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Singapore will require 1.2 mn digitally skilled workers by 2025

Another 1.2 mn digitally skilled workers will be required by Singapore’s economy by 2025 which is a 55% jump from the present 2.2 mn, according to a survey by AWS. Almost 63% of Singapore workers are in digital skilled jobs. The survey also added that 51% of people would need to learn cloud computing to perform jobs in 2025. Singapore needs a total of 23.8 mn digital-skills training sessions from now until 2025 to generate the needed workforce.

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India will require 9x the digital skilled workers by 2025

An AWS report said that the number of digital skilled workers in India will need to increase by 9X by 2025 owing to digital transformation. At present, 12% of the country’s workforce comprises these workers. 76% of the digital workers will be expected to be skilled in cloud computing to perform jobs proficiently by 2025. To keep up with technological advancements and demand, a total of 3.9 bn digital skill training from 2020 to 2025 will be required in the country.

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MeitY, AWS to set up quantum computing apps lab in India 

MeitY will collaborate with AWS to set up a quantum computing apps lab in India to help accelerate quantum computing-led research and development and enable new scientific discoveries. AWS will also provide quantum computing-as-a-service to ministries and govt departments, researchers, scientists, academia and developers to enable advances in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and aerospace engineering.

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Sonata in partnership with Big Tech in India for global presence

Sonata Software leveraged partnerships with Big Tech companies in India to grow a global business. Sonata is among the biggest partners for Microsoft by reselling the US-based company’s products and had announced partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google for cloud modernisation, data migration and using data infra for business intelligence. This strategic partnership is expected to draw 50% of new clients globally.

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Amazon cloud business grew 54% in India in FY20

The India arm of Amazon Web Services reported a 54% rise in revenue to Rs 4,216 cr in FY 20 but registered a net loss of Rs 20 lakh during the period. The company, in the business of data processing, hosting and related activities, had total expenses of Rs 4,178 cr. The cloud service provider’s revenue from continuing operations jumped to Rs 4,161.6 cr from Rs 2,637.2 cr, primarily on account of cloud adoption and related services by new and old clients in India.

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AWS introduces Chaos Engineering as a Service for enterprises 

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels introduced the company’s Chaos Engineering as a Service called AWS Fault Injection Simulator. The aim is to help bring such capability to all firms by simplifying the process of running chaos experiments in the cloud. The service can help to understand how apps respond to issues by injecting failures into them, usually running these experiments against production systems. It is a fully managed service on apps running on AWS hardware.

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Amazon to skill 29 mn people in cloud computing by 2025

AWS has said that by 2025 it will help 29 mn across the world to grow their technical skills with free cloud computing skills training. Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon, said that the company will provide training opportunities through existing AWS-designed programmes. AWS is building a library of more than 500 free courses, interactive labs, and virtual day-long training sessions.

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AWS witnessing strong growth among fintech, healthcare, e-com, logistics startups

AWS Head of Startup Ecosystem (APJ ) Gaurav Arora said that they were witnessing a strong uptake of its cloud services among startups across three segments — fintech, healthcare, e-commerce and logistics in India. The three biggest budget items for any startups are people, tech, and marketing, and that startups need to manage capital to succeed, he said. AWS, competes with Microsoft and Google in the segment, has been strengthening its presence in India.

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AWS, Deloitte joins hand to accelerate cloud adoption, digitisation

Deloitte has opened an ‘AWS Cloud Garage” to bring together AWS Cloud tech services and capabilities along with Deloitte’s sectoral expertise. The Garage will help an organisation’s Cloud adoption journey by brainstorming sessions and making them understand how an innovative idea can generate tangible business benefits. Other expertise available include app development, IoT solutions, AI-ML services, cyber-security,  data analytics, etc.

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