) ASAPP 2) Blue Hexagon 3) ClickUp 4) Cresta 5) 6) Drift 7) 8) Fivetran 9) HYP3R 10 ) Kaleo Software 11) LeadGenus 12) LogDNA 13) Moveworks 14) Nova Health Labs 15) Observe.AI 16) Onna 17) Rubikloud 18) Synack 19) Unbounce 20) Urbint 21) Vantage Point 22) Wise Systems 23) WorkBoard 24) Zebrium 25) Zeitworks. 

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