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Former apple materials lead denies allegations of leaking trade secrets

Apple has filed a lawsuit against former employee Simon Lancaster, alleging him of leaking trade secrets to an unnamed publication to gain advantageous protection in a startup he invested in. Lancaster, however, has denied most of the allegations in the lawsuit. He mentioned using the company computer to send farewell emails on his last day but didn’t download any company data. The former materials lead at Apple also requested a trial by jury.

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Apple hires ex-Google scientist Samy Bengio to lead new AI research

Apple has hired former Google scientist Samy Bengio, who quit the search giant after 14 years of services following turmoil in the AI research department. He is said to be leading a new AI research unit at Apple and report to John Giannandrea, SVP, ML, and AI strategy, another former Google staffer. Bengio’s resignation has come after Google fired his fellow scientists Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru, which catapulted into a global controversy.

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Apple captures 42% share by value, Samsung largest smartphone OEM 

Apple, led by the success of the iPhone 12 series and demand spill-over, captured 42 % of the market size (by value) in the global smartphone market. Its revenue hit a record $113 bn for the first time in the quarter ending March, said Counterpoint Research. Samsung remained at the top spot as the world’s biggest OEM (by volume) with shipments reaching 76.8 mn units in the period. Global shipments grew 20 % YoY, reaching 354 mn units, said Senior Analyst, Harmeet Singh Walia.

Facebook updates ad tools to comply with Apple’s privacy changes

Facebook is tweaking its advertising tools to adopt the upcoming privacy update in Apple smartphones. Apple’s new policy will limit the role of data collection features used by digital advertisers on its devices. The social network and Apple has been at loggerheads with each other over the ‘App Tracking Transparency’ feature, which will go live in Apple devices by next week, using which users can block advertisers from tracking them across all apps on the phone.

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LG to shut smartphone division by July; first major brand to withdraw from market

LG said that it will wind down its mobile division by July 31. The Korean smartphone brand, which was once in 2013 became the world’s third-largest manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple, will become the first global brand to withdraw from the market. It still has a 10% share in North America to become the No. 3 brand. The division has registered straight-six years of losses of around $4.5 bn and accounted for 7% of the LG group’s revenue.

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Google Play drops commissions to 15% from 30%

Google said that from July 1, it is bringing down the service fee for Google Play to 15% from 30% for the first $1mn of revenue developers earn. The android maker, however, will continue to levy a 30% cut on revenue generated by developers beyond the first $1 mn in a year. Google’s 99% of developers are likely to see a 50% reduction in fees. Further, 97% of the apps published on the platform do not charge for the content or service they provide.

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LinkedIn to stop collecting tracking data in the wake of Apple’s anti-tracking changes

LinkedIn has announced that it will stop collecting Identifier for Advertising data on iOS with Apple rolling out its anti-tracking features. The professional social networking platform said, this action is likely to affect  LinkedIn Audience Network, Conversion Tracking and Matched Audiences but there will only be a limited impact on campaign performance. They also added that it would regularly re-evaluate the collection of IDFA data

30,000 Macs infected with malware “Silver Sparrow”

A mysterious malware has affected nearly 30,000 Apple Macs. Researchers, alarmingly, has no idea of how the malware is going to infected the laptops. Named ‘Silver Sparrow’, the malware comes with a mechanism to self-destruct itself, making it high-stealth operations. It has been, so far, reported in 153 countries, mainly in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany. Silver Sparrow also runs on Apple’s new M1 chips but lacks payload.

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Apple’s new platform security for its devices

Apple has released a Platform Security guide that takes its security-built-into-hardware approach to a new level. The new Platform Security works with M1 silicon chips. System security is designed to maximise the security of the OS on 1 bn iPhones and millions of other Apple devices without affecting the usability. All Apple devices with a T2 chip have an AES hardware engine to power line-speed encryption as files are written or read which ensures data protection.

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