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Data breach at LinkedIn, details of 92 % users available for sale

An enormous data breach has happened at LinkedIn. Media reports said that almost 700 mn users of the professional network have been affected by the data leak. The hackers behind the leak seem to have accessed the data from the website utilizing the company’s API. Users’ compromised data include email addresses, full names, phone numbers, and physical addresses. Reports suggested that the data is available for sale with passwords too.

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BharatPe to provide a tech platform to all fintech

BharatPe’s partnering up with Centrum Finance in a new bank, as a part of PMC Bank rescue, will enable BharatPe to provide a tech platform to all fintech. Resilient Innovations, owner of BharatPe, will contribute Rs 900 cr while Centrum Finance will bring NBFC’s. The new bank is said to be truly digital and will solve banking tech and stack issues by providing API integration to fintech. Merchants will be offered credit cards and overdraft facilities.

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Apple gives Zoom access to private iPad camera API

Video calling platform Zoom has been granted access to the iPad camera API by Apple. This enables the app to use the camera during iPad split view multitasking. Zoom users can use split-view multitasking to access Twitter, notes, and other such apps. Jeremy Provost, an app developer, said to receive access to any API, Apple needs to give entitlement but for this API there was no such process.

Google announces Android 12 developer preview 1.1 to fix bugs, issues

Google is releasing minor updates for its Android 12 developer preview ‘1.1’ to rectify some vulnerabilities and early issues found by app developers. These updates focus on improving several areas like privacy, security, battery life, and performance. This 5 Mb download fixes several things like the issue of intermittent disconnections from WiFi even when a signal is strong. The new developer preview also offers pre-release APIs for developers.

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Croma, Tata Sky websites fixed vulnerabilities in the API

Croma and Tata Sky had claimed to fix vulnerabilities in their websites which could have exposed sensitive information— names, addresses, phone numbers and purchase history —to cyber criminals even without hacking. The vulnerabilities were discovered by Rahil Bhansali and Ankit Pandey. Bhansali gave the detailed of the vulnerabilities, which was due to some problems with the APIs in both the website, in a blog post.

Palo Alto researchers discover 22 AWS APIs that can be abused to leak info

Palo Alto Networks claimed that it has discovered 22 Amazon Web Services APIs across its 16 services that can be abused by cybercriminals to leak information — AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and roles in arbitrary accounts across all three AWS partitions (aws, aws-us-gov or aws-cn). AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offers over 175 fully-featured services from data centres globally.

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Top 5 technologies that will transform the Fintech sector

1. AI/ML – providing a tailored approach to customers, identifying their ability to repay or intention of fraud. 2. API Platforms – enables easy collaboration with non-financial institutions to discover and deliver better products for end customers, reducing costs. 3. User Interface – Advanced bots to serve customers 24/7. 4. Blockchain – security, reliability, transparency and automation. 5. Cybersecurity – lots of data in the fintech industry needs to secure.

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Microsoft launches communications API to compete with Twilio

Microsoft, at its Ignite conference, announced that its ready to compete with Twilio by launching communication APIs. Entitled Azure Communication Services, these API will allow developers to add voice and video calling, chat, text messages and old-school telephony to their apps. It is built on Azure and businesses can use it to deploy low latency global communication network used by MS Teams to support 5B+ meeting minutes daily.

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How U GRO is using technology for business gains

U GRO Capital has designed a “zero data loss” storage architecture as a central repository for future data analysis. This is bolstered by APIs where bank statements, tax reports, credit bureau reports are converted to machine-readable data. This enables loan application processing and in-principle decision making in just 60 mins. They’re racing to digitize manual processes – fraud checks, facial recognition and object identification, location assessment etc.

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