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Google, Apple warn app developers to remove location tracking tech or face ban 

Apple and Google have warned app developers to remove location tracing software from X-Mode Social from their apps or else face a ban on their respective app stores. X-Mode, whose tech is used in over 400 apps, has been barred from collecting any location data from smartphones running on iOS or Android, as well. X-Mode gives developers SDK codes to put into apps to track location and share the data to sells it. In return, X-Mode pays the developer.

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IBM, Emerald Jewellery launches AI-powered mobile app for B2B Business

IBM and Emerald Jewellery have launched Tej — an AI-enabled mobile app to power the B2B business of later in India. The app lets the 200 dealers of Emerald search through a catalogue of over 500,000 designs quickly and navigates the complex ordering process easier. Tej, which runs on iOS and Android operating systems, has not only enabled Emerald Jewellery to redesign the entire buying process of their dealers but also started a zero-touch engagement model.  

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Backend code of Aarogya Setu is now available on Open Forge platform

The backend code of the Aarogya Setu app is now available at the Open Forge platform set up by the govt to promote sharing and reuse of e-gov app source code. The aim is to encourage collaboration between govt agencies, private firms, and developers to promote innovation in e-gov apps and services. The source code of the Android and iOS versions is already available. Aarogya Setu, launched in April, is downloaded by more than 16.43 cr people.

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Kaspersky discovers new banking malware, Indians also on target

Kaspersky has discovered new banking malware called Ghimob, that can spy and steal data from 153 Android apps including banking. The malware, using names like Google Docs, WhatsApp Updater, Google Defender, can be hidden inside malicious apps available on third-party app downloads or shared via email. Users in Brazil are the most targeted followed by India, China, US. It blocks the user from uninstalling it, restarting or shutting down the device.

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Google creating new cybersecurity team for sensitive apps on Play Store

Google is hiring to create a new cybersecurity team to find bugs and vulnerabilities in “highly sensitive” Android apps on Google Play. Sensitive apps include contact tracing, elections etc. The team is said to complete the work that is currently being done by independent security researchers through Google Play Security Reward Program (GPSRP). It will also work with other Android security teams to find new and creative ways to reduce vulnerability occurrence.

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Paytm takes on Google with Android Mini App Store

Just weeks after Google had removed Paytm from Google Play store, Paytm has introduced its own ‘Android Mini App Store’ for Indian developers. The mini apps are custom-built web apps giving users app-like experience without having to download them and will be available inside the Paytm app itself. For payments, developers will be able to give a choice of Paytm wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, UPI, net-banking and cards to their users.

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Facebook, Instagram down for users due to technical glitches

Social networking platform Facebook and Instagram experienced an outage on Thursday. Users across the world took to their Twitter handles and reported that they were unable to log in to their accounts and access updated news feed. Many users, including those in India, were unable to access both the platforms on Android and iOS. DownDetector said that a technical glitch occurred at around 11 PM IST; services resumed around an hour later.

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Reliance Jio to launch 100M low-cost Android-based smartphones: report

Reliance Jio is reportedly looking to outsource the manufacturing of over 100M low-cost Android-based smartphones. The phones could be launched in December 2020 or early next year and will be bundled with data packs. Mukesh Ambani, in July, said that Google would build an Android OS to power a low-cost “4G or even 5G” smartphone that Reliance would design. Jio Platforms has raised $20.22B from leading global firms – Facebook, Intel, Qualcomm etc.

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Paytm revenue increases to Rs 3,629 cr, revenue loss drops by 40%

Paytm’s revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31 increased to Rs 3,629 cr, supported by a hike in the number of transactions across various segments and POS devices. Its losses have reduced by 40% on a YoY basis. The company sold 2 lakh units of Android-based POS devices amid demand from SMEs, grocery stores etc. It is actively hiring new talent even during the ongoing pandemic. It plans to hire 1000 engineers, data scientists, financial analysts etc.

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