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Ola to deploy ABB robotics, automation solutions at TN e-scooter factory

Ola has tasked ABB with robotics and automation solutions for its e-scooter factory in Tamil Nadu, which is expected to be up and running soon. ABB’s automation solutions will be deployed in factory’s key manufacturing process, painting and welding lines. While Robots will be deployed in the battery and motor assembly lines. Ola’s proprietary AI Engine and tech stack will power the factory.

Walmart to build more robot-filled warehouses at stores

Walmart is planning to use robots to keep up with a rise in online orders. It is planning to build warehouses at its stores where self-driving robots will collect groceries and build the order in an hour to less to make them ready for shoppers to pick up. A year ago Walmart has started testing the robots at a store in Salem, New Hampshire. The retailer aims to speed up orders that are brought outside to shoppers’ cars as virus-weary shoppers avoid going inside stores.

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Robot Sophia makers plan to mass rollout

Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics said it would start rolling out four models, including Sophia, out of factories in the H1 of 2021. The firm aims to tap the pandemic driven new opportunities for the robotics industry as it believes that robotic solutions are not limited to healthcare, but could assist in industries like retail and airlines too. Hanson aims to sell “thousands” of large and small robots in 2021.

Vedanta invests in automation and Industry 4.0

Vedanta is one of India’s largest Aluminum producers and has to ensure operational continuity even during the lockdown. Vedanta has put industry 4.0 and automation as a priority in their business tech strategy. The framework includes cyber-physical systems (OT-IT), IIOT, cloud, cognitive computing and AI has moved from ‘nice to have’ or augmenting capability for the aluminium industry to something that is vitally important for differentiation.

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Sandesh Govalkar joins Angel Broking as VP

Sandesh Govalkar has joined Angel Broking as VP – office automation and compliance. Govalkar will be leading tech automation at the firm. He will be managing a team of technology experts which will be working on exploring new innovations around transforming processes. On top of it, Govalkar will also be handling policy standards and other regulations as well. Prior to this new role, he has served a stint of 2 years at Edelweiss Financial services as a VP.

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Google launches new work-tracking tool ‘Tables’

Google introduced new work-tracking tool – Tables – that tracks projects using automation. Tables’ bots automate redundant tasks like scheduling recurring email reminders when tasks are overdue, messaging a chat room when new form submissions are received, updating tasks when statuses are changed etc. They can also manage project-related docs. The solution can be used across various use cases like project management, IT ops, customer tracking, recruiting etc.

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Insights into Manappuram’s current and upcoming technology plans

Manappuram has tapped Oracle’s second-gen cloud infra as it enhances security, boosts performance and has guaranteed cloud economics. This will help its IT teams to focus on innovation rather than management; increase performance by 3X and saving costs by 40% in the next 4-5 years. Automation, using bots, has also increased operational efficiencies. The firm is planning to accelerate the adoption of IoT, robotics and advanced automation in the next 6 months.

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Tech M launches upskilling-as-a-service to enhance tech skills of 60K employees

Tech Mahindra has launched an Upskilling-as-a-Service platform for accelerating digital upskilling of over 60k employees globally. The platform aims at training employees on emerging technologies like 5G, cloud, big data, automation etc. It uses AI to provide interactive, on-demand, contextual and hyper-personalised upskilling experience to employees in a self-service model. Employees can access world-class content and assessment from 30+ partners.

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Lockdown drives demand for home automation appliances

The imposition of nationwide lockdown led to the rise in demand for home automation appliances as it was difficult for people to manage without domestic help. The demand is increasing from 10000 cleaning robots in FY20 to 4,00,000 in FY21. Xiaomi received 75% pre-order on its May-launched robotic vacuum cleaner. Electronic retail store chain Croma’s sales saw 25% hike. Automated dishwashers, smarter kitchen appliances and ACs are also fetching sales.

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