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ITI will be ready to make 4G, 5G equipment in few months: Tech M

Tech M is in advanced stage of sharing tech with ITI Ltd. and said the state-run electronics manufacturing entity will be ready to make 4G and 5G equipment in a few months. This partnership is in line with govt’s strong desire to get back the state-run company in manufacturing high-end tech products. Tech M will help ITI with the reference design with the transfer of tech that will enable them to put together the process and the plans to start manufacturing.

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Reliance Jio to launch 100M low-cost Android-based smartphones: report

Reliance Jio is reportedly looking to outsource the manufacturing of over 100M low-cost Android-based smartphones. The phones could be launched in December 2020 or early next year and will be bundled with data packs. Mukesh Ambani, in July, said that Google would build an Android OS to power a low-cost “4G or even 5G” smartphone that Reliance would design. Jio Platforms has raised $20.22B from leading global firms – Facebook, Intel, Qualcomm etc.

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Cyber Threats: 4 steps businesses need to take for secure development

1. Indian telcos, before moving to 5G, should first secure 4G network to avoid passing 4G security vulnerabilities to 5G. 2. Securing IoT tech is vital as it can connect billions of devices and can provide multiple entrance points into the corporate network. 3. AI-driven cybersecurity is essential to stay ahead to cybercriminals. 4. DevSecOps – implementing security protocols right from the beginning of projects – can increase security from cyber threats.

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Nokia rolls out a software upgrade to 5G for telecom operators

Nokia has launched software which can help telecom operators to upgrade their existing 4G radio stations to 5G, without replacing any hardware or even visiting the physical location. “This solution will save the telecommunications industry potentially tens of billions of euros in site engineering and re-visit costs,” Nokia said in a statement. The upgrade, at present, is immediately available for about 1mn 4G stations, 3.1mn by 2020 and over 5 mn in 2021.

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Tech Mahindra to supply in-house 4G equipment to BSNL

Tech M, together with state-owned ITIs, is planning to supply 4G equipment to BSNL, amid the ban on Chinese telecom firms Huawei, ZTE. It will soon bid for the supply’s revised tender. CEO C P Gurnani believes Indian firms to have huge potential. Thus, uses this ban as an opportunity to give a fair chance to them. Depending on the success with BSNL, Tech M will globalise this ITI-developed 4G, 5G solutions.

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