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New android features will have earthquake alert, E2E messaging

Google has announced the launch of six new updates to android, including earthquake alert and E2E encrypted messaging. The earthquake alert system is already live in New Zealand and Greece, with Turkey, with Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, etc coming on board. Countries with higher earthquake risks are being prioritized for the launch of the alert system. The in-built message app can have messages encrypted.

Payments feature to be released on Clubhouse, to comply with new IT rules

The recently popular audio chatting app, Clubhouse, will introduce payment features in India. This will enable users to pay creators who host shows. They are also working to comply with the new IT rules. The clubhouse has been downloaded over 1mn times in India and over 2.6mn globally. The company is also looking to launch tips and subscriptions in India with no fixed timeline mentioned. The new feature will help creators monetise their content.

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After Apple, Google to allow users to opt-out of ad tracking

Google, following its biggest rival Apple, is willing to give users the choice to opt-out of advertisement tracking on the android apps. With a new safety section, users can see what data developers collect about them, and also permit additional privacy and security information. Unlike Apple, it won’t be a default option. The new update will feature in android 12 devices later this year and be available to lower android versions by 2022.

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Android app developers exposed sensitive information of 100mn users

100 mn users’ personal data has been exposed due to a misconfiguration of a third-party cloud service by android mobile app developers. Chats, emails, pictures, passwords, and locations are included in the data exposed. 23 android apps were analyzed by CheckPoint Research where developers have left a bug by not adhering to best practices while configuring and integrating third-party cloud into their apps. Logo maker, Astro guru, T’Leva are some of these apps.

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PhonePe buys Indian android store Indus App Bazaar

PhonePe has acquired Indian android store Indus App Bazaar for Rs.438 cr. An official statement by both companies is yet to be released. Indus App Bazaar serves over 100 mn users and is available in 13 Indian languages with 40,000 apps being a part of the android store. App Bazaar aims to make apps easily accessible to everyone with an enhanced app store ecosystem. To date, Indus OS has earned nearly $20 mn.

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167 apps on android, iOS are stealing users money

Hackers steal money using 167 fake apps on android and iOS stores. Cybersecurity experts found a server with all of them loaded and concluded the operation might be conducted by one group. These fake apps lured users via dating sites into investing money into the fake app. Some impersonated as banks and cryptocurrency brands. A chat option was found in some apps. A fake iOS app store was set up with fake reviews to make people believe it’s a trusted source. 

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Clubhouse to launch android app globally within a week

The US-based audio-based social media app Clubhouse announced the global launch of the Android app within a week. The beta-testing of the app started earlier this month with a lot of features to be worked on like accessibility, language support, etc. The app, estimated at a market valuation of $4bn, faces competition from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter who have similar offerings or announced plans for the same. The startup said it is working to bring iOS features to the android version.

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Microsoft OneDrive files can be Chromecast on android

Microsoft in its latest 6.29.1 update of OneDrive released a feature to display the files stored in its cloud storage on Chromecast compatible devices. All a user has to do is select the file to be displayed then click on the cast icon on the toolbar and select the device to be cast on. Files that are not supported on OneDrive cannot be cast, they will require other apps to open after downloading to local storage.

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Coming soon: Android version of Clubhouse

The US-based social media app Clubhouse estimated at $ 4bn, has become popular among US iOS users. Clubhouse to expand its growth has finally decided to launch its Android version on Playstore. Currently lacking a lot of features, the company is into beta testing and will be working on accessibility, language support, and many more features. It faces competition from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter who have similar offerings or have plans.