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Apple dominates worldwide tablet market despite supply problems

Apple, according to the latest IDC estimates, sold 12.9 million iPads in the second quarter of the current financial year, accounting for 31.9 % of the category’s market share. Samsung shipped 8 mn tablets, accounting for a distant 19.6 % of the total market. Although the tablet market was more constrained than Chromebooks, it nonetheless managed to grow by 4.2 % YoY, with 40.5 mn units sold during the period.

LinkedIn employees will be permitted to work remotely full-time

Chief People Officer of LinkedIn Teuila Hanson said that as offices reopen, employees will be allowed to choose to work remotely full-time. LinkedIn does not require its employees to get vaccinated and return to the office. Any of the employees who change locations can also see their pay change according to the local market. This policy of LinkedIn opposes that of big tech companies like Apple and Google.

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet combined profits touch $50 bn in June quarter

Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet, in the June quarter, reported combined profits of more than $50 bn. Apple’s first iPhone 5G model drove revenue and earnings for the world’s most valuable firm. The firms’ aggregate market worth is $6.4 tril, which is more than 2x what it was 16 months ago. During that quarter, Google’s advert revenue jumped by 69 % to $50.44 bn. Microsoft’s profits have risen due to increased demand for its software and cloud computing services.

CEO of WhatsApp expects more from Apple in terms of user security

After the Pegasus spyware also targeted Apple’s iMessaging, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathart said Apple should do more about users’ security. He commended Microsoft for letting users know about the dangers of malware. Ivan Krstić of Apple in a statement pointed out that globally experts believe Apple phones to be the safest and such attacks are meant to target specific people with high execution costs and short shelf life.

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Pedro Sanchez expects increased investment from Apple in AI, TV

The Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez expects Apple to increase its investment in Spain in the coming years. He relates the investment to Artificial Intelligence and Apple TV. Sanchez is looking to convert Spain into a European audiovisual hub over the next few years. He envisions Apple is connected to Spain’s aim. The statements were part of a TV interview, which happened after the PM’s meeting with Tim Cook in the US on Friday.

Public beta of the latest Apple iOS 15 is now available

Apple has rolled out its latest iOS 15 to public beta testers after releasing it to developers. It is referred to as iOS 15 public beta 3 and has a number of notable changes. The new software is expected to be publicly released by the fall. The latest public betas of iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8 have also been released by Apple. The company has warned beta testers to back up their data if using iOS 15 beta on primary devices.

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For non-compliance with IT rules, govt to issue new notices

The govt is going to send notices to companies that are yet to comply with the new IT rules. The Signal is one of the E2E messaging app that is yet to respond to the ministry’s letter. The Meity is facing a challenge in court from WhatsApp over the new rules that will require them to break encryption and compromise user privacy. Apple has been exempted as the messaging facility is not available to all and is not a significant social media intermediary.

Google help Apple, Microsoft to fix Zero-day bugs

Google has uncovered four zero-day bugs in browsers of Apple, Microsoft, and their own Chrome that may put users’ data at risk. Quick action was taken and the bugs were fixed by the three tech firms. The H1 2021 has seen 33 zero-day bugs being discovered, 11 more than the entire year of 2020. Google said the increase in numbers was due to the improved rate of detection of zero-day bugs, which can enable it to protect users better.

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Apple has reduced WFH leaving some employees unhappy

Apple is slowly transitioning towards a hybrid work model with the aim of having its employees come back to offices. The company has rejected a lot of WFH requests from its employees. Starting Sept Tim Cook wants employees to come to the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Apple’s internal survey said that more than 35% of employees are unhappy about the hybrid model. 10 employees said they will quit their jobs due to the same.

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