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For the first time, Microsoft launches a cybersecurity council for APAC countries

Microsoft has launched the first Public Sector Cyber Security Executive Council for the APAC countries as these nations continue to witness a higher-than-average cybersecurity attack including malware and ransomware. The council will virtually meet every three months to exchange cybersecurity-related information. The forum also aims to share best cybersecurity practices, learn from Microsoft security certification training, and share threat intelligence.

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India leads the world in ransomware attacks

A Check Point report said that every week since April an average of 1,000 firms witnessed ransomware attacks. The first trimester of 2021 saw a rise of 21% in attacks and a 7% rise since April 2021. Compared to the start of 2020, a rise of 102% in ransomware attacks has been witnessed this year. APAC firms were attacked 51 times on average every week, 14% higher than the start of the year. India was the most impacted country in the world with an avg weekly attack of 213.

India worst hit by ransomware in Asia Pacific region

India is most vulnerable to ransomware attacks in the APAC region with 74% of companies have suffered such cyberattacks, as compared to 67% in Australia, 52% in Japan and 46% in Singapore, said a survey. Indian companies have suffered a loss of $1-2.5mn due to malware attacks including phishing. Over 90% of Indian firms feel threatened by hacking groups, 77% of hacktivists and 66% of insider threat and 64% of nation-states threat.

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79% Indians willing to trade private data for better online experience: report

Seattle-based application services and security company, F5 Networks, surveyed 4100 individuals from the APAC region. The report states that 79% of Indians, 82% Chinese and 79% Indonesians are comfortable trading data for better experiences. Conversely, 43% Japanese, 50% Australians and 58% Singaporeans cannot share personal data for seamless experiences. 44% Indians and 43% in APAC region assert that it is businesses’ responsibility to protect user data. 

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India ranks second in ‘drive-by download’ attacks in APAC region: Microsoft

Microsoft Security Endpoint Report 2019 stated that India ranks second, behind Singapore, in ‘drive-by download’ attack volumes in the APAC region. Drive-by download attacks download malicious code in users’ systems thereby stealing financial information. In, 2018 it stood on 11th position and has moved to 2nd with a whopping 140% rise. Also, ransomware and cryptocurrency mining are two times higher in India. COVID-related phishing emails are also popular.

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