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Cloudflare’s new authentication system aims to remove Captcha

Web infrastructure provider Cloudflare has revealed a method to remove Captchas from the internet. Cloudflare, known for securing websites from DDoS attacks, will use USB security keys to remove captcha using a method called Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood. The new method relies on Web Authentication Attestation. The method is tested with a few keys and the system will not take more than five seconds to beat, with a maximum of three clicks at a time.

WhatsApp adds new security layer for web users

WhatsApp has announced that it has added a new security layer for its desktop and web app. Users will now need to use biometric authentication to link their WhatsApp account to a new laptop before scanning the QR code from the phone. One needs to use either their face or fingerprint unlock to authenticate WhatsApp Web or desktop. It has also updated the UI by replacing the ‘+’ icon with “link a device”. The plan is to also add multi-device support.