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Millions of bad bots attacks on e-com sites detected during festival season

Cloud-enabled cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks have detected millions of bad bots attacks on e-com sites during the festive month of November. These attacks were an attempt by cybercriminals to run DDoS attacks, make fraudulent purchases, and scan for vulnerabilities they can exploit. With the holiday season expected to continue till the New Year, more such attacks on e-com sites are likely, Barracuda Networks warned.

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1,000 Indian schools, colleges targeted by cyberattacks in Jun-Sep

Over 1,000 schools and colleges in India were targeted by hackers between June and Sep, claimed Barracuda Networks. Education institutes, mostly conducting online classes using VC, were targetted by spear phishing attacks — a personalised attack that targets a specific firm or individual. 57% of malicious emails were sent using compromised internal accounts. Further, 86% of all business email compromise attacks were carried out via Gmail accounts.

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Malware affecting around 13,500 IoT devices globally: Barracuda Network

A new variant of InterPlanetary Storm malware is targeting IoT devices – TVs, routers with ill configured SSH service etc – that run on Android, Mac, Linux and Windows OS in 84 countries, mainly southeast Asian such as China, HongKong, S Korea and Taiwan; Indian IoT devices haven’t been much on radar. The malware detects computer security mechanism, honeypots, auto-updates itself and tries to persist in the system by killing machine processes like debuggers.

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53% of firms lack cybersecurity strategy to fight possible WFH-led cyberattacks: Survey

A survey by Barracuda Networks found that 53% of Indian firms lack an up-to-date cybersecurity strategy to cover the vulnerabilities full-time remote working can cause. Exacerbating the scenario, 79% have allowed employees to work using personal devices and networks. WFH-led cyberattacks have affected nearly 66% Indian firms; phishing attacks hitting 67% of them. 83% plan to move their data to 100% cloud-based model. The survey is based on 247 Indian businesses.

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