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20,000 jobs are created in India by the Apple Supply chain: Reports

Apple’s shift of operations to India combined with government incentives has created almost 20,000 jobs. Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron were sure to create more job opportunities when they applied to enter India’s PLI. Foxconn and Wistron will be adding 23,000 jobs by the end of March 2022. Pegatron looks to hire 6000-7000 new employees by the end of March 2022. Apple’s suppliers operating in India have grown from six in 2018 to nine in 2020.

Apple says, 85% compatible devices have iOS 14 installed

A statistical report released by Apple highlighted that 85% of all compatible iPhones have iOS 14 installed on them, while 90% of all devices launched in the last four years have iOS 14. Among the remaining 10%, almost 85 users have iOS 13 while only 2% are functioning on an older version. 91% of iPads launched in the last 4 years have iPadOS 14 while 8% are on iPadOS 13 and only 1% are on an older version. Overall 79% of all iPads have iPadOS 14.

After Apple, Google to allow users to opt-out of ad tracking

Google, following its biggest rival Apple, is willing to give users the choice to opt-out of advertisement tracking on the android apps. With a new safety section, users can see what data developers collect about them, and also permit additional privacy and security information. Unlike Apple, it won’t be a default option. The new update will feature in android 12 devices later this year and be available to lower android versions by 2022.

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Apple asks employees to work from office from September

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a sign of re-opening of offices globally, has asked staff to join back office three days a week ( Mon, Tue, Thu) from Sept. Few of the staff may have to work four days a week. Apple employees, in a year, get two weeks to WFH to spend time with loved ones. Microsoft, in April, delayed the reopening of its offices till September after it had announced to start operating from Redmond, Washington-based headquarters in a phased manner.

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Apple rolls out privacy prioritised ad highlighting App Tracking Transparency

Apple has rolled out a privacy prioritized ad highlighting App Tracking Transparency for its smartphones. The new feature stops various kinds of tracking on iPhone devices. Apple launched ATT on iOS 14.5. The new feature requires apps to seek permission before tracking the user on other apps or websites. 96% of iPhone users opt-out of tracking using the new ATT feature. 36% of users said it’s their favorite iOS 14.5 feature.

Fortnite paid $100 mn in commissions to Apple in two years

Epic Games’ Fortnite, in the last two years, has paid Apple over $100 mn in commissions, an Apple executive testified in the court. Apple removed Fortnite last year from the app store when the latter developed its own in-app payment. Epic Games filed a suit against Apple alleging the misuse of its position to force developers to use Apple in-app payment and pay 15%-30% of earnings in commission. Apple spent $1 mn in marketing Fortnite, which helped Epic to earn $700mn from the iOS version.

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Face ID scanner sensor size in iPhone 13 will be smaller

News reports suggest that Apple will cut the size of its face ID scanner by 50% in the iPhone 13. The size of the notch can be decreased if the sensor is hidden behind the display or made smaller in size. Apple could reduce the die itself for VCSEL chips used for 3D Face ID scanning by up to 50%. The reports claimed that the chip size of only Face ID camera to be reduced, but the same chip is used in LiDAR on the rear camera.

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New draft law makes it must for foreign IT firms to open offices in Russia

Big tech companies, under the draft legislation, will be forced to open offices in Russia or face consequences such as advertising bans. Russia aims to control big tech firms like Apple, TikTok, Facebook, and Google who are allegedly abusing their positions and distributing content banned in Russia. The draft will make it mandatory for firms having a daily audience of over 500,000 to open offices in the country.

Customers protected, as Apple prevented $1.5bn fraudulent transactions

Apple saved users by stopping $1.5 bn transactions in 2020 on app store purchases by removing 1mn apps and updates breaching security protocols. It blocked 95,000 apps for fraudulent violations, rejected 48,000 for undocumented features, 150,000 were spam, 215,000 removed for privacy violation. Apple reviewed over 1bn ratings and 100 mn reviews and removed 250 mn of them. Besides, 424 mn developer accounts were rejected over fraudulent behaviors.

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