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Core ops of AT&T 5G to be run on Microsoft’s cloud

Core parts of AT&T’s 5G will be functioning on Microsoft’s cloud. The new generation of networks of AT&T is more software and data center based rather than telecommunication specific gear. Terms of the deal remain undisclosed and it follows the $2bn agreement of 2019. Microsoft will be looking to hire several hundreds of AT&T employees to build Azure for Operators, from its newly acquired tech of AT&T.

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Apple rolls out privacy prioritised ad highlighting App Tracking Transparency  

Apple has rolled out a privacy prioritized ad highlighting App Tracking Transparency for its smartphones. The new feature stops various kinds of tracking on iPhone devices. Apple launched ATT on iOS 14.5. The new feature requires apps to seek permission before tracking the user on other apps or websites. 96% of iPhone users opt-out of tracking using the new ATT feature. 36% of users said it’s their favorite iOS 14.5 feature.

LinkedIn says Amazon is most desirable workplace in USA

A LinkedIn survey said that Amazon is the most desirable workplace in the US for 2021, based on its ability to attract, develop and retain talent. It was followed by Alphabet, JPMorgan Chase, AT&T and Bank of America. Amazon is up from number 3 in 2019. The annual list uses data from Microsoft-owned professional networking platform’s 740 mn members across the globe to rank the most sought-after places to work for professionals in the US.

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iPhone 12 will support 5G but speeds won’t be delivered

Apple is virtually launching its new iPhone 12 and analysts say it can tap into 5G that theoretically operates 10 to 20 times faster than current 4G wireless networks. But considering current 5G US networks that mostly use low-bank wireless spectrum, the speeds will not materialise for most people. On average, customers of AT&T Inc and Verizon – the two major US telecom operators – see only a small bump up from 4G speeds on 5G phones.

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AT&T to drop ‘5GE’ titled misleading branding

AT&T, despite its constant efforts, has to drop ‘5G evolution’ titled branding as Better Business Bureau concluded it to mislead the customers. In 2018, when 5G network was pre-existing in many markets, the company deceived customers by offering a minor speed-boosted 4G network in the name of 5G evolution. The firm, however, doesn’t agree with the allegations but has decided to calmly comply with the orders.