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How Mahindra Lifespace provides a digital home buying experience

Leveraging the power of data, technology and ecosystem collaborations, Mahindra Lifespace is improving sales efficiency with a zero-touch home buying experience. Homebuyers can conduct an on-site virtual walkthrough with AR/VR, showcasing apartment details and online inventory selection. The company has launched its first project ‘Happinest Palghar’ in COVID era with entire operations carried online.

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How technology can and may change the world post-COVID

1. Collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom etc will ensure professional and personal connectivity. 2. Cloud platforms – public, private, hybrid – will enable the remote accessibility of data. 3. No-touch environment will be facilitated by drones, robotics, automation. 4. AR/VR-led sales platform will enable remote selling. 5. Surveillance tools, facial recognition, contact tracing apps will ensure social distancing compliance. 6. Virtual learning.

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7 technology traits during remote working

1. Automating hiring and other manual processes. 2. Reliance on devices – laptops, PCs – has expanded. 3. Mix work model to be heavily-invested. E.g. contact tracing tools, collaboration tools etc. 4. Knowledge hubs (software platforms that manage company knowledge) help employees stay productive. 5. Tech upskilling of existing employees. 6. AR/VR for immersive meetings.7. AI tools expected to be firms’ essential tech-stack by 2022.

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