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IBM Watson launches new AI, automation features

IBM has announced new AI and Automation capabilities in IBM Watson, that will make customer care easy for businesses across all channels – phone, web, SMS, etc. The features include a collaboration with IntelePeer, a communication platform-service provider, to set up a new voice agent, seamless switching to live agent with problem context. This means customers don’t have to repeat their problems to a human representative.

Source: CXO Today

SoftBank to halt production of Pepper robot, lay off employees 

SoftBank Group has decided to ease out jobs at the global robotics business and also stop the production of its Pepper robot. The company is downgrading its targets in robotics. Pepper’s production had been reportedly halted last year and would be costly to restart. Only 27,000 pieces were made. Half of its 330 staff members in France will be lay]id off by September. The number of employees has been halved in the US and Britain while staff in Japan have been redeployed.

L&T Technology Services, Mavenir sign strategic partnership for 5G test automation

L&T Technology Services sign a strategic partnership with Mavenir- a US network software provider. 5G test automation services are the center of the partnership between the two firms. The partnership will also support the cloud-native product roadmap. LTTs aims to increase its market share in the 5G telecom landscape. The company said that the services will be delivered from its Bengaluru campus.

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AI-enabled automated customer service agents are on rise in India

As face-to-face interactions have reduced, AI found its maximum usage in automated customer service agents in India in 2020. Fraud analysis and investigation, IT automation, recommendation system, and diagnosis and treatment were other fields excelling with AI.  Businesses have started to restructure strategies and adapt to the new age of technology. The BFSI sector was on top for spending on AI with a 29% share in the year 2020.

Infosys integrates internal platform with CoWIN to ease vaccination process

Infosys is integrating its own platform and CoWIN to make the vaccination process easier for employees and families. Last month new guidelines were released for the integration of CoWIN with third-party platforms. India has been increasing the speed of vaccination with 24.9 cr citizens having received the jabs. Glitches on CoWIN are also being ironed out and users can make corrections to errors in name, DoB, and gender, on the CoWIN website.

Delhi airport’s Taxibot completes 1,000 movements

Delhi airport, two years back, has put to use two Taxibot with the aim to be a “net zero-emission” by 2030. Taxibot is a semi-robotic towbarless aircraft tractor that tows planes between the terminal gates and runways. Taxibot has helped reduce carbon emissions on the airport by completing 1000 movements to save 532 tonnes of carbon and 214,000L of ATF. At present, three airlines are using these bots. Authorities aim to add 15 Taxibot in four years.

Two dead in “driverless” Tesla car crash

Two people died in a road accident involving a Tesla vehicle, most probably operating without a driver in Texas. Local authorities said that the 2019 Tesla Model S was travelling at a very high speed and failed to negotiate a curve and went off the road. The car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. When the fire was extinguished two bodies were found inside a car, while the driver’s seat was lying vacant.

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Robots on call for Singapore home deliveries

Singapore based OTSAW Digital has deployed a pair of robots both named “Camello” to deliver groceries to 700 residents of a city estate for a one-year trial period. Delivery slots can be booked via an app that notifies users when the robot is about to reach. The robots are equipped with 3D sensors, a camera and can carry up to 20 kg of parcels. They can make four or five deliveries a day and use ultraviolet light to disinfect themselves after every trip.

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55% CIOs to hire full-time techies for digital push: Gartner

Around 55% of the CIOs plan to increase the total number of full-time employees in their team to push digital initiatives throughout 2021, said research firm Gartner. Positions will be opened for the techies having experience in the areas of automation, cloud, analytics platforms, and support for remote work. The need to accelerate digital initiatives, by a large margin, will drive talent acquisition, followed by automation and rising cloud adoption.

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