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Agritech startup qZense secures seed investment led by Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts has led Rs 4.5 cr seed investment in agritech startup qZense Labs. The round was led by Manish Modi, MD, Mastermind Capital and Vedant Loyalka Chairman, Curae Health, 9Unicorns, The Chennai Angels, Entrepreneur First, London based VC and Lumis Partners. Founded in 2019, by Rubal Chib and Dr Srishti Batra, qZense aims to transform the fresh food supply chain industry with its end-to-end IoT-based solution.

Cisco, Govt launches competition to attract agri-tech startups

Cisco India announced a competition with prize money of Rs 2 cr to find agri-tech start-ups with innovative solutions. The Challenge is being co-hosted by Principal Scientific Adviser to the GoI K, Vijay Raghavan while conceptualised and managed by NGO — ‘The Nudge Centre for Social Innovation’.  The challenge will run in stages over a year and the prize money will support participants in developing, testing, and scaling solutions to address the farming-related issues.

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India’s agri-tech sector can grow to $24.1B in the next five years

India’s agritech sector has the potential to grow to $24.1B in the next 5 years, according to a new report. With a turnover over of $204M, India’s agritech sector is at under 1% of its market potential today. Five key categories that’ll have the lion’s share are – agritech market for supplying farm inputs $1.7B; precision agriculture and farm management $3.4B; quality management and traceability $3B; supply chain and output market 12B; financial services $4.1B.

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Coronavirus pandemic increased adoption of digitisation in Agri sector

The adoption of digital rural products and payments have accelerated since the onset of the pandemic, as per Omnivore’s report. Intermediary reduction and tech-enabled payments are the prime boosters of digitization. Investment in horticulture, dairy, poultry etc are much-needed. Robots, automation and other techs will take over manual tasks, making agriculture more gender diverse. Tech-adoption will increase transparency between farmer and customer.

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AI, Blockchain, IoT for supply and demand management in farming – Agri10x

Agri10x is a GOI-backed AgriTech start-up with 10L+ farmers onboard. It plans to ramp up the number to 30L by December 2020. The start-up uses new-age techs like AI and data precision to determine the ideal time in a year to sell the given crop. IoT, far off sensors enable remote monitoring of the fields. Blockchain technology maintains transparency in the supply chain. Plant wellbeing, soil condition, temperature, dampness etc can also be checked.

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