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Reliance launches WhatsApp chatbot to answer shareholder queries 

Reliance, before the 44th AGM scheduled on June 24, has announced the launch of the Reliance WhatsApp chatbot. The AI-powered chatbot will be answering questions of shareholders, general viewers and will also provide information on the latest in Reliance AGM. In the AGM the company may launch the Jio 5G phone at a price point of Rs 4,000 running on a custom android called JioOS. The launch of the JioBook laptop is also on the card.

AI-enabled automated customer service agents are on rise in India

As face-to-face interactions have reduced, AI found its maximum usage in automated customer service agents in India in 2020. Fraud analysis and investigation, IT automation, recommendation system, and diagnosis and treatment were other fields excelling with AI.  Businesses have started to restructure strategies and adapt to the new age of technology. The BFSI sector was on top for spending on AI with a 29% share in the year 2020.

New ‘smile recognition’ technology for Canon employees

A new AI-enabled ‘smile recognition’ technology at Canon Information Technology will only allow smiling workers to enter rooms. According to the Financial Times, Chinese companies are surveilling their employees to an unsettling degree with the help of AI. Many reports confirm that many firms are monitoring their employees. However, this AI-enabled smile recognition cameras seem the least dangerous.

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Facebook’s AI software can trace deepfake image to origin

Facebook announced that it has developed an AI software that can identify deepfake images and track where they came from. This software will allow for better investigations related to fake information or news and provide further scope for research. The software runs the image through a network to find imperfections in its fingerprint. Similarly last year, Microsoft came up with its video authenticator software to detect deepfake images.

Driverless Robotaxy services might be launched in California by 2022 by

Chinese startup has started testing driverless vehicles in California before their plans to launch in 2022. They have been given a 39 sq mile area in Fremont and Milpitas, California to test without a safety driver. will need a final deployment permit which only Nuro has received so far. Pony plans to launch commercial Robotaxi services and has already gathered $1bn in funding with a number of partners.

Google researchers have developed semiconductor chips created by AI

A team of Google researchers has created an AI model that designs next-gen chips faster than human designers. The model could build a design that optimises the placement of components on a chip within six hours. The team used a dataset of 10,000 chip layouts for an ML model and trained it using RL. The new AI-generated layouts were used in Google’s latest AI accelerator (TPU-v5). AI uses past experience to become better and faster.

Cisco adds new feature in Webex to make meetings interactive

Cisco will be adding new features in Webex like background noise cancellation, adding polls and quizzes to make meetings more interactive. While unveiling a new Webex logo, Cisco said that its hybrid work suit will be 40% cheaper than a la carte. 800 new features and devices have been added to Webex since Sept 2020 to enhance the hybrid work module. One of its AI-powered features re-frames participants allowing them to see body language and facial expressions.

Facebook AI reduces error rate by 50% of unsupervised speech recognition

The new Facebook AI has found a way to detect phonemes without prior samples. On the TIMIT benchmark, Wav2vec-U reduced the average error rate from 26.1 to 11.3 in terms of the percentage of phonemes that are guessed right. Wav2ves-U, when tested with “low resource” languages like Tatar, Amharic, Swahili, Kyrgyz, outperformed some of the benchmark supervised-learning programs that used labeled data.

Twitter’s AI-Image cropping remove black people, men from photos

Twitter’s image cropping AI is partial towards black people and men, as it tends to crop them out. A microblogging site’s study revealed an 8% difference from statistical quality in favor of women and 4% in favor of white people. To resolve the issue, Twitter shows standard aspect ratio images without crop. AI biases are not uncommon, Amazon scrapped its AI recruiting tool that favored men. A study by Microsoft- MIT showed AI misidentified people of color more.