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Microsoft gets $21.9 bn contracts from US Army to supply AR headsets

Microsoft has won a contract of $21.88 bn to sell the US. Army AR headsets based on HoloLens product and backed by Azure cloud computing services. The tech giant, for the last two years, has been working with the Army on the prototyping– called Integrated Visual Augmentation System. Now the project has moved into the production phase. The headsets will deliver enhanced situational awareness, enabling information sharing and decision-making.

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Apple partners with TSMC to develop microdisplays for AR devices

Apple has joined hands with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to develop micro OLED displays for its yet to launched augmented reality devices. Apple is partnering with TSMC, the sole supplier of iPhone processors, as micro OLED displays are thinner, smaller and consume less power, making them more suitable for use in wearable AR devices. The displays under development are less than 1 inch in size, reports said.

Xerox acquires AR firm CareAR to expand software portfolio

Xerox expanded its software portfolio by acquiring CareAR, an augmented reality (AR) support platform firm. The firm provides real-time access to expertise for customers, employees and field workers. Xerox believe that with CareAR software remote agents and experts can virtually see the situation and visually guide a solution using a suite of AR tools via desktop, mobile, and smart glass devices as if they were in-person.

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Lenovo launches AR glasses for enterprise

Lenovo will introduce ThinkReality A3, a pair of enterprise AR glasses, in the middle of the year. The headset sports a 1080p resolution, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip. A pair of fish-eye cameras provide motion tracking, while an eight-megapixel RGB camera grabs video for remote use. The device can be used from factory floors and labs to retail and hospitality spaces,  as apps can power remote assistance, guided workflows, and 3D visualisation.

Snapchat to invest $3.5 mn to support AR developers, creators

Snapchat to invest $3.5 mn to support Augmented Reality creators and developers on its platform. The new investment is part of its commitment to fund sponsored projects, connect personal passions, and participate in its AR Creator Residency Programme. Snapchat also announced an upgrade to Lens Studio, focused on improving creator workflows by providing tools and resources that professional creators need, as well as features that save time and improve the quality of Lenses.

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