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Customers protected, as Apple prevented $1.5bn fraudulent transactions

Apple saved users by stopping $1.5 bn transactions in 2020 on app store purchases by removing 1mn apps and updates breaching security protocols. It blocked 95,000 apps for fraudulent violations, rejected 48,000 for undocumented features, 150,000 were spam, 215,000 removed for privacy violation. Apple reviewed over 1bn ratings and 100 mn reviews and removed 250 mn of them. Besides, 424 mn developer accounts were rejected over fraudulent behaviors.

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Lawsuit filed against Apple for overcharging 20mn users

A lawsuit in the UK was filed against Apple alleging overcharging iPhone and iPad users. The claimants said that the 30% standard fee is excessive and unlawful. Apple said its prices are in the mainstream of those charged by other digital markets. 84% of apps are free and developers are to give a 15% commission to Apple. An estimate of 1.5 mn pounds, as per the lawsuit, has to be compensated to users who purchased anything from the app store since 2015.