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Oracle launches cloud computing services on ARM’s Ampere chips

The tech giant Oracle announced the launch of new cloud computing services powered by Ampere computing chips which are based on Arm technology. After Amazon, Oracle is the first company to offer cloud services based on Arm tech. Oracle said it will rent the chips at 1 cent per computing core per hour, which is 50% lower than the competition. Oracle also offered assistance to help expand business software that runs on Arm chips.

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Arm reveals details on data center chips, clients 

Arm, which is being acquired by Nvidia for a $40 bn deal, while giving details about new chips said that its “N2” Neoverse computing cores will be 40% faster than the previous generation while its “V1” cores – designed for artificial intelligence tasks – will be 50% faster than traditional methods of doing the same tasks. The UK-based chipmaker said that Oracle and China-based Alibaba Group will use its new next-generation technology for the data centers.

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Nvidia announces Arm-based ‘Grace’ server chip; challenges Intel’s dominance

Nvidia has announced the manufacturing of a new “Grace” server processor chip that will be based on technology from Arm. The new chip will be pitting it against direct competition with Intel. Further, it will also add a layer of complexity to the antitrust review of Nvidia’s $40 bn acquisition of Arm. Intel is the world’s biggest maker of central processors and Nvidia will be the largest chip firm, so far, to challenge its dominance,

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Arm releases new chip tech; aims to overtake data centers 

Arm released a new technology with the aim to take over data centers and AI apps ahead of its $40 bn merger with Nvidia. The new version released, redefines the fundamental recipe for a chip that decides the kind software it can run. Arm, which makes major updates to the architecture only once in 10 years, competes with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. The new architecture, which the firm named “V9,” takes on Intel in two areas — Security and AI.

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Global server market revenue up 1.5% in Q4 2020: IDC 

Worldwide server market revenue grew 1.5 % YoY to $25.8 bn during the Q4 of 2020, said IDC. The global server shipments, however, declined 3% YoY to nearly 3.3 mn units during the period. “Global demand for enterprise servers was relatively flat during the Q4 of 2020 with the strongest demand coming from China,”  said IDC Analyst Paul Maguranis. IDC said that servers running AMD (100.9%) CPUs and ARM-based servers ( 345%) continue to grow revenue YoY.

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After Apple, Huawei may launch laptop powered by ARM-based chipset

Huawei may also launch laptops with its own ARM-based HiSilicon chipset. A media leak said that Huawei’s own Kirin 990 chipset would power the machine. The laptop has 8GB RAM processor, 512GB of SSD and will sport a 14-inch 1080p display. The device will be named Qingyun L410 and will run Linux Deepin OS 20 or maybe on HarmonyOS. The chipset comes with an integrated 5G modem, the laptop may also get the support.

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Microsoft working on in-house chips for cloud servers, PCs

Microsoft is working on in-house processors for the servers running its cloud-computing services and Surface computers. The chips would use tech from Arm, which is being acquired by Nvidia for $40 bn. Microsoft relies heavily on Intel and AMD chips for its Azure services and Surface PCs. The tech giant is working with computing cores licensed from Arm, rather than designing its own custom cores chips as Apple has does for its own Mac Series of PCs.

Apple may launch first ARM-based Mac devices on 10 Nov

Apple may launch its first ARM-based Mac computers next week. Invites sent out to bloggers and tech journalised for a November 10 event is titled “One More Thing” — tagline for its new products. Earlier this year, the tech giant had announced the progression to Advanced RISC Machines’ (ARM) processors and displayed the prototype of devices. Apple’s move to drop Intel from its devices will hit the chipmaker hard, which is losing steam in the segment for a while.

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Microsoft partners chipmaker Arm to boost AI innovation for IoT devices

UK chipmaker Arm has partnered with Microsoft to create Azure-based tools to enable developers to transfer data from Arm-based IoT devices to Azure Cloud. This partnership will cover a broad range of Arm-based devices like intelligent computer vision-enabled cameras, connected vehicles, AI gateways and intelligent appliances. With over 30B active IoT devices in the world with 400% growth over the past 3 years, the industry is moving incredibly fast.

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