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Wipro partners with Citrix and Microsoft to help enterprises reboot post-COVID

Wipro in partnership with Citrix and Microsoft will develop a cloud-based virtual compute environment. It will help firms to identify the right set of applications for their business continuity needs. Wipro is offering VirtuaDesk in partnership whereas Citrix and Microsoft’s offerings include Workspace solutions and Azure cloud development respectively. This product eases the deployment of secure and reliable digital workspaces.

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Microsoft builds supercomputer for OpenAI to train massive AI models

Microsoft has built the world’s fifth most powerful public supercomputers to train large artificial intelligence models. The machine, built-in collaboration and exclusively for AI research organisation OpenAI, will be part of Azure cloud platform. Microsoft, last year, had invested $1bn in OpenAI to form a partnership to become its “preferred partner for commercialising new AI technologies”. MS allowed OpenAI to exclusively use Azure cloud for research.

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Google Cloud appoints Anil Bhansali as VP-engineering

Google has appointed Anil Bhansali as VP-engineering for its Cloud division in India. His last stint was with Microsoft India as a Corporate VP of Azure cloud division and site leader for R&D team. Bhansali, in his almost three decades career at Microsoft, has led engineering efforts across the company’s Office, Search, and Windows divisions. In his new role, he will be responsible for the software development efforts of Google’s cloud business.

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Now it’s easy to get started with Windows Virtual Desktops

Microsoft announced new updates for Windows Virtual Desktop, its service to allow access to a virtualised desktop environment on Azure. Now the IT departments will be able to host multiple Windows 10 sessions on the same hardware. MS is launching a new world-class management experience for the service to make it significantly easier for admins to manage and secure Virtual desktops.

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