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Clubhouse working on new “Waves” friend-chat invite feature

Clubhouse, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, is working on a new “Waves” feature, according to The Verge. The new invite feature will be focused more on the casual side of the app, than on the content creation. Screenshots released by researcher Jane Manchum Wong show that the feature will enable users to wave at each other, and might be intended for Clubhouse’s social rooms. However, no official statement has yet been released.

Source: HBL

Spotify Greenroom gets 100k downloads on android, 140k on iOS

The latest addition to live audio apps is Spotify’s Greenroom. The app has been downloaded a total of 141,000 on iOS and 100,000 on android. It will be competing with the giants like Clubhouse, Airtime, Yalla etc. Any comments on third-party download estimates have been declined by Spotify. It acquired Locker Room maker Betty Labs to display content on music, culture, and sports. Spotify also launched a Creator Fund to help fuel the app content.

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Payments feature to be released on Clubhouse, to comply with new IT rules

The recently popular audio chatting app, Clubhouse, will introduce payment features in India. This will enable users to pay creators who host shows. They are also working to comply with the new IT rules. The clubhouse has been downloaded over 1mn times in India and over 2.6mn globally. The company is also looking to launch tips and subscriptions in India with no fixed timeline mentioned. The new feature will help creators monetise their content.

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Clubhouse rolling out Beta version for Android app

Clubhouse, the audio-based chat platform, is testing an Android version of the app. The team behind the iOS-only app has confirmed that a beta version is a way. The Clubhouse team, in a blog post, has revealed how they had launched a “rough” beta version for Android. The blog post also talks about why a full launch is not live yet. They also said, in the post, that the iOS version is getting improvements to VoiceOver accessibility support.

Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison denies reports of data leak

Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison denied the claims of the news report which said that the personal data of the audio-based chat app had leaked. “No, This is misleading and false, it is a clickbait article, we were not hacked. The data referred to was all public profile information from our app. So the answer to that is a definitive ‘no’”, Davison, was quoted by Verge. Cyber News, earlier, in a report said that personal data of over 1 mn Clubhouse users had leaked online.

Personal data of 1 mn Clubhouse users leaked

Personal information of more than 1.3 mn Clubhouse app users has been leaked online, said media reports. The data included the social media profile names of users, ID, picture URL, Twitter account, followers, date of account creation, invited by user profile name, etc  The leaked data, however, does not include any sensitive information i.e credit card details, legal documents, etc. Clubhouse is yet to issue any statement on the leak.